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A pre-university programme that offers subject-based qualifications for university, further study, or work.

A/B Testing
The process of comparing two variations of a single variable to determine which one performs better to improve marketing efforts. Usually done in email marketing and landing pages.

Not related to living organisms.

Above The Line
Commission that is received from advertising through TV, radio, or the press.

Damage caused to the outer layer of the skin by friction.

Academic Term
A period during the academic year where institutions start holding classes.

Academic Year
The beginning of the year where students start attending school or university.

An intellectual person associated with the fields of education and research.

A private institution or secondary school that provides special training for students.

People (e.g., students or teachers) or an organization (e.g., a school, school district, or state department of education) are held responsible for improving student achievement and are rewarded or sanctioned for their success or lack of success in doing so.

A person who records, analyzes, summarizes, and keeps track of the financial transactions of a business.

Accounts Payable
The expenses that a business owes has not yet paid. It is a short-term debt that is recorded as a liability on the Balance Sheet and has to be paid back quickly.

Accounts Receivable
Includes all the sales that a company has made but has yet to collect payment on. It is recorded as an asset that will convert to cash in the short-term.

Refers to expenses that have been incurred but has not been recorded in the financial report, such as wages and taxes.

A person who analyzes and assesses the financial risks of an investment and other risky ventures to reduce risk for clients.

Ad Campaign
A series of ads meant to work together to achieve a goal.

Adjusted Gross Opening Profit (AGOP)
A measure of the gross operating profits to determine how much income you earn after removing the hotel management base fee.

Adobe Bricks
Bricks that are made out of earth and organic materials such as sand, straw, and clay.

Advance Rates
Discounted rates to entice guests to book in advance.

Adventure Tourism
Tourism activities that is developed for the thrill-seekers, such as whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and glacier exploration.

A form of communication that persuades the audience to take some type of action towards an idea, concept, or desire.

The study of how air moves around a solid object, such as studying how an airplane can fly, and the designing and operation of an aircraft.

The study of the science of flight which includes the designing, building, and operation of aircraft.

Aerospace engineering
A field of engineering that is concerned with the design, development, and operation of machines that can fly, such as aircraft and spacecraft.

Affiliate Marketing
A form of relationship marketing where a company pays commission to another company or individual to refer traffic to them.

Affinity Group
A group formed around a common interest that are usually part of an organization.

Agency Model
A payment structure with online travel agencies that require the hotel to pay a commission for the guest's booking.

Agricultural engineering
A branch of engineering that deals with agricultural production and processing, such as soil management, land development, and planting, harvesting, and growing crops.

A type of tourism that highlights rural destinations and features agricultural activities.

Al Dente
Refers to pasta or vegetables that is cooked until it is tender and firm.

A fraction of light reflected by a surface that is commonly used in astronomy to describe the surface properties of a planet.

An automated process that computer systems and software use to solve problems or retrieve information.

Refers to the total costs of an item in a construction project.

A hotel with rooms sold as a complete package that includes accommodation, activities, and services.

A hotel with guestroom facilities and services such as a designated living area and multiple rooms.

The number of hotel rooms available for sale by an agent.

A former student of an university, college, or institution that has graduated.

American Plan
The meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner offered by the hotel or resort.

Medication that is used to relieve pain.

The study of patterns and trends in data gathered through marketing campaigns to determine how it has contributed to conversions, consumer behavior, and other calls-to-action.

A person who creates a series of drawings that appear to move. These drawings are 'animated' which we see in cartoons, movies, TV shows, and video games.

A technique email administrators use to prevent email spam. It filters out viruses and unwanted emails before reaching the user’s computer.

Refers to the appetizer or starter course that is served before the main meal.

APA Format
An abbreviation of American Psychological Association, it is a standard format of research writing used in the fields of social science.

Applied engineering
A field of engineering that deals with the application of mathematical and scientific concepts to the management of systems, products, and manufacturing processes.

Applied mathematics
The application of mathematics to solve real-world problems in various fields of science, physics, engineering, medicine, finance, and more.

A decorative design made when one piece of fabric is sewn on top of each other to create an artistic effect.

A series of arches supported by columns or piers.

A curved structure that is supported on an elevated space.

Architect of Record
The name of the architect or architecture firm that appears on a building permit, signifying that they contributed to the specific project.

The process of planning, designing, and constructing buildings, communities, open areas, or other physical structures. This can include from selecting the furnishings, decorations, to supervising construction work, and the restoration of existing buildings.

A curved structure that forms the opening of a passage or entrance.

Artificial intelligence
The simulation of human intelligence in a machine that is programed to think and mimic humans in order to execute tasks.

Resources of monetary value that is owned by the company. Assets may include long-term resources like property or equipment.

A task or piece of schoolwork assigned to the student as part of their course of study.

Associate Professor
A member of the faculty of a university or college with an academic ranking below a professor.

A clause included in a hotel contract to ensure the organization fulfills the contractual obligations.

Refers to the people who receive and consume content from different media platforms. Can also be described as a demographic based on location, age group, and interest.

A health care professional who diagnoses and treat problems related to the ear such as hearing and balance. They determine the severity of the hearing loss and prescribe a treatment plan for the patient.

A technology where it enables all work equipment or machine systems to run automatically without human intervention.

Automotive Industry
An industry that comprises of a wide range of companies and organizations that are involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles.

Average Daily Rate (ADR)
The average rate paid for rooms sold that is calculated by dividing room revenue by the number of rooms sold.

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