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There are currently 57 terms in this directory beginning with the letter B.

Bachelor's Degree
An undergraduate degree offered by a college or university upon successful completion of study, which usually takes up to 4 years.

A long, thin loaf of bread.

Balance Sheet
A financial statement that reports on all the company’s assets, liabilities, and equity at specific moments of time. It is used to evaluate companies’ financial health and worth.

A series of small posts that supports the handrail.

A row of balusters to support a railing.

A measurement of the amount of data that is transmitted over a network. The higher the network’s bandwidth, the more volume of data can be transmitted.

Base Fee
A monthly fee agreed by the hotel management to be earned by the hotel operator.

To moisten food during cooking to prevent the food from drying out.

A mixture of flour and liquid that is used to bake cakes, breads, pancakes, and other desserts.

A space between two architectural structures, such as pillars, columns, or piers.

To mix an ingredient thoroughly until it is smooth and blended.

Bed and Breakfast Inn
An independently owned inn that usually includes breakfast in the room rate and has 20 rooms or less.

Bed Tax
A tax charged to travelers who stay overnight in a hotel.

Below The Line
Free promotional items sent to the customer, such as printed brochures and direct mail.

A condition where the tumor growth is not cancerous.

An abbreviation of Banquet Event Order.

Best Available Rate (BAR)
A pricing system used by hotels to define a rate based on the demand and availability of a room.

Beta Test
A period where a product or service is available to the public for testing before launching it.

Bias Cut
A piece of fabric that is cut diagonally to create a flattering shape.

Binary File
A file with an extension like “.com” or “exe.”

A branch of science that studies chemical processes within and related to living organisms.

Biological Engineering
A field of study that applies engineering principles to analyze biological systems and develop solutions for biology, medicine, and healthcare.

The study of the function, structure and motion of biological systems that are derived from mechanics.

Biomedical Engineering
The application of biology and engineering principles to solve problems in healthcare and improve the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery on all levels.

A branch in biology that applies the theories and methods of physics to understand how biological systems work.

A sample of tissue that is taken for testing.

A field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and biological system to develop and make products.

To briefly cook a fruit or vegetable in hot, boiling water.

Refers to immature cell development.

Blended Learning
A form of education where students learn through a mix of online classes and in-person teaching.

Refers to businessmen who combine their business purposes with leisure travel.

Blockchain Developer
A software developer who is responsible for creating secure blockchain systems to record and store blockchain data so it is safe from risks and hacks.

Blue Ocean Strategy
The state of a market where there is little to no competition for a new business to take place.

Known as Body Mass Index. Used to measure body fat in height and weight.

Boardroom Setup
A room setup that seats executives at a long table with the CEO at the head of the table.

Book Value
Refers to the original cost of an asset after subtracting the accumulated depreciation.

A method of accounting that involves keeping records of a business' financial transactions.

To fund a company's operations through personal finances or profit gained only.

Bounce Rate
Represents a percentage of visitors who land on your website and leave without clicking on anything else.

Hotels of homestays that are historically branded as having a unique style and design.

Box Crib
A temporary wooden structure used to support heavier objects during construction.

A design that is square in shape to create a boxy effect.

An abbreviation for blood pressure.

An architectural element that hangs from a wall to provide decorative or structural support.

To cook by browning the food in oil, then gently simmering it over low heat in a pan until it is soft and tender.

Brand Identity
The personality and characteristics of a brand that makes its brand message and aesthetic that is presented to customers.

Breakout Rooms
Smaller rooms connected to the ballroom that can be used by smaller groups.

To cook food over high heat to brown food.

Building Engineer
A professional who provides advice on maintenance, installation, and design on the construction of buildings.

Business Consultant
A person who offers advice to organizations to help them improve their productiveness and efficiency. They also analyze existing practices for weaknesses and create solutions to help the company achieve its goal.

Business Development Executive
The person who is responsible for driving company sales by sourcing new customers, creating new business opportunities, and building a network of prospective clients.

Business Management
A field of study in Business that is related to the management and organizing of people to accomplish a company's goals.

Business School
A graduate institution that offers various study of Business qualifications, such as Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration

Business Travel
Travel for business, commercial or educational purposes with leisure as a secondary motivation.

Business-to-Business (B2B)
A term used to describe companies that sell to other companies.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
A term used to describe companies that sell to consumers.

Buyer Persona
A description of a fictional person who represents your target audience. This persona usually includes demographic details, interests, purchasing power, and behavioral traits.

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