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Study Abroad Perks & How To Guarantee Your Spot

Study Abroad Perks & How To Guarantee Your Own Spot Your study overseas is worth every penny.Image source: PexelsWhen you study abroad, you experience better personal growth. Sure, studying abroad and navigating the unknown may seem like a risky business to a college freshman. However, you will be surprised by how much you can change. Surrounding yourself with different cultures, people, and surroundings gives you important life lessons that you can carry into adulthood and working life. You learn to be understanding and respectful...

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Eduloco Launches Study Abroad Beta App & Joins Antler Singapore Accelerator

Eduloco Launches Study Abroad App & Joins Antler Singapore Accelerator Prospective students can now apply instantly to different universities and programs in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland, and more. KUALA LUMPUR – Eduloco, a Malaysia-based educational technology platform, launches its featured beta mobile application this month, as part of its mission to make studying abroad simpler and more accessible for prospective students. The Eduloco beta app...

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Get a scholarship for studying abroad faster

Get a scholarship for studying abroad faster Source: PexelDitching your dream of studying abroad because the thought of paying a huge amount of money terrifies you and you do not wish to burden your parents financially?Terrify not, my friend. It’s a pretty common myth among students who want to get a scholarship to study abroad that you have to fork out every penny you have in order to...

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Find Scholarship for MBBS Abroad?

Scholarship For MBBS Abroad Planning to study MBBS courses abroad?If that’s the case, you’re probably looking for a scholarship. To apply for a scholarship for MBBS abroad, you’ll need to know the overall tuition fees and living costs of your study destination, so that you can pick the right scholarship to fund your education.First of all, we’ll take you through the scholarship application process. Here are the questions...

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The Best Study Abroad Consultants For Your Overseas Education

The Best Study Abroad Consultants For Your Overseas Education Why should you look for a study abroad consultant if you’re looking to study abroad? Well, here’s the right question to ask – why shouldn’t you?When it comes to medical advice, you’d rather ask a doctor for solid guidance than trust a sneaky article online. Because they are professionals who have been in the industry for a long time,...

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