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About Us

Hi! we are Thalia and Alya

The co-founders of Eduloco. TBH, our mission is simple; to provide a marketplace for overseas universities for you to conveniently take the next step in your education journey.

With our young, versatile team that has a huge love for TikTok, we are in the business of getting to know YOU as well as helping you meet your study goals.

Eduloco is a venture-backed EduTech startup in Singapore, with the sole mission to make higher education accessible for all by being the tech for youth.

Eduloco was created to be the first-ever marketplace for students like you to apply to universities abroad. So far, we have helped 35,000 students around the world enjoy a higher education journey that’s as easy as ‘add to cart’ and we’re still going strong.

The traditional process of studying abroad has pretty much fossilized into these tedious, long-winded processes – no change or reinvention was made with you in mind. We strip that all down to a simpler, digitally friendly way for you to bag your study abroad dreams with the latest ed-tech.


As your study preferences evolve, we keep up and match your energy to maintain the same level of service. Scan and swipe seamlessly for your next big education adventure, all from our app.


It’s about time for students to take charge of their future. We want to help you trailblaze the way to your future career with the education that helps you grow best.


Our app unifies all you need to get started with your studies. No more juggling a mental circus with the different things you need to do for your application is needed; it’s all on one screen now.