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There are currently 49 terms in this directory beginning with the letter D.

A procedure applied in construction to prevent moisture from entering the walls and damaging the interior.

Dark Tourism
A type of tourism that involves places associated with death and tragedy.

Data Specialist
Responsible for transferring information on paper onto electronic systems. They are also responsible for overseeing the entire conversion process and ensuring the data is accurate and reliable.

Data Visualization
A process of turning information into visual representation like infographics, charts, and dashboards to make it easier to understand.

Day Guests
Guests who check in and leave on the same day.

The breakdown of the media industry into smaller groups.

Debt Consolidation
The act of obtaining a new loan to pay out a number of debts and bills. This is done to bring all the debts together under one monthly payment.

Debt Financing
The act of borrowing money to run a business and paying it back with interest.

Decorative Motif
A repeated pattern, image, or theme that makes up a decoration on an architectural structure.

A process to rewrite files on a hard drive to increase the seed of accessing and retrieving data.

Delinquent Mortgage
A mortgage where the borrower has failed to make payment as required by the loan.

Demand-Based Pricing
Refers to pricing that is based on the demand of a certain product or service in tourism.

The categorization of an audience based on specific characteristics; such as age group, location, purchasing behavior, wealth, and more.

A row of rectangular blocks that are used as decoration for a cornice.

An administration for a particular field of study in a college/university that is made up of a faculty and staff.

Dependent is variables in mathematical modeling, statistical modeling and experimental sciences.

The decrease of the monetary value of an asset over time such as buildings, furniture, and equipment.

Relating to the skin.

Design Architect
A person who creates designs and plans for new construction projects or repair existing buildings to ensure they are safe, functional, and stable.

A method used in construction where building and designing is placed under one team in order to reduce the costs and deliver the project on time.

Destination Management Company
A company that creates and manages corporate travel and event packages for employee rewards or company retreats.

Destination Marketing
The effort of marketing a state, region, country, or area to consumers for tourism and trade purposes.

Destination Mountain Resorts
A resort located on a mountain where the main attraction is the resort itself.

Destination Resort
A property for leisure travelers located in a resort with extensive facilities and amenities.

To heavily season food with seasonings such as mustard, vinegar, pepper, and grilled.

A supporting framework of a building that consists of intersecting steel beams.

To cut ingredients into small cubes.

A health professional who specializes in nutrition and human diet. They create suitable meal plans and counsel patients on lifestyle changes to improve their health and meet diet goals.

Digital Culture
The knowledge and beliefs of people communicating on digital networks that may create new cultures and practices relevant to digital media.

Digital Marketing
A form of communication that aims to persuade people into purchasing a product or service through a digital platform or tool.

Digital Marketing Executive
A person who is responsible for using digital channels to generate leads and build brand awareness. They are also involved in managing marketing campaigns and developing effective marketing strategies for the company.

Dine and Dash
A common term that refers to a customer who eats but does not pay for his meal.

Direct Booking
The practice where guests book directly with the hotel or resort.

Direct Marketing
A form of marketing that engages with the customer directly through telemarketing, emails, and social media ads.

Dirndl Skirt
A full, wide skirt that reaches to the knees and is fitted with a tight waistline.

Displacement Analysis
A practice of determining the total customer worth over competing pieces of business within the hotel. The business that guarantees the highest revenue will be chosen.

A research project on a particular topic written for a undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Distance Learning
A method of studying where students educate themselves without in-person interaction, usually done online.

Distressed Inventory
Discounted hotel rooms at the last minute to ensure the property is fully booked.

Distressed Sale
An urgent sale of assets due to unfavourable conditions.

Domain Name System (DNS)
A naming system that translates domain names into IP addresses which computers can understand.

Domestic Tourism
A type of tourism that involves tourist activities in the travelers' home country.

Double Occupancy
The hotel rate that covers up to 2 people in a room.

To coat food in a dry ingredient, such as flour and breadcrumbs.

To coat food in a sauce, such as salad.

Drip Campaign
A series of emails that is triggered when the customer takes a specific action on the website like signing up for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, or submitting a form.

A process where a student choose to withdraw from a course before the beginning of the term.

Dutch Oven
A sturdy kettle made of cast iron that is used for stewing or braising food for a long time.

Dwell Time
Refers to the amount of time a customer spends at a certain tourist spot, activity, or accommodation.

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