Eduloco Glossary

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There are currently 14 terms in this directory beginning with the letter O.

A doctor who specializes in all aspects of pregnancy from pre-natal care, birth, and after-birth.

A percentage that indicates the number of night beds sold compared to the number available.

A design with a gradual change of shade from dark to light on each fabric.

Online Learning
Education that takes place over the Internet. Also referred to as 'e-learning' or 'distance learning'.

Open Classroom
An open learning space where students are free to move around the classroom and utilize a variety of learning materials.

Open Rate
A metric for email marketing that shows the percentage of people that opened a marketing newsletter or email.

A person that is qualified to dispense, supply, and prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

A projecting window on the bay of an upper floor.

The college or university's official process of welcoming new students to campus and getting them acquainted with the surroundings and policies of the campus before classes begin.

A health professional who specializes in the treatment of the eye and vision. They diagnose disorders related to eye movement and create treatment plans.

Related to the bone.

Outbound Marketing
A form of marketing where a company initiates contact with the customer through cold-calling, email blasts, or TV advertising.

Outbound Tour Operator
A tour operator that offers trips to destinations that may not be in the country.

A patient who receives medical care without staying overnight at the hospital.

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