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There are currently 33 terms in this directory beginning with the letter I.

An abbreviation for Information and Communication Technologies, it is a field that focuses on communication technology.

A set of beliefs or ideas that are shared by a group of people in a media platform.

A condition with an unknown cause.

The number of times your ads appeared to the target audience.

In vogue
Refers to when something is in trend or in style for a particular season.

Inbound Marketing
A marketing strategy that attracts customers by creating quality content and providing solutions to problems.

Inbound Tour Operator
A tour operator based in a specific place that plans travel itineraries and organizes tours for travelers.

Inbound Tourism
The traffic of international tourists that spends money and contributes to the export economy.

Incentive Fee
A management fee provided to the manager based on the hotel's profitability and manager's operational expertise.

Incentive Travel
Travel that is offered as a reward for top performance and growing businesses that promote these programs.

Incidental Charges
Extra charges aside from the standard hotel rate. Eg. Parking, room service, Internet.

Inclusive Tour
A tour program that includes a variety of features for a single rate.

Income Statement
A financial statement that shows the company's income and whether it is making a profit or loss during a specific period.

Independent Hotel
A standalone hotel that does not have any affiliation with a franchise or chain.

Independent Variables
Independent variables variables in mathematical modeling, statistical modeling and experimental sciences

Indirect Marketing
A form of marketing that reaches customers from another source, such as influencer marketing, a blog article, or a YouTube video.

Industrial Engineering
A field in engineering that concerns the improvement of complex processes or systems in order to conserve time, money, and resources.

A term when information and entertainment are presented together.

A patient who is receiving care from within the hospital.

Instrumentation Engineering
A field of engineering that focuses on the operation of measuring instruments used to control and monitor automated systems.

Intellectual Property
The ownership of intangible assets, such as copyright, business plans, logo designs, and anything symbolizing artistic work.

Intelligent Hotels
Hotels that use modern technology to run their operations.

Interest Rate
The amount of interest charged when a bank or lender allows the borrower to use their money over a period of time.

Interior architecture
Interior architecture is the design of a space which has been created by structural boundaries and the human interaction within these boundaries.

Internal Audit Manager
An accounting professional responsible for managing risk assessments and overseeing the overall audit process.

International Tourism
A type of tourism that involves activities of individuals travelling to places outside of their home country for leisure or business purposes.

A period of work experience provided by the employer for students to gain work experience.

Interpersonal Communication
Interaction between two or more people on a personal, one-on-one level.

Intertextual Media
Messages that combine various media into one. It can include text, audio, video, graphics, and other forms of communication.

The assets that a company has purchased to sell to its customers that remain unsold in the storage.

IP Address
Internet Protocol address, a unique identifying number for each computer connected to the Internet.

Fabric that appears to change color when it is hit with light or viewed from different angles. A popular option for making party clothes.

IT Manager
A manager who manages computer systems and organizes electronic data operations to fulfill the IT needs of an organization.

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