Eduloco Glossary

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There are currently 31 terms in this directory beginning with the letter H.

A hotel rate that includes a bed, breakfast, and the choice of lunch or dinner.

Ingredients that have been finely chopped for preparation.

A hashtag used on social media to locate specific content or as a feature to increase engagement.

Haute Couture
Customized and expensive clothes produced by leading fashion design houses for exclusive clients, such as celebrities.

Head In Beds
An industry term that refers to increasing the number of overnight stays in an accommodation or private destination.

Help Desk
A resource and information center that assists in computer problems or troubleshoot issues.

The vomiting of blood.

Relating to the blood inside your body.

The study of blood conditions, disorders, and preventive measures to treat it.

Refers to the bottom lower part of a garment.

Relating to the liver.

Heritage Sites
Refers to UNESCO heritage sites that have cultural or historical significance.

A V-shaped pattern that slopes down to resemble the skeleton of a herring fish. Often used to make tweed jackets and wool outerwear.

Hold Period
The time period that an investor owns a hotel.

A sauce made from an emulsion of egg yolk, melted butter, and lemon juice.

Hollow Circle Setup
A circular room arrangement where all the tables and chairs face one another.

Hollow Square Setup
A rectangular room arrangement where all the tables and chairs face one another.

Home Page
The main page of a web page you access when you first visit a website.

A French word that means 'out of work' and refers to the appetizer dish.

A computer accessed by a user at a specific location.

Hotel Manager
A manager responsible for the operation and management of the hotel, resort, or other establishments for lodging.

House Count
The total number of guests occupying the hotel.

House Manager
The manager that is responsible for an individual hotel, ranking below a General Manager.

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
The standard markup language used for creating Web pages. It uses tags to define the layout and elements within the page.

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol)
A protocol which allows the interactions of commands and resources such as HTML documents.

An airport or city that serves as the connecting point for trains or buses from gateway cities.

Human Resources Executive
A professional that manages all the human resources tasks for a company, which includes hiring staff, managing employees, and ensuring employee satisfaction.

An academic course focused on human life, such as history, philosophy, arts, languages, and culture.

Hybrid Bonds
A financially security that combines two or more financial instruments, usually equity and debt.

A link that connects a piece of information to another piece of information, usually through a web page or site.

A condition with high blood pressure.

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