Empowering Education with Eduloco’s Student Loan in Malaysia

Eduloco Collaborates with Affin Bank to Offer Student Loan Program

At the forefront of educational accessibility, Eduloco, an emerging EdTech platform focusing on democratizing higher education, has forged a significant partnership with Malaysia’s esteemed Affin Bank. The collaboration aims to introduce a transformative student loan program, enabling students to pursue their academic dreams without financial constraints.

Empowering Student Aspirations with the Eduloco Loan Program

Eduloco’s student loan program is a catalyst for empowering student aspirations, providing financial aid for a wide array of academic pursuits, including certificates, diplomas, postgraduate studies, and professional courses. The program extends its support to students enrolled in various Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) or Malaysian Qualifications Register (MQR) certified universities across Malaysia, fostering an inclusive educational landscape.

Eligibility Criteria for Aspiring Applicants

Prospective applicants seeking to benefit from the Eduloco Loan program must meet specific eligibility criteria. These include Malaysian citizenship, with an age range of 18 to 45 years, and enrollment as a new or existing student, whether pursuing studies on a full-time or part-time basis.

The Role of a Co-Applicant: Strengthening Financial Resilience

In the context of the Eduloco Loan program, the co-applicant plays a vital role in reinforcing financial stability for the aspiring student. By providing a robust financial backing, the co-applicant ensures a seamless and resilient academic pursuit.

Criteria for Co-Applicant Eligibility: Bolstering Financial Support

Co-applicants in the Eduloco Loan program must fulfill specific eligibility criteria, including Malaysian citizenship and a minimum age of 21 years. They must also demonstrate a minimum monthly income of RM 5000 for immediate or non-immediate family members, or a minimum individual income of RM 3000, establishing their financial support capacity.

Streamlined Application Process: A Quick Path to Financial Assistance

The Eduloco Loan program offers a streamlined application process, ensuring a quick and efficient journey for students. Following a comprehensive background check, the assessment period typically ranges from 1 to 3 days. Successful applicants can expect an approval timeline of 7 to 14 working days, with funds disbursed within a week, completing the process within approximately one month.

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