Eduloco Glossary

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There are currently 14 terms in this directory beginning with the letter W.

When travelers who wish to save costs buy 'waitlisted' tickets and are placed on a waiting list.

WAN (Wide Area Network)
A large data network that is used for connecting computers over a wide area such as cities, states, or countries.

Warehouse Supervisor
Responsible for maintaining inventory, supplies, and storing, receiving, and delivering products at top quality.

Web Designer
Responsible for creating and coding the design, layout, and features of a website or web page.

Website Traffic
A measurement of the number of visits that a website receives.

Welt Pocket
A set of pockets that has a slit entrance.

To beat food with a whisk or mixer to add volume.

A form of content that consists of research and in-depth knowledge about a particular topic.

Wildlife Biologists
Responsible for studying the behavior of wildlife and plants in their natural habitat. Usually done through fieldwork.

Window Sash
A window frame with moveable panels.

Wine Tourism
A type of tourism that involves experiences of exploring, consuming, and purchasing wine.

WLAN (Wide Area Local Network)
A wireless computer network that allows devices to connect and communicate wirelessly.

Wooden Clapbords
Long wooden blocks that overlap one another and are nailed to a building's exterior horizontally.

Wooden Shingles
Thin pieces of wood that are used to cover roofs and building walls to protect them from the weather.

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