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There are currently 26 terms in this directory beginning with the letter F.

The exterior wall of a building.

A temporary structure that is used to support and hold a structure during construction or repairs.

Familiarization Tours
Tours provided to travel agents and agencies to provide more information about a product.

Fine flour made from cereal grains.

Feeder Airport
A distant airport or city that is used to direct travelers to the gateway of city hubs.

Refers to women having equal rights as men.

Fenced Rate
A reservation that offers certain benefits to customers under some terms and conditions.

A form of design work used to make jewelry with fine wire and tiny beads.

To cut the bones from a piece of meat or fish.

An effect used on social media as a way to edit or enhance photos.

Finance Manager
A professional who organizes and manages the company's financial health and reports.

A method to prevent unauthorized access to and from a network.

First-Tier City
A major city that attracts a large amount of business due to its high development, such as in-bound flights, public transportation and entertainment.

To drizzle a flammable spirit over a dish just before serving.

Flash Drive
A small device that can be plugged into the computer's USB port and functions as a portable hard drive.

Flash Memory
A type of memory that can retain information even after power is turned off, often used in memory cards and flash drives.

Floor Plan
The arrangement of rooms in a building laid out in paper.

Fluted Hem
A hem on a skirt that is slim along the waist and flares out to a ruffled hem at the end.

The guest's hotel bill which includes all charges and payments made.

An icing that is used to decorate cakes or pastries.

The construction of a temporary structure into a permanent one where concrete is poured for it to settle into the desired structure.

Free Independant Travel (FIT)
Individual travel where a traveler moves around by themselves and not in a group.

Copyrighted software that is available to use for personal usage, but requires you to register and pay to the author if you want to use it for commercial use.

Front-end Developer
A programmer that creates code for the front-end development of a website.

Full Service Hotel
Hotels that have a restaurant, lounge facilities, and a meeting room with bell service and room service.

A sales journey that your customer goes on before taking the desired action to purchase your product or service. It consists of these steps: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Loyalty, and Advocacy.

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