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There are currently 70 terms in this directory beginning with the letter C.

Cabaret Setup
A room set with cocktails, table, chairs, and a stage.

Call-to-action (CTA)
A button, text, image, or link that encourages a website visitor to take an action that will convert them to leads. Such examples are “Subscribe Today” or “Download Now!”

Cap Sleeves
A short sleeve that extends from the shoulder.

The overall wealth of a business based on its investments, assets, and accounts. It can range from physical goods, buildings, equipment, or property.

Capital Expenditure
Refers to money spent on a business to maintain fixed assets such as land, property, and equipment.

Capital Markets
A market where institutions and individuals trade financial securities to raise funds.

Capitalization Rate
A way for hotels to compare potential returns on real estate investments.

Capsule Collection
A collection of several garments that can be mixed and matched as different outfits to wear.

The process of browning sugar with heat that results in a nutty flavour and brown colour.

An activity or condition related to the heart.

Casement Window
A window that is attached to its frame by hinges on one side and swings open either inward or outward of the building.

Cash Flow
The amount of cash that flows through the business and allows it to operate.

A round dish with two handles that is used to cook food in an oven.

Catering Sales Manager
A hotel representative who handles food and beverage requests for a large group.

Tissue beneath the skin that is inflamed or infected.

Control over the content of a media platform.

A cottage or small cabin originally found in the Swiss Alps, but is now used worldwide for holiday purposes.

A process of preparing cold meats such as pork, ham, sausages, and other meat products.

Charter Group
A group travel where a previously organized group travelled together on a custom itinerary.

A compound related to chemistry, from an interaction of substances.

A V-shaped pattern used for decorative purposes.

A health care provider who works with patients related to the nerves, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. They evaluate the patient's condition, provide spinal adjustments, and advise patients on lifestyle changes.

Signifies a condition that persists over time like heart disease and severe back pain.

The rate where a business loses customers and has to work to get new ones.

Citizen Journalist
A person who is not paid for their services but delivers news to the audience regardless.

Civil Engineer
An engineer who designs and constructs public structures such as roads, bridges, airports, buildings, railways, and other general structures that are widely used by the community.

Classical Architecture
A type of architecture modelled after the buildings of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Work that is done in class by students in school, college, or university.

Clickthrough Rate
The percentage of an audience that clicks on one part of the website to advance to the next step of the marketing campaign.

A program that is connected to a server and requests information from it. Example: google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Client-server technology
A connection between computers in a network where the information of one computer (server) is requested by the client.

Cloud Computing
The delivery of computing services on the Internet such as storage, networks, software, analytics, and servers.

Collaborative Television
A media episode where the producers work with the audience to enhance or alter content, as well as deciding the outcomes of reality shows or competitions.

An asset that is pledged by the borrower to the lender as security for a loan.

A series of columns that supports the base of a roof structure.

A vertical structure that acts as a supporting pillar to the roof or a beam.

A percentage of the product or service cost that is paid to travel agents for selling to the customer.

The exchange of information, ideas and meaning to an audience through shared images, text, sound, and video.

Community College
A public institution that offers vocational degrees for students to directly enter the workforce.

Community Service
An unpaid service or volunteer work performed by people to give back to the community.

Computer Scientist
A person who is responsible for creating, designing, and implementing new hardware and software to create technological breakthroughs and fix issues in the field.

The people who receive and interpret media content.

Content Management System
A software that allows users to create and manage content such as Blogspot, Wix, and WordPress.

Content Marketing
A strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating high-quality content to attract and engage a target audience.

Convention Centre
A property that has a minimum of 300 rooms and meeting room facilities.

Convention Services Manager
A hotel employee who oversees the event operations.

Conversion Rate
A percentage of people who has completed a desired action on the webpage, such as filling out a form or subscribing to a newsletter.

A small piece of information that pops up throughout your browsing session that is used to identify you.

A course that must be taken during the same term as another course as the content in both classes complement each other.

An ornamental molding with classical decorative around the ceiling of the room.

Corporate Rate
A special discounted rate for guests who are staying for business purposes under a negotiation.

The average cost for 1,000 impressions.

The amount it costs the marketing campaign to acquire a lead.

The average cost per result from your ads.

A class offered on a particular subject.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation. A technique to save a life also known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

A central processing unit that is part of a computer to oversee all operations.

Crescent-Round Setup
A room setup where the seats are arranged so that all the attendees are facing the speaker.

Cross Season Pricing
Refers to the change of pricing that comes with the change of season according to demand.

An X-shaped structural component that is used to improve the endurance of a structure and prevent it from collapsing.

A cascading style sheet that is used to create styles for a web page's design, layout and features.

Culinary Tourism
A type of tourism where tourists experience the food and beverage of a region, as well as the production techniques.

Cultivation Theory
A mass communication theory that states people who are exposed to media for a long time are more likely to perceive the real world through stories told by the media.

Cultural Norms
Shared beliefs and values about how things should be by members of a group.

Cultural Tourism
A type of tourism that showcases a cultural or heritage event in a specific destination.

A small, rounded dome that is located on the top of the building.

A standard program of study for students to learn in school or college.

Customer Relationship Management
A software that allows businesses to compile their customer information and leads to nurture relationships with them. Examples of these tools are Salesforce and Freshworks.

Cut-Off Date
The date where all guest rooms in a block will be released to the public.

Cybersecurity Specialist
A professional who is in charge of providing security to a software system, network, and data center. They search for risks and vulnerabilities in the software and hardware and fix issues to prevent them from being exploited by malicious attacks.

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