Study Abroad Perks & How To Guarantee Your Own Spot

Your study overseas is worth every penny.

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When you study abroad, you experience better personal growth. Sure, studying abroad and navigating the unknown may seem like a risky business to a college freshman. However, you will be surprised by how much you can change.  

Surrounding yourself with different cultures, people, and surroundings gives you important life lessons that you can carry into adulthood and working life. You learn to be understanding and respectful of people’s differences, making you an open-minded individual. 


Better Career Opportunities From Your Study Experience 

Your experience abroad makes a striking resumeYour overseas degree may increase your chances of getting hired compared to having a local degree. Based on a study about the effects of traveling abroad on college students by Erasmus Student Network, up to 64% employers noted that an overseas experience is a vital component in recruitment. Additionally, your international experience gives an impression that you have a strong global network, and are confident at taking risks and facing new challenges.


Study With Peers From All Over The World 

Exploring new environments in a different country feels amazing. However, it can be better  with friends! Your housemates and course mates will most likely be your temporary family when you study abroad. 

Have multiracial friends as you study overseas. Image source: Pexels

I’ve lived with an Indonesian roommate during my college days. The amount of fun we’ve had together was endless. From shopping to going on backpacking trips, the time we spent together bonded us. Now, she’s like a sister to me, despite being thousands of miles apart! 

The point is: having international friends simply makes everything better. 

As you meet new people from different parts of the world, you will learn about their background and culture. You might even be able to pick up a new language or two from them! Friends from your host country will introduce you to the lesser-known tourist attractions, making your stay abroad even more exciting! 


Ideal Destinations To Study Abroad 

If you plan to study abroad but couldn’t decide on a destination, here are some places that offer quality overseas degrees: 

1) United Kingdom (UK) 

The UK is not all about fish and chips or the iconic Big Ben, seriously. British universities are renowned for their high standards and extremely competitive admissions by local and international students alike. With more than 100 higher education institutions that offer numerous undergraduate and post-graduate programs, the UK is one of the best destinations for a quality overseas degree.

Study in the UK surrounded by beautiful architecture. Image source: Pexels

UK universities are also well-known for their impressive architecture, such as the University of Cambridge, University of Aberdeen, Oxford University, and Aberystwyth University, to name a few. Studying in Romanesque-style stone buildings surrounded with grassy knolls and lush trees certainly makes your student experience a memorable one. 

Check out this student’s experience of studying in the UK here. 


2) Switzerland 

Known globally for its Tourism and Hospitality Management courses, Switzerland has so much to offer. 

First of all, forget your assumptions about the expensive living costs of Switzerland. This student came from a middle-class family, and she could study there while keeping up with her yearly travel plans in Switzerland and other parts of Europe! You can read about her story here.

Study in the clean and safe Switzerland. Image source: Pexels

Swiss towns and cities are international student-friendly. You can easily find another foreign student around the corner! Switzerland is very clean and safe with extremely low crime rates, which is why the country is a popular choice among international students.

3) Canada 

The kindness of Canadians isn’t just a rumour. As one of the best places to live in the world, international students can easily make Canada their second home. Canadians are generous and welcoming of people from different parts of the world, so they’ll be more than happy to see you too!

Study in Canada for a wholesome student experience. Image source: Pexels

Canada is an ideal place for international higher education as it values the importance of education among its students.  

In fact, more than half of the Canadian population owns a degree! Their education system is unique yet effective. Canadian higher education institutions are among the pioneers that broke away from traditional grading systems.  

Instead, they highly encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities that involve the community. This creates a holistic education that allows students to absorb knowledge while gaining valuable skills and applying them in daily life. 


4) Malaysia 

Looking for an affordable degree in Asia? Look no further. Malaysia offers an array of high-quality degrees to international students seeking to experience a multiracial environment. About 50 – 60% of Malaysians are fluent English speakers, making it easier for international students to adapt to Malaysian lifestyle.

Study in Malaysia and experience the multicultural environment. Image source: Pexels

You can also study for an overseas degree in Malaysia.  

Educational institutions in Malaysia are known for their international partnerships with the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. Getting your overseas degree in Malaysia could save you a lot of money, which you can use to travel around Malaysia during semester breaks!  

There are tonnes of tourist attractions for you to discover, from scenic beaches to impressive caves and mountains. Besides, the year-round tropical climate means you don’t need your bulky winter jacket! 


How To Study Abroad? 

Before you experience the pleasures of studying abroad, you first need to go through the application process. 

First of all, decide what and where you want to study. Make sure to do your research before you come to a decision, as studying abroad is a big commitment that involves time and a large sum of moneyTo begin with, we recommend you to choose a course that suits your personalityIt is best to have a few options as your plan B in the events of the university rejecting your application, which can happen if you’re not prepared. 

Next, you should find out about the entry requirements of your desired universities. Do keep in mind that some places require a language certificate. Most universities require a personal statement to evaluate your application, so put in effort to write an impressive one! 

Your Student Visa takes some time for application and approval, so it is best to prepare and submit your documents early to avoid delays. Some of the documents you need are a copy of your passport, health declaration form, proof of enrolment, a statement of purpose, financial proof, and a language certificate (if required). 

We understand that it is a tedious process, so we’re offering to help you, with absolutely no charges! 


Your New Adventure Can Come True With Eduloco 

We are a team of passionate people from different parts of the world seeking to help you achieve your higher education goals. At Eduloco, we provide consultations to help students decide on their course and university. Our counsellors are trained professionals equipped with the latest updates of the education systems around the world. 

Trust us when we say you’re in good hands. 

We can guide you to choose your course while considering your budget, preferences, and personal interests to ensure you receive what you deserve. We also help you with university and Visa applications for free Just send us your documents and wait for the good news!  

Kickstart your journey with Eduloco today! You can book a virtual consultation with us, or contact us at +011-2069 and we’ll get back to you soon! 

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Jocelyn Cheng

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