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There are currently 29 terms in this directory beginning with the letter M.

Maintenance Engineer
Responsible for the maintenance of industrial equipment by performing routine checkups, troubleshoot issues, and make repairs when needed.

The specialization of a subject that a student chooses to focus on by the end of their first year of studies.

Harmful or dangerous growth inside the body.

Software programmes that are designed to do damage on a computer. Examples of malware include viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware.

Mandarin Collar
A small, tight and upright collar design that originated from traditional Chinese garments.

A mixture of oil, spices, vinegar, and various ingredients used to flavour and moisten food.

Marketing Funnel
A marketing strategy that breaks down the stages the customer goes through on their buying journey in order to convert leads into customers.

Marketing Manager
Responsible for overseeing the marketing campaigns, tracking the effectiveness and managing the marketing budget.

A theory where society has no class, and everyone works together and resources are shared equally.

A paste made from almonds, sugar, and egg whites that are used to fill cakes and pastries.

The construction of structures made from stone, brick, or concrete.

Mass Media
Technology that is used as a primary form of communication that is intended to reach a large audience.

Egg whites that are beaten and baked until crisp, then used as a topping for desserts.

Meta Description
The description of the content of a web page that is shown below the title tag on search engines.

The study of bacteria and viral infections.

A test that students take halfway through the school term.

A vegetable soup that contains pasta and beans.

A subject that a student chooses to have a secondary focus on during their undergraduate studies.

Misc En Scene
Refers to everything that is in the scene during a shoot.

Mobile Developer
Responsible for app coding, testing, and development as well as monitoring the usability of the app.

A strip of wood used for ornamentation or decoration.

Molecular Biology
A branch of biology that studies the structure and composition of cells and molecules.

Refers to an outfit that is only black or white in colour.

The editing of placing visual images together to form a sequence.

A sweet or savoury dish made with beaten egg whites and whipped cream.

A vertical bar between panes of glass in a window.

A form of communication that uses different mediums such as graphics, text, video, audio, and various online tools to deliver a message.

A bar between panes of glass.

Related to the muscle.

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