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Eduloco, the solution to those hectic university applications that make you go loco.

About Us

Our mission is to offer the best counseling services to international students who are looking to pursue their higher education abroad. We see every student as an individual of their own and aim to grant them entrance to a university that best suits their potential.  

Fun Fact

The loco in Eduloco is actually a Spanish word that means ‘crazy’ in English. An accurate expression of how university applications can drive you loco!

Do you face these common problems?

Delayed response

Counsellors are slow to respond to messages and you are unable to get the information you need.  

Lack of transparency

Lack of clarity and transparency make you doubtful about the validity of universities. 


Inaccurate information is relayed to you and lead to misunderstandings. 

Zero Guidance

Lack of guidance from the counsellor leave you feeling confused about the application process to study in Malaysia. 

We’ve Got A Solution!

We feel your pain. Let us do the heavy lifting and simplify your university application process!

All in One

We are an all-in-one platform that provides information on courses, universities, subjects, and useful information about living and studying abroad. It is designed to help you gather all the information you and your parents need before deciding where you want to pursue your higher education.  

How it works

  • Eduloco cares about your education.  We make the effort to understand your background and personal interests before recommending a course and university for you 
  • Engage with our counselling services to decide on the best pathway that will push you to be the best version of yourself.  

Are you ready to study abroad?