Eduloco Glossary

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There are currently 19 terms in this directory beginning with the letter R.

Radar Engineer
A professional that specializes in designing, enhancing, or testing radar systems for the use of military, commercial, or scientific use.

Radio Announcer
Responsible for creating and announcing topics of interest over the radio, such as news, political commentary, interviews, and entertainment.

Radio Station Manager
Responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of a radio station, which includes the administrative, technical, programs, and sales of a station.

A beam that forms the internal framework of a roof.

The design of a sleeve where the fabric continues to the neck with no seam in between. Used for basketball T-shirts and sporty attire.

RAM (Random Access Memory)
RAM is a form of the computer’s memory that stores short-term data so it can be accessed quickly.

Read Only Memory
A type of memory that provides permanent storage for data.

Ready to Wear
Garments that are produced in standard sizes. It is not custom-made and thus is regarded as general clothing made by every design firms and brands.

A tactic to re-connect with people who previously interacted with your website or mobile app.

Where signs of a disease disappear.

Remote Learning
A learning approach where the student and lecturer are separated by time and distance and thus unable to meet physically. Instruction is dispersed through technology tools such as video meet, discussion forums, and virtual assessments.

The portrayal of certain types of people or communities through media.

Respiratory Therapist
A healthcare provider who helps patients who have trouble breathing. They diagnose lung disorders, perform breathing tests, and determine the appropriate therapy.

A written compilation of an applicant's work experience, accomplishments, and credentials in order to apply for a job.

Return of Investment (ROI)
A KPI that measures the profit garnered from a marketing investment to determine its effectiveness.

The art of writing and speaking effectively to persuade people to take specific action.

An Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with meat, fish, and vegetables until it reaches a creamy consistency.

To cook food in an oven using dry heat.

Roof Ridge
The intersection where two highest points of roof slopes meet.

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