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There are currently 29 terms in this directory beginning with the letter G.

A piece of fabric that is worn over shoes and extends to the knees or ankles.

A porch that connects two interior rooms together.

A filling made from chocolate and cream, that is used to make confections or pastries.

Garde Manager
A chef that is in charge of preparing cold food, such as salads, chilled vegetables, cold desserts, and more.

Relating to the stomach.

A person who decides what information to share with the audience and what to leave out.

When someone takes information that is already published and shares it for others to see.

Gateway City
A major airport and bus center that travelers and visitors enter through from outside the country.

A cold soup made from vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and onions.

They study the structure and components of the earth, including, rocks, surfaces, minerals, oil and water.

A type of wooden ornament in the form of frills and contrasting colors. It was popularly used with American folk houses.

Global Distribution System (GDS)
Centralized reservation systems used by companies and travel agents to book travel-related services, such as hotel rooms, airport transport, and car rental.

Government Planner
An event planner who manages events for government functions within the city, state, or local level.

A grade point average, which is a student's average result of their total grades.

Graduate School
A higher education institution that awards postgraduate degrees.

Graphic Designer
A professional that creates designs and assembles graphics to produce visual content.

To create tiny pieces of food like cheese or vegetables.

To coat the interior of a pan with oil or butter to prevent food from sticking.

The act of claiming a product is environmentally friendly for marketing and sales purposes.

A cooking technique where foods are cooked by a heat source under the food.

Ventilation panels placed for protection or decorative purposes.

Gross Operating Profit
The result of a hotel's gross operating profit after subtracting the expenses.

Gross Operating Revenue
The total of a hotel's operating revenue.

Gross Profit
Calculated as the total sales after subtracting the costs and expenses of the sales.

Group Demand
A group business that is predicted to happen on a specific date.

Group Independant Travel (GIT)
Group travel where individuals purchase a group travel package with a customized itinerary.

Group Rate
A rate offered to groups to secure several rooms for an event.

Growth Hacking
A marketing strategy primarily focused on growing the company as much as possible while spending as little as possible.

A physician who specializes in treating diseases and care for the health of female reproductive organs.

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