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Peer Review
An evaluation of a research paper reviewed by professionals in the same field.


A pre-university programme that offers subject-based qualifications for university, further study, or work.

A/B Testing
The process of comparing two variations of a single variable to determine which one performs better to improve marketing efforts. Usually done in email marketing and landing pages.

Not related to living organisms.

Above The Line
Commission that is received from advertising through TV, radio, or the press.

Damage caused to the outer layer of the skin by friction.

Academic Term
A period during the academic year where institutions start holding classes.

Academic Year
The beginning of the year where students start attending school or university.

An intellectual person associated with the fields of education and research.

A private institution or secondary school that provides special training for students.

People (e.g., students or teachers) or an organization (e.g., a school, school district, or state department of education) are held responsible for improving student achievement and are rewarded or sanctioned for their success or lack of success in doing so.

A person who records, analyzes, summarizes, and keeps track of the financial transactions of a business.

Accounts Payable
The expenses that a business owes has not yet paid. It is a short-term debt that is recorded as a liability on the Balance Sheet and has to be paid back quickly.

Accounts Receivable
Includes all the sales that a company has made but has yet to collect payment on. It is recorded as an asset that will convert to cash in the short-term.

Refers to expenses that have been incurred but has not been recorded in the financial report, such as wages and taxes.

A person who analyzes and assesses the financial risks of an investment and other risky ventures to reduce risk for clients.

Ad Campaign
A series of ads meant to work together to achieve a goal.

Adjusted Gross Opening Profit (AGOP)
A measure of the gross operating profits to determine how much income you earn after removing the hotel management base fee.

Adobe Bricks
Bricks that are made out of earth and organic materials such as sand, straw, and clay.

Advance Rates
Discounted rates to entice guests to book in advance.

Adventure Tourism
Tourism activities that is developed for the thrill-seekers, such as whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and glacier exploration.

A form of communication that persuades the audience to take some type of action towards an idea, concept, or desire.

The study of how air moves around a solid object, such as studying how an airplane can fly, and the designing and operation of an aircraft.

The study of the science of flight which includes the designing, building, and operation of aircraft.

Aerospace engineering
A field of engineering that is concerned with the design, development, and operation of machines that can fly, such as aircraft and spacecraft.

Affiliate Marketing
A form of relationship marketing where a company pays commission to another company or individual to refer traffic to them.

Affinity Group
A group formed around a common interest that are usually part of an organization.

Agency Model
A payment structure with online travel agencies that require the hotel to pay a commission for the guest's booking.

Agricultural engineering
A branch of engineering that deals with agricultural production and processing, such as soil management, land development, and planting, harvesting, and growing crops.

A type of tourism that highlights rural destinations and features agricultural activities.

Al Dente
Refers to pasta or vegetables that is cooked until it is tender and firm.

A fraction of light reflected by a surface that is commonly used in astronomy to describe the surface properties of a planet.

An automated process that computer systems and software use to solve problems or retrieve information.

Refers to the total costs of an item in a construction project.

A hotel with rooms sold as a complete package that includes accommodation, activities, and services.

A hotel with guestroom facilities and services such as a designated living area and multiple rooms.

The number of hotel rooms available for sale by an agent.

A former student of an university, college, or institution that has graduated.

American Plan
The meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner offered by the hotel or resort.

Medication that is used to relieve pain.

The study of patterns and trends in data gathered through marketing campaigns to determine how it has contributed to conversions, consumer behavior, and other calls-to-action.

A person who creates a series of drawings that appear to move. These drawings are 'animated' which we see in cartoons, movies, TV shows, and video games.

A technique email administrators use to prevent email spam. It filters out viruses and unwanted emails before reaching the user’s computer.

Refers to the appetizer or starter course that is served before the main meal.

APA Format
An abbreviation of American Psychological Association, it is a standard format of research writing used in the fields of social science.

Applied engineering
A field of engineering that deals with the application of mathematical and scientific concepts to the management of systems, products, and manufacturing processes.

Applied mathematics
The application of mathematics to solve real-world problems in various fields of science, physics, engineering, medicine, finance, and more.

A decorative design made when one piece of fabric is sewn on top of each other to create an artistic effect.

A series of arches supported by columns or piers.

A curved structure that is supported on an elevated space.

Architect of Record
The name of the architect or architecture firm that appears on a building permit, signifying that they contributed to the specific project.

The process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings, communities, open areas, or other physical structures. This can include from selecting the furnishings, decorations, to supervising construction work, and the restoration of existing buildings.

A curved structure that forms the opening of a passage or entrance.

Artificial intelligence
The simulation of human intelligence in a machine that is programed to think and mimic humans in order to execute tasks.

Resources of monetary value that is owned by the company. Assets may include long-term resources like property or equipment.

A task or piece of schoolwork assigned to the student as part of their course of study.

Associate Professor
A member of the faculty of a university or college with an academic ranking below a professor.

A clause included in a hotel contract to ensure the organization fulfills the contractual obligations.

Refers to the people who receive and consume content from different media platforms. Can also be described as a demographic based on location, age group, and interest.

A health care professional who diagnoses and treat problems related to the ear such as hearing and balance. They determine the severity of the hearing loss and prescribe a treatment plan for the patient.

A technology where it enables all work equipment or machine systems to run automatically without human intervention.

Automotive Industry
An industry that comprises of a wide range of companies and organizations that are involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.

Average Daily Rate (ADR)
The average rate paid for rooms sold that is calculated by dividing room revenue by the number of rooms sold.


Bachelor's Degree
An undergraduate degree offered by a college or university upon successful completion of study, which usually takes up to 4 years.

A long, thin loaf of bread.

Balance Sheet
A financial statement that reports on all the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity at specific moments of time. It is used to evaluate companies’ financial health and worth.

A series of small posts that supports the handrail.

A row of balusters to support a railing.

A measurement of the amount of data that is transmitted over a network. The higher the network’s bandwidth, the more volume of data can be transmitted.

Base Fee
A monthly fee agreed by the hotel management to be earned by the hotel operator.

To moisten food during cooking to prevent the food from drying out.

A mixture of flour and liquid that is used to bake cakes, breads, pancakes, and other desserts.

A space between two architectural structures, such as pillars, columns, or piers.

To mix an ingredient thoroughly until it is smooth and blended.

Bed and Breakfast Inn
An independently owned inn that usually includes breakfast in the room rate and has 20 rooms or less.

Bed Tax
A tax charged to travelers who stay overnight in a hotel.

Below The Line
Free promotional items sent to the customer, such as printed brochures and direct mail.

A condition where the tumor growth is not cancerous.

An abbreviation of Banquet Event Order.

Best Available Rate (BAR)
A pricing system used by hotels to define a rate based on the demand and availability of a room.

Beta Test
A period where a product or service is available to the public for testing before launching it.

Bias Cut
A piece of fabric that is cut diagonally to create a flattering shape.

Binary File
A file with an extension like “.com” or “exe.”

A branch of science that studies chemical processes within and related to living organisms.

Biological Engineering
A field of study that applies engineering principles to analyze biological systems and develop solutions for biology, medicine, and healthcare.

The study of the function, structure and motion of biological systems that are derived from mechanics.

Biomedical Engineering
The application of biology and engineering principles to solve problems in healthcare and improve the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery on all levels.

A branch in biology that applies the theories and methods of physics to understand how biological systems work.

A sample of tissue that is taken for testing.

A field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and biological system to develop and make products.

To briefly cook a fruit or vegetable in hot, boiling water.

Refers to immature cell development.

Blended Learning
A form of education where students learn through a mix of online classes and in-person teaching.

Refers to businessmen who combine their business purposes with leisure travel.

Blockchain Developer
A software developer who is responsible for creating secure blockchain systems to record and store blockchain data so it is safe from risks and hacks.

Blue Ocean Strategy
The state of a market where there is little to no competition for a new business to take place.

Known as Body Mass Index. Used to measure body fat in height and weight.

Boardroom Setup
A room setup that seats executives at a long table with the CEO at the head of the table.

Book Value
Refers to the original cost of an asset after subtracting the accumulated depreciation.

A method of accounting that involves keeping records of a business' financial transactions.

To fund a company's operations through personal finances or profit gained only.

Bounce Rate
Represents a percentage of visitors who land on your website and leave without clicking on anything else.

Hotels of homestays that are historically branded as having a unique style and design.

Box Crib
A temporary wooden structure used to support heavier objects during construction.

A design that is square in shape to create a boxy effect.

An abbreviation for blood pressure.

An architectural element that hangs from a wall to provide decorative or structural support.

To cook by browning the food in oil, then gently simmering it over low heat in a pan until it is soft and tender.

Brand Identity
The personality and characteristics of a brand that makes its brand message and aesthetic that is presented to customers.

Breakout Rooms
Smaller rooms connected to the ballroom that can be used by smaller groups.

To cook food over high heat to brown food.

Building Engineer
A professional who provides advice on maintenance, installation, and design on the construction of buildings.

Business Consultant
A person who offers advice to organizations to help them improve their productiveness and efficiency. They also analyze existing practices for weaknesses and create solutions to help the company achieve its goal.

Business Development Executive
The person who is responsible for driving company sales by sourcing new customers, creating new business opportunities, and building a network of prospective clients.

Business Management
A field of study in Business that is related to the management and organizing of people to accomplish a company's goals.

Business School
A graduate institution that offers various study of Business qualifications, such as Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration

Business Travel
Travel for business, commercial or educational purposes with leisure as a secondary motivation.

Business-to-Business (B2B)
A term used to describe companies that sell to other companies.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
A term used to describe companies that sell to consumers.

Buyer Persona
A description of a fictional person who represents your target audience. This persona usually includes demographic details, interests, purchasing power, and behavioral traits.


Cabaret Setup
A room set with cocktails, table, chairs, and a stage.

Call-to-action (CTA)
A button, text, image, or link that encourages a website visitor to take an action that will convert them to leads. Such examples are “Subscribe Today” or “Download Now!”

Cap Sleeves
A short sleeve that extends from the shoulder.

The overall wealth of a business based on its investments, assets, and accounts. It can range from physical goods, buildings, equipment, or property.

Capital Expenditure
Refers to money spent on a business to maintain fixed assets such as land, property, and equipment.

Capital Markets
A market where institutions and individuals trade financial securities to raise funds.

Capitalization Rate
A way for hotels to compare potential returns on real estate investments.

Capsule Collection
A collection of several garments that can be mixed and matched as different outfits to wear.

The process of browning sugar with heat that results in a nutty flavour and brown colour.

An activity or condition related to the heart.

Casement Window
A window that is attached to its frame by hinges on one side and swings open either inward or outward of the building.

Cash Flow
The amount of cash that flows through the business and allows it to operate.

A round dish with two handles that is used to cook food in an oven.

Catering Sales Manager
A hotel representative who handles food and beverage requests for a large group.

Tissue beneath the skin that is inflamed or infected.

Control over the content of a media platform.

A cottage or small cabin originally found in the Swiss Alps, but is now used worldwide for holiday purposes.

A process of preparing cold meats such as pork, ham, sausages, and other meat products.

Charter Group
A group travel where a previously organized group travelled together on a custom itinerary.

A compound related to chemistry, from an interaction of substances.

A V-shaped pattern used for decorative purposes.

A health care provider who works with patients related to the nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They evaluate the patient's condition, provide spinal adjustments, and advise patients on lifestyle changes.

Signifies a condition that persists over time like heart disease and severe back pain.

The rate where a business loses customers and has to work to get new ones.

Citizen Journalist
A person who is not paid for their services but delivers news to the audience regardless.

Civil Engineer
An engineer who designs and constructs public structures such as roads, bridges, airports, buildings, railways, and other general structures that are widely used by the community.

Classical Architecture
A type of architecture modelled after the buildings of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Work that is done in class by students in school, college, or university.

Clickthrough Rate
The percentage of an audience that clicks on one part of the website to advance to the next step of the marketing campaign.

A program that is connected to a server and requests information from it. Example: google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Client-server technology
A connection between computers in a network where the information of one computer (server) is requested by the client.

Cloud Computing
The delivery of computing services on the Internet such as storage, networks, software, analytics, and servers.

Collaborative Television
A media episode where the producers work with the audience to enhance or alter content, as well as deciding the outcomes of reality shows or competitions.

An asset that is pledged by the borrower to the lender as security for a loan.

A series of columns that supports the base of a roof structure.

A vertical structure that acts as a supporting pillar to the roof or a beam.

A percentage of the product or service cost that is paid to travel agents for selling to the customer.

The exchange of information, ideas and meaning to an audience through shared images, text, sound, and video.

Community College
A public institution that offers vocational degrees for students to directly enter the workforce.

Community Service
An unpaid service or volunteer work performed by people to give back to the community.

Computer Scientist
A person who is responsible for creating, designing, and implementing new hardware and software to create technological breakthroughs and fix issues in the field.

The people who receive and interpret media content.

Content Management System
A software that allows users to create and manage content such as Blogspot, Wix, and WordPress.

Content Marketing
A strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating high-quality content to attract and engage a target audience.

Convention Centre
A property that has a minimum of 300 rooms and meeting room facilities.

Convention Services Manager
A hotel employee who oversees the event operations.

Conversion Rate
A percentage of people who has completed a desired action on the webpage, such as filling out a form or subscribing to a newsletter.

A small piece of information that pops up throughout your browsing session that is used to identify you.

A course that must be taken during the same term as another course as the content in both classes complement each other.

An ornamental molding with classical decorative around the ceiling of the room.

Corporate Rate
A special discounted rate for guests who are staying for business purposes under a negotiation.

The average cost for 1,000 impressions.

The amount it costs the marketing campaign to acquire a lead.

The average cost per result from your ads.

A class offered on a particular subject.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A technique to save a life also known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

A central processing unit that is part of a computer to oversee all operations.

Crescent-Round Setup
A room setup where the seats are arranged so that all the attendees are facing the speaker.

Cross Season Pricing
Refers to the change of pricing that comes with the change of season according to demand.

An X-shaped structural component that is used to improve the endurance of a structure and prevent it from collapsing.

A cascading style sheet that is used to create styles for a web page's design, layout and features.

Culinary Tourism
A type of tourism where tourists experience the food and beverage of a region, as well as the production techniques.

Cultivation Theory
A mass communication theory that states people who are exposed to media for a long time are more likely to perceive the real world through stories told by the media.

Cultural Norms
Shared beliefs and values about how things should be by members of a group.

Cultural Tourism
A type of tourism that showcases a cultural or heritage event in a specific destination.

A small, rounded dome that is located on the top of the building.

A standard program of study for students to learn in school or college.

Customer Relationship Management
A software that allows businesses to compile their customer information and leads to nurture relationships with them. Examples of these tools are Salesforce and Freshworks.

Cut-Off Date
The date where all guest rooms in a block will be released to the public.

Cybersecurity Specialist
A professional who is in charge of providing security to a software system, network, and data center. They search for risks and vulnerabilities in the software and hardware and fix issues to prevent them from being exploited by malicious attacks.


A procedure applied in construction to prevent moisture from entering the walls and damaging the interior.

Dark Tourism
A type of tourism that involves places associated with death and tragedy.

Data Specialist
Responsible for transferring information on paper onto electronic systems. They are also responsible for overseeing the entire conversion process and ensuring the data is accurate and reliable.

Data Visualization
A process of turning information into visual representation like infographics, charts, and dashboards to make it easier to understand.

Day Guests
Guests who check in and leave on the same day.

The breakdown of the media industry into smaller groups.

Debt Consolidation
The act of obtaining a new loan to pay out a number of debts and bills. This is done to bring all the debts together under one monthly payment.

Debt Financing
The act of borrowing money to run a business and paying it back with interest.

Decorative Motif
A repeated pattern, image, or theme that makes up a decoration on an architectural structure.

A process to rewrite files on a hard drive to increase the seed of accessing and retrieving data.

Delinquent Mortgage
A mortgage where the borrower has failed to make payment as required by the loan.

Demand-Based Pricing
Refers to pricing that is based on the demand of a certain product or service in tourism.

The categorization of an audience based on specific characteristics; such as age group, location, purchasing behavior, wealth, and more.

A row of rectangular blocks that are used as decoration for a cornice.

An administration for a particular field of study in a college/university that is made up of a faculty and staff.

Dependent is variables in mathematical modeling, statistical modeling and experimental sciences.

The decrease of the monetary value of an asset over time such as buildings, furniture, and equipment.

Relating to the skin.

Design Architect
A person who creates designs and plans for new construction projects or repair existing buildings to ensure they are safe, functional, and stable.

A method used in construction where building and designing is placed under one team in order to reduce the costs and deliver the project on time.

Destination Management Company
A company that creates and manages corporate travel and event packages for employee rewards or company retreats.

Destination Marketing
The effort of marketing a state, region, country, or area to consumers for tourism and trade purposes.

Destination Mountain Resorts
A resort located on a mountain where the main attraction is the resort itself.

Destination Resort
A property for leisure travelers located in a resort with extensive facilities and amenities.

To heavily season food with seasonings such as mustard, vinegar, pepper, and grilled.

A supporting framework of a building that consists of intersecting steel beams.

To cut ingredients into small cubes.

A health professional who specializes in nutrition and human diet. They create suitable meal plans and counsel patients on lifestyle changes to improve their health and meet diet goals.

Digital Culture
The knowledge and beliefs of people communicating on digital networks that may create new cultures and practices relevant to digital media.

Digital Marketing
A form of communication that aims to persuade people into purchasing a product or service through a digital platform or tool.

Digital Marketing Executive
A person who is responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. They are also involved in managing marketing campaigns and developing effective marketing strategies for the company.

Dine and Dash
A common term that refers to a customer who eats but does not pay for his meal.

Direct Booking
The practice where guests book directly with the hotel or resort.

Direct Marketing
A form of marketing that engages with the customer directly through telemarketing, emails, and social media ads.

Dirndl Skirt
A full, wide skirt that reaches to the knees and is fitted with a tight waistline.

Displacement Analysis
A practice of determining the total customer worth over competing pieces of business within the hotel. The business that guarantees the highest revenue will be chosen.

A research project on a particular topic written for a undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Distance Learning
A method of studying where students educate themselves without in-person interaction, usually done online.

Distressed Inventory
Discounted hotel rooms at the last minute to ensure the property is fully booked.

Distressed Sale
An urgent sale of assets due to unfavourable conditions.

Domain Name System (DNS)
A naming system that translates domain names into IP addresses which computers can understand.

Domestic Tourism
A type of tourism that involves tourist activities in the travelers' home country.

Double Occupancy
The hotel rate that covers up to 2 people in a room.

To coat food in a dry ingredient, such as flour and breadcrumbs.

To coat food in a sauce, such as salad.

Drip Campaign
A series of emails that is triggered when the customer takes a specific action on the website like signing up for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, or submitting a form.

A process where a student choose to withdraw from a course before the beginning of the term.

Dutch Oven
A sturdy kettle made of cast iron that is used for stewing or braising food for a long time.

Dwell Time
Refers to the amount of time a customer spends at a certain tourist spot, activity, or accommodation.


A method of learning through digital resources.

Early Arrival
An agreement with the hotel that allows guests to check in before the standard time.

Early childhood education
Early childhood education (ECE; also nursery education) is a branch of education theory that relates to the teaching of children (formally and informally) from birth up to the age of eight

The edge of the roof that overhangs from a wall of the building.

The practice of mixing various architecture styles from the past and present, such as Asian ornamentation, Victorian architecture, and modern-day construction.

A type of tourism that ensures the environmental impact is minimized and used to increase sustainable travel.

Swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the body.

Electrocardiogram. Used to monitor the heart and test for heart problems.

Courses that students can choose to take for their study, but are not necessary.

Electrical Engineer
Responsible for designing, testing, maintaining and improving electrical systems, components, and equipment.

Electromagnetism is a branch of physics involving the study of the electromagnetic force, a type of physical interaction that occurs between electrically charged particles

Electronic Engineer
Responsible for designing and developing electronic equipment and components.

Email Marketing
A marketing strategy that engages customers via email to subscribes that have opted to receive newsletters from you.

A blockage in the artery from a blood clot.

A status given to a retired professor by a university that allows them to retain their former title.

Related to the brain.

An action taken by a user on your social media page. It can be 'like', 'share', or 'comment'.

Engagement Rate
The measurement of a number of people that interacted with a social media post.

A question in media that cannot be answered and presents itself as a puzzle for the audience to solve.

An ornament that can be placed on the shoulder of a piece of clothing, typically on trench coats and military uniforms.

The outer layer of the skin.

Episodic Media
A form of storytelling that is used in radio and television where each episode features a different story.

Represents the shareholders stake in the company. After the company sells off their assets and pays off all debt, the amount of money left over is returned to the shareholders.

Equity Financing
Involves selling a portion of the company to partners, investors, friends, and family in order to raise capital.

Emergency room or emergency department.

A way of connecting multiple computers together in a local area network to send data over at any time.

Ethnic Restaurant
A restaurant based on the cuisine of a particular region or country.

European Plan
A nightly rate that does not provide meals, only lodging. Food is often billed separately.

The worsening of a disease or medical condition.

A person who travels for pleasure for a period less than 24 hours.

An action where a student is not required to study a course due to their previous coursework or college entrance exams.

Extended Stay
Properties that are focused on extending the guest's stay and quotes weekly rates.

Activities that include sports, music, and training done outside the classroom.


The exterior wall of a building.

A temporary structure that is used to support and hold a structure during construction or repairs.

Familiarization Tours
Tours provided to travel agents and agencies to provide more information about a product.

Fine flour made from cereal grains.

Feeder Airport
A distant airport or city that is used to direct travelers to the gateway of city hubs.

Refers to women having equal rights as men.

Fenced Rate
A reservation that offers certain benefits to customers under some terms and conditions.

A form of design work used to make jewelry with fine wire and tiny beads.

To cut the bones from a piece of meat or fish.

An effect used on social media as a way to edit or enhance photos.

Finance Manager
A professional who organizes and manages the company's financial health and reports.

A method to prevent unauthorized access to and from a network.

First-Tier City
A major city that attracts a large amount of business due to its high development, such as in-bound flights, public transportation and entertainment.

To drizzle a flammable spirit over a dish just before serving.

Flash Drive
A small device that can be plugged into the computer's USB port and functions as a portable hard drive.

Flash Memory
A type of memory that can retain information even after power is turned off, often used in memory cards and flash drives.

Floor Plan
The arrangement of rooms in a building laid out in paper.

Fluted Hem
A hem on a skirt that is slim along the waist and flares out to a ruffled hem at the end.

The guest's hotel bill which includes all charges and payments made.

An icing that is used to decorate cakes or pastries.

The construction of a temporary structure into a permanent one where concrete is poured for it to settle into the desired structure.

Free Independant Travel (FIT)
Individual travel where a traveler moves around by themselves and not in a group.

Copyrighted software that is available to use for personal usage, but requires you to register and pay to the author if you want to use it for commercial use.

Front-end Developer
A programmer that creates code for the front-end development of a website.

Full Service Hotel
Hotels that have a restaurant, lounge facilities, and a meeting room with bell service and room service.

A sales journey that your customer goes on before taking the desired action to purchase your product or service. It consists of these steps: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy.


A piece of fabric that is worn over shoes and extends to the knees or ankles.

A porch that connects two interior rooms together.

A filling made from chocolate and cream, that is used to make confections or pastries.

Garde Manager
A chef that is in charge of preparing cold food, such as salads, chilled vegetables, cold desserts, and more.

Relating to the stomach.

A person who decides what information to share with the audience and what to leave out.

When someone takes information that is already published and shares it for others to see.

Gateway City
A major airport and bus center that travelers and visitors enter through from outside the country.

A cold soup made from vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions.

They study the structure and components of the earth, including, rocks, surfaces, minerals, oil and water.

A type of wooden ornament in the form of frills and contrasting colors. It was popularly used with American folk houses.

Global Distribution System (GDS)
Centralized reservation systems used by companies and travel agents to book travel-related services, such as hotel rooms, airport transport, and car rental.

Government Planner
An event planner who manages events for government functions within the city, state, or local level.

A grade point average, which is a student's average result of their total grades.

Graduate School
A higher education institution that awards postgraduate degrees.

Graphic Designer
A professional that creates designs and assembles graphics to produce visual content.

To create tiny pieces of food like cheese or vegetables.

To coat the interior of a pan with oil or butter to prevent food from sticking.

The act of claiming a product is environmentally friendly for marketing and sales purposes.

A cooking technique where foods are cooked by a heat source under the food.

Ventilation panels placed for protection or decorative purposes.

Gross Operating Profit
The result of a hotel's gross operating profit after subtracting the expenses.

Gross Operating Revenue
The total of a hotel's operating revenue.

Gross Profit
Calculated as the total sales after subtracting the costs and expenses of the sales.

Group Demand
A group business that is predicted to happen on a specific date.

Group Independant Travel (GIT)
Group travel where individuals purchase a group travel package with a customized itinerary.

Group Rate
A rate offered to groups to secure several rooms for an event.

Growth Hacking
A marketing strategy primarily focused on growing the company as much as possible while spending as little as possible.

A physician who specializes in treating diseases and care for the health of female reproductive organs.


A hotel rate that includes a bed, breakfast, and the choice of lunch or dinner.

Ingredients that have been finely chopped for preparation.

A hashtag used on social media to locate specific content or as a feature to increase engagement.

Haute Couture
Customized and expensive clothes produced by leading fashion design houses for exclusive clients, such as celebrities.

Head In Beds
An industry term that refers to increasing the number of overnight stays in an accommodation or private destination.

Help Desk
A resource and information center that assists in computer problems or troubleshoot issues.

The vomiting of blood.

Relating to the blood inside your body.

The study of blood conditions, disorders, and preventive measures to treat it.

Refers to the bottom lower part of a garment.

Relating to the liver.

Heritage Sites
Refers to UNESCO heritage sites that have cultural or historical significance.

A V-shaped pattern that slopes down to resemble the skeleton of a herring fish. Often used to make tweed jackets and wool outerwear.

Hold Period
The time period that an investor owns a hotel.

A sauce made from an emulsion of egg yolk, melted butter, and lemon juice.

Hollow Circle Setup
A circular room arrangement where all the tables and chairs face one another.

Hollow Square Setup
A rectangular room arrangement where all the tables and chairs face one another.

Home Page
The main page of a web page you access when you first visit a website.

A French word that means 'out of work' and refers to the appetizer dish.

A computer accessed by a user at a specific location.

Hotel Manager
A manager responsible for the operation and management of the hotel, resort, or other establishments for lodging.

House Count
The total number of guests occupying the hotel.

House Manager
The manager that is responsible for an individual hotel, ranking below a General Manager.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
The standard markup language used for creating Web pages. It uses tags to define the layout and elements within the page.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
A protocol which allows the interactions of commands and resources such as HTML documents.

An airport or city that serves as the connecting point for trains or buses from gateway cities.

Human Resources Executive
A professional that manages all the human resources tasks for a company, which includes hiring staff, managing employees, and ensuring employee satisfaction.

An academic course focused on human life, such as history, philosophy, arts, languages, and culture.

Hybrid Bonds
A financially security that combines two or more financial instruments, usually equity and debt.

A link that connects a piece of information to another piece of information, usually through a web page or site.

A condition with high blood pressure.


An abbreviation for Information and Communication Technologies, it is a field that focuses on communication technology.

A set of beliefs or ideas that are shared by a group of people in a media platform.

A condition with an unknown cause.

The number of times your ads appeared to the target audience.

In vogue
Refers to when something is in trend or in style for a particular season.

Inbound Marketing
A marketing strategy that attracts customers by creating quality content and providing solutions to problems.

Inbound Tour Operator
A tour operator based in a specific place that plans travel itineraries and organizes tours for travelers.

Inbound Tourism
The traffic of international tourists that spends money and contributes to the export economy.

Incentive Fee
A management fee provided to the manager based on the hotel's profitability and manager's operational expertise.

Incentive Travel
Travel that is offered as a reward for top performance and growing businesses that promote these programs.

Incidental Charges
Extra charges aside from the standard hotel rate. Eg. Parking, room service, Internet.

Inclusive Tour
A tour program that includes a variety of features for a single rate.

Income Statement
A financial statement that shows the company's income and whether it is making a profit or loss during a specific period.

Independent Hotel
A standalone hotel that does not have any affiliation with a franchise or chain.

Independent Variables
Independent variables variables in mathematical modeling, statistical modeling and experimental sciences

Indirect Marketing
A form of marketing that reaches customers from another source, such as influencer marketing, a blog article, or a YouTube video.

Industrial Engineering
A field in engineering that concerns the improvement of complex processes or systems in order to conserve time, money, and resources.

A term when information and entertainment are presented together.

A patient who is receiving care from within the hospital.

Instrumentation Engineering
A field of engineering that focuses on the operation of measuring instruments used to control and monitor automated systems.

Intellectual Property
The ownership of intangible assets, such as copyright, business plans, logo designs, and anything symbolizing artistic work.

Intelligent Hotels
Hotels that use modern technology to run their operations.

Interest Rate
The amount of interest charged when a bank or lender allows the borrower to use their money over a period of time.

Interior architecture
Interior architecture is the design of a space which has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries.

Internal Audit Manager
An accounting professional responsible for managing risk assessments and overseeing the overall audit process.

International Tourism
A type of tourism that involves activities of individuals travelling to places outside of their home country for leisure or business purposes.

A period of work experience provided by the employer for students to gain work experience.

Interpersonal Communication
Interaction between two or more people on a personal, one-on-one level.

Intertextual Media
Messages that combine various media into one. It can include text, audio, video, graphics, and other forms of communication.

The assets that a company has purchased to sell to its customers that remain unsold in the storage.

IP Address
Internet Protocol address, a unique identifying number for each computer connected to the Internet.

Fabric that appears to change color when it is hit with light or viewed from different angles. A popular option for making party clothes.

IT Manager
A manager who manages computer systems and organizes electronic data operations to fulfill the IT needs of an organization.


Jack Arch
A structural element that provides a flat opening to support a masonry wall.

A free-to-use programming language used in back-end web development, such as Android apps, mobile computing, and desktop computing.

A text-based programming language that adds interactive content to Web pages.

Refers to the woodwork of structures, such as doors, windows, stairs, and floors.

Joint Fare
Refers to the combined fare when travelers stop at a transit country or destination.

Joint Venture
The cooperation of two or more businesses that agree to share profit, loss, and control.

Journalism is the production and distribution of reports on current events based on facts and supported with proof or evidence.

Responsible for gathering information, writing informative pieces, and updating the public about curent events in an honest and accurate manner.

Jouy Print
A repeated pattern displayed on a garment with a white background.

To cut vegetables into long, thin, stripes.


Key Account Manager
Responsible for retaining a good relationship with top clients of a company and nurture them towards strategic partnerships.

A word used to find specific information in a system or document.

Kindergarten Teacher
A teacher that creates a lesson plan that revolves around the alphabet, numbers, and social skills to young children.

Kitchen Manager
Responsible for assisting the chef in the kitchen operations, manage kitchen staff and cooridnate orders.

Knife Pleat
A sharp and narrow pleat that is folded in the same direction and overlaps each one.

Food that is cooked and prepared in alignment with the Jewish law.


Lab Associate
A professional responsible for managing laboratory equipment, monitoring experiments, and calculating results.

Lab Course
An individual course component that supplements the lecture.

Labor & Delivery Nurse
Nurses that provide care for women during, after, and before the delivery of their baby.

LAN (Local Area Network)
A network within a radius of less than 1KM that connects a group of computers to share resources over a network. The shared files are often stored on a central file server.

Pork fat that is rendered for cooking.

A potential customer who has expressed interest in your product or service and given you their contact details.

Lead Magnet
A free item or service that is given away for free such as eBooks, checklists, and guides. It is for the purpose of collecting contact details.

Lead Nurturing
The process of educating and building trust with your customers by providing them with an unique experience to eventually convert them into paying customers.

Learning Outcomes
A statement that explains what the learner can do and the value they gain upon completion of study.

The seed of a plant, such as beans and peas, that are eaten for their high nutritional value.

Leisure Travel
Travel for recreational, relaxing, and sightseeing purposes.

Lettuce Hem
A design where the fabric is stretched when sewn, resulting in a wavy hemline.

Includes all debts that a company has yet to pay. Common liabilities are Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Loans.

Liberal Arts
An academic course in the study of humanities, such as social and behavioral sciences and general knowledge in natural sciences.

Refers to how quickly you can turn an asset into cash based on its market value.

Logistic Manager
A manager responsible for fulfilling product orders and overseeing the process of distribution of supplies.

A series of images that showcases a designer's collection.

Low Season Travel
Refers to a season when certain destinations are less popular during a time of the year due to weather conditions.

Lozenge Cut
A knife cut where the food is cut into diamond shapes.

Luxury Tour Operator
Tour operators that offer luxury holidays and activities like private yachts, helicopters, or a luxury cruise.


Maintenance Engineer
Responsible for the maintenance of industrial equipment by performing routine checkups, troubleshoot issues, and make repairs when needed.

The specialization of a subject that a student chooses to focus on by the end of their first year of studies.

Harmful or dangerous growth inside the body.

Software programmes that are designed to do damage on a computer. Examples of malware include viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware.

Mandarin Collar
A small, tight and upright collar design that originated from traditional Chinese garments.

A mixture of oil, spices, vinegar, and various ingredients used to flavour and moisten food.

Marketing Funnel
A marketing strategy that breaks down the stages the customer goes through on their buying journey in order to convert leads into customers.

Marketing Manager
Responsible for overseeing the marketing campaigns, tracking the effectiveness and managing the marketing budget.

A theory where society has no class, and everyone works together and resources are shared equally.

A paste made from almonds, sugar, and egg whites that are used to fill cakes and pastries.

The construction of structures made from stone, brick, or concrete.

Mass Media
Technology that is used as a primary form of communication that is intended to reach a large audience.

Egg whites that are beaten and baked until crisp, then used as a topping for desserts.

Meta Description
The description of the content of a web page that is shown below the title tag on search engines.

The study of bacteria and viral infections.

A test that students take halfway through the school term.

A vegetable soup that contains pasta and beans.

A subject that a student chooses to have a secondary focus on during their undergraduate studies.

Misc En Scene
Refers to everything that is in the scene during a shoot.

Mobile Developer
Responsible for app coding, testing, and development as well as monitoring the usability of the app.

A strip of wood used for ornamentation or decoration.

Molecular Biology
A branch of biology that studies the structure and composition of cells and molecules.

Refers to an outfit that is only black or white in colour.

The editing of placing visual images together to form a sequence.

A sweet or savoury dish made with beaten egg whites and whipped cream.

A vertical bar between panes of glass in a window.

A form of communication that uses different mediums such as graphics, text, video, audio, and various online tools to deliver a message.

A bar between panes of glass.

Related to the muscle.


A branch of technology that deals with the use of atoms and molecules to improve existing industrial purposes, materials, and applications.

The presentation of information in a story.

Nature-based Tourism
A type of tourism where the activities are based in a natural environment and focused on wildlife.

Socks that are designed with evenly-shaped patterns.

Related to the kidney.

Net Rate
The rate that is provided to tour operators and can be marked up to sell to the customer.

Net Worth
The entire value of everything a company or individual owns from their assets after minusing their debts.

Network Engineer
A professional who is responsible for the IT system of an organization. They are in charge of constructing and maintaining the connection of networks in data, videos, and wireless network services.

Network Security
A process of taking preventive measures to protect the usability and integrity of your network and data against any potential threats.

Related to the nerves.

Medical professionals that diagnose and treat disorders that affect the brain, nerves, muscles, and spinal cord.

New Media
Media tools that are used and found online, such as blogs, social media, podcasts, and videos.

News Editor
Responsible for overseeing each content section of a newspaper. They assign, edit, rewrite, and plan the copy for the entire newspaper.

News Values
Factors that determine whether a story will be covered or not.

Refers to a specific market you are targeting to.

No Show
A customer with a reservation at a hotel or restaurant who fails to show up and does not cancel.

Nurses care for the patient and work alongside doctors to observe, record, and note down symptoms of the illness and track the patient's recovery.

Nursing is a profession within the health care sector focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life.


A doctor who specializes in all aspects of pregnancy from pre-natal care, birth, and after-birth.

A percentage that indicates the number of night beds sold compared to the number available.

A design with a gradual change of shade from dark to light on each fabric.

Online Learning
Education that takes place over the Internet. Also referred to as 'e-learning' or 'distance learning'.

Open Classroom
An open learning space where students are free to move around the classroom and utilize a variety of learning materials.

Open Rate
A metric for email marketing that shows the percentage of people that opened a marketing newsletter or email.

A person that is qualified to dispense, supply, and prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

A projecting window on the bay of an upper floor.

The college or university's official process of welcoming new students to campus and getting them acquainted with the surroundings and policies of the campus before classes begin.

A health professional who specializes in the treatment of the eye and vision. They diagnose disorders related to eye movement and create treatment plans.

Related to the bone.

Outbound Marketing
A form of marketing where a company initiates contact with the customer through cold-calling, email blasts, or TV advertising.

Outbound Tour Operator
A tour operator that offers trips to destinations that may not be in the country.

A patient who receives medical care without staying overnight at the hospital.


A fixed travel package that usually includes transportation, accommodation, restaurants, entertainment, sightseeing and car rental.

A Spanish rice dish that is cooked with chicken, seafood, vegetables, and served in a shallow pan.

A Hindu or Buddhist temple, typically in the form of a tiered tower.

An Italian term meaning 'palace'.

Scientists who study ancient fossils such as dinosaur bones, fossilized tissue, and cremated remains.

Pan frying
A cooking method where food is cooked in a small amount of fat.

Pan steaming
A cooking method where food is cooked by placing them in a liquid, such as broth, soup, or water over a source of heat.

A cooking method where food is cooked in an uncovered frying pan with little to no fat.

A smooth, rectangular surface featuring decorative carvings that is set into a door, wall, or ceiling.

Paperbag Waist
A loose, pleated waistline that resembles a scrunched bag when worn.

A low wall that is on the edge of a roof, bridge, or balcony.

A technique to partially cook food so they can be finished later.

A process where a product is sterilized to kill bacteria and ensure it is safe for consumption.

An outdoor area outside a house.

A pastry chef who is responsible for baked items, pastries, and desserts.

A government system where men are in power and women are excluded.

A building with open sides that is used for entertainment or shelter in a garden.

A term that refers to the number of people or passengers. It can also refer to the number of guests, diners, and participants.

Pay Certainty
Refers to when you know the customer will pay for you product or service.

Stands for Portable Document Format. A software used to display documents in an electronic form.

Peaks and Valleys
The highs and lows of travel season.

A method of teaching that refers to the theory of learning and how it affects the social and psychological development of learners.

A doctor who specializes in the physical, behavioral, and mental care of young children from birth to below 18 years old.

A triangular element on the front part of the building that is often decorated.

Peer to Peer Network
A group of computers that are linked together for equal distribution of data and information processing without using an intermediate server.

Performance Assessment
A test that requires students to perform a task in order to measure their abilities.

Personalized Learning
A customized approach of learning that is tailored to each student's strengths, weaknesses, skills, and needs.

A medical expert who dispenses medication to patients, conduct health screenings, and advise patients on appropriate medication.

An abbreviation for Doctor of Philosophy, it is a degree for the highest level of academic study.

A type of online scam where cybercriminals pose as legitimate organizations via email, text message, or telephone to steal sensitive data.

A rectangular column that is attached to a wall surface.

A small picture element from which several are formed to compose an image.

A software that acts as an add-on to a web browser with additional features.

Pop-up Store
A temporary retail store that is used to promote sample products or marketing campaigns.

Popular Culture
The study of the content that is produced by mass media such as cinema, TV, and radio.

A compilation of a student's work used for assessing their performance in their studies and coursework.

An entrance porch that is supported by columns.

A course that is required to be completed by a student before enrolling in another one.

Press Trips
Trips that are organized for writers and broadcasters to film and promote tourist destinations.

Print Making
Printmaking is the process of creating artworks by printing, normally on paper. Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints that have an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting.

Profit Margin
The measure of profitability that is calculated by dividing your net income by revenue.

Information that is spread to support a cause, campaign, idea, or belief, usually to influence public opinion.

An individual who consumes products and produces media on their own.

Refers to the psychiatric ward.

Physical Therapy. A type of treatment to help patients move again and regain control of their limbs.

Public Domain Software
A software that is not copyrighted. Thus, it can be freely used without any restrictions.

Public Relations
The management of a company's professional image to the public, stakeholders, and partners.

Related to the lungs

To mash or grind food until it is completely smooth.


Quality Assurance Specialist
Responsible for monitoring, inspecting, and implementing quality assurance checks to ensure the reliability of the manufacturing process.

Quality Control Specialist
Responsible for checking the quality of materials and products of a company, as well as the production procedures.

Quantity Surveyor
A professional in the construction industry responsible for preparing tender documents, contracts, and managing the financial costs of the project.

The section of a shoe that covers the heel.

A quick assessment of a student's knowledge in a particular field or subject.


Radar Engineer
A professional that specializes in designing, enhancing, or testing radar systems for the use of military, commercial, or scientific use.

Radio Announcer
Responsible for creating and announcing topics of interest over the radio, such as news, political commentary, interviews, and entertainment.

Radio Station Manager
Responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of a radio station, which includes the administrative, technical, programs, and sales of a station.

A beam that forms the internal framework of a roof.

The design of a sleeve where the fabric continues to the neck with no seam in between. Used for basketball T-shirts and sporty attire.

RAM (Random Access Memory)
RAM is a form of the computer’s memory that stores short-term data so it can be accessed quickly.

Read Only Memory
A type of memory that provides permanent storage for data.

Ready to Wear
Garments that are produced in standard sizes. It is not custom-made and thus is regarded as general clothing made by every design firms and brands.

A tactic to re-connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app.

Where signs of a disease disappear.

Remote Learning
A learning approach where the student and lecturer are separated by time and distance and thus unable to meet physically. Instruction is dispersed through technology tools such as video meet, discussion forums, and virtual assessments.

The portrayal of certain types of people or communities through media.

Respiratory Therapist
A healthcare provider who helps patients who have trouble breathing. They diagnose lung disorders, perform breathing tests, and determine the appropriate therapy.

A written compilation of an applicant's work experience, accomplishments, and credentials in order to apply for a job.

Return of Investment (ROI)
A KPI that measures the profit garnered from a marketing investment to determine its effectiveness.

The art of writing and speaking effectively to persuade people to take specific action.

An Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with meat, fish, and vegetables until it reaches a creamy consistency.

To cook food in an oven using dry heat.

Roof Ridge
The intersection where two highest points of roof slopes meet.


Sales Funnel
A step-by-step process that brings to customer closer to paying for a product or service through a series of marketing actions.

A Japanese dish of raw fish slices that is served with soy sauce and wasabi.

SATs (officially known as National Curriculum assessments) are tests that are taken at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2. They are designed to help teachers measure students' progress and their understanding of the curriculum.

A chef who is responsible for preparing sauces.

To fry quickly in a small amount of fat.

Search Engine Optimization
The process of increasing traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

Security Engineer
A professional responsible for designing computer systems that can withstand malicious cyber attacks and resolve security issues.

Checkered or lightweight fabric with a crimped surface. Usually used for making spring or summer clothing.

The study of meaning in language of a word, phrase, or entire text.

The study of symbols and signs and their meaning in society.

A computer or system that provides resources, data, services, or program to other computers over a network.

A frozen dessert made with fruit juice and sweet flavorings.

A paid of solid window coverings that are used to block light or wind from entering the building.

A fine piece of rock that can easily be broken into smooth, flat plates to be placed on the roof.

A term that refers to the social and cultural factors.

A term that refers to a combination of social and psychological factors.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
A software delivery model that is available to customers online through a subscription payment service. Examples are Google Suite, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Software Engineer
A computer science professional who uses their engineering knowledge and programming language to build software, programmes, and run network control systems.

A person who creates and manages a business by themselves.

A dish made from sauce, egg yolks, beaten egg whites, and baked until it is puffed up.

Bread that is leavened with fermented flour and water mixture with wild yeast and good bacteria to rise.

Sous Chef
The chef who is second in command in the kitchen and assists the head chef.

A slender, pointed structure on the top of the building.

Sports Tourism
A type of tourism that highlights sports as the main attraction at a particular destination.

Statistics is the discipline that concerns the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data

An abbreviation for an area of study concerning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

A representation of people or a group by characteristics such as Asians are math wizards, blondes are dumb, etc.

Something that triggers physical or behavioral change.

Stir Frying
A method of cooking where food is cooked over high heat using little fat.

A flavorful liquid prepared by simmering meat and vegetables to extract the flavor and used as a base for soup.

Structural Engineering
A branch of civil engineering that focuses on the design and framework of structures to remain safe and secure throughout their use.

A fine plaster used to coat walls, ceiling, and decoration.

Student Affairs
A department responsible for offering support to students in their education, career, financial or personal problems.

A genre within a genre.

Stitches that hold together the edges of a surgical wound.

Sweat Equity
Refers to a person's non-monetary contributions to a business venture. They are usually in the form of manual labour, mental effort, and time.

A set of symptoms that indicate a condition, disease, or health issue.


Target Market
A specific group of customers that you want to sell your product or service to.

Tax Accountant
Responsible for preparing the financial reports and income statements of a company.

Seafood or vegetables that are coated with a light batter and deep-fried.

A boneless cut of meat from the loin, usually the most expensive and tender cut.

A patio that extends into the outdoors of a building. Can be on a flat roof or an open area outside.

Ticket Time Limit
The time limit that is given to purchase a ticket to avoid last-minute cancellations or expiry.

Tile Inset
A piece of ceramic tile inserted into the floor.

Tracking Link
An URL used to determine where a business is getting their traffic from.

A record of all the subjects a student has studied alongside with the grades they scored.

Transfer Credit
The recognition of academic credits that allows a student to maintain their credit for subjects they have studied at a different institution.

Travel Agent
A person who arranges travel plans for individuals or groups.

Travel Association
Travel communities in the industry that exist to help small travel businesses thrive through collaboration and partnership.

A framework consisting of wooden beams and metal rods to support a structure, such as a bridge or roof.

The overall fees charged for learning at a college or university.

A small tower located on top of a larger tower.


UI/UX Designer
Responsible for collecting, analyzing and evaluating user requirements to create a user-friendly interface for users to experience.

A skin-tight garment that covers the body from the neck to wrists and ankles.

An institute of higher learning that students attend after high school to obtain an academic certificate or qualification.

Refers to problems in the urinary tract of female and male as well as reproductive system in men.


Value Added Tax
A tax that is added to goods or services each time they are bought and resold for a profit.

Value-Added Learning
A method of evaluation that analyzes a teacher's contribution to the student's education by comparing the current student's test scores to the grades of previous students the year before.

A split in a garment to allow more room for movement. Often used in pencil skirts and tight silhouettes.

Venture Capital
A form of finance that is funded to start-ups and new companies that have high growth potential.

An open porch on the roof that goes around all sides of a building.

Vernacular Architecture
A form of architecture created from local materials and is based on the needs of the local people such as living needs, climate, location, and traditions.

Video Game Artist
An animator who creates 2D and 2D art for video games by working on the elements of the game; such as characters, objects, weapons, background, and environment.

Virtual Classroom
A digital learning environment that allows teachers and students to connect online. These classrooms utilize video conferencing and screen sharing for lectures and discussions.

A malicious software program that is loaded into a user’s computer without the user’s knowledge and performs malicious actions.

Visual Effect Artist
An animator who uses computer-generated imagery to produce visual effects in interactive multimedia such as film, television, and commercials.

Visual Learning
A learning style where students use images, graphics, and maps to communicate their ideas and thoughts.

Vocational Education
An education that prepares students to work in jobs that are based in manual trade and practical skill, such as technician, plumber, or craftsperson.


When travelers who wish to save costs buy 'waitlisted' tickets and are placed on a waiting list.

WAN (Wide Area Network)
A large data network that is used for connecting computers over a wide area such as cities, states, or countries.

Warehouse Supervisor
Responsible for maintaining inventory, supplies, and storing, receiving, and delivering products at top quality.

Web Designer
Responsible for creating and coding the design, layout, and features of a website or web page.

Website Traffic
A measurement of the number of visits that a website receives.

Welt Pocket
A set of pockets that has a slit entrance.

To beat food with a whisk or mixer to add volume.

A form of content that consists of research and in-depth knowledge about a particular topic.

Wildlife Biologists
Responsible for studying the behavior of wildlife and plants in their natural habitat. Usually done through fieldwork.

Window Sash
A window frame with moveable panels.

Wine Tourism
A type of tourism that involves experiences of exploring, consuming, and purchasing wine.

WLAN (Wide Area Local Network)
A wireless computer network that allows devices to connect and communicate wirelessly.

Wooden Clapbords
Long wooden blocks that overlap one another and are nailed to a building's exterior horizontally.

Wooden Shingles
Thin pieces of wood that are used to cover roofs and building walls to protect them from the weather.


X-ray Fabric
A type of fabric with a translucent effect.


A part of the garment that is around the neckline. It is usually adorned with jewels.


The outer peel of a citrus fruit.

Zoo Veterinian
The oversee and care for the health of wild animals in the zoo by examining, diagnosing and treating the animals.

Biological scientists who specialize in the research and study of wild animals, their ecosystems, and behaviour in their natural habitat.

A type of Japanese sandal.

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