Eduloco Glossary

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There are currently 15 terms in this directory beginning with the letter T.

Target Market
A specific group of customers that you want to sell your product or service to.

Tax Accountant
Responsible for preparing the financial reports and income statements of a company.

Seafood or vegetables that are coated with a light batter and deep-fried.

A boneless cut of meat from the loin, usually the most expensive and tender cut.

A patio that extends into the outdoors of a building. Can be on a flat roof or an open area outside.

Ticket Time Limit
The time limit that is given to purchase a ticket to avoid last-minute cancellations or expiry.

Tile Inset
A piece of ceramic tile inserted into the floor.

Tracking Link
An URL used to determine where a business is getting their traffic from.

A record of all the subjects a student has studied alongside with the grades they scored.

Transfer Credit
The recognition of academic credits that allows a student to maintain their credit for subjects they have studied at a different institution.

Travel Agent
A person who arranges travel plans for individuals or groups.

Travel Association
Travel communities in the industry that exist to help small travel businesses thrive through collaboration and partnership.

A framework consisting of wooden beams and metal rods to support a structure, such as a bridge or roof.

The overall fees charged for learning at a college or university.

A small tower located on top of a larger tower.

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