Eduloco Glossary

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There are currently 20 terms in this directory beginning with the letter L.

Lab Associate
A professional responsible for managing laboratory equipment, monitoring experiments, and calculating results.

Lab Course
An individual course component that supplements the lecture.

Labor & Delivery Nurse
Nurses that provide care for women during, after, and before the delivery of their baby.

LAN (Local Area Network)
A network within a radius of less than 1KM that connects a group of computers to share resources over a network. The shared files are often stored on a central file server.

Pork fat that is rendered for cooking.

A potential customer who has expressed interest in your product or service and given you their contact details.

Lead Magnet
A free item or service that is given away for free such as eBooks, checklists, and guides. It is for the purpose of collecting contact details.

Lead Nurturing
The process of educating and building trust with your customers by providing them with an unique experience to eventually convert them into paying customers.

Learning Outcomes
A statement that explains what the learner can do and the value they gain upon completion of study.

The seed of a plant, such as beans and peas, that are eaten for their high nutritional value.

Leisure Travel
Travel for recreational, relaxing, and sightseeing purposes.

Lettuce Hem
A design where the fabric is stretched when sewn, resulting in a wavy hemline.

Includes all debts that a company has yet to pay. Common liabilities are Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Loans.

Liberal Arts
An academic course in the study of humanities, such as social and behavioral sciences and general knowledge in natural sciences.

Refers to how quickly you can turn an asset into cash based on its market value.

Logistic Manager
A manager responsible for fulfilling product orders and overseeing the process of distribution of supplies.

A series of images that showcases a designer's collection.

Low Season Travel
Refers to a season when certain destinations are less popular during a time of the year due to weather conditions.

Lozenge Cut
A knife cut where the food is cut into diamond shapes.

Luxury Tour Operator
Tour operators that offer luxury holidays and activities like private yachts, helicopters, or a luxury cruise.

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