Why You Should Study A Course That Suits Your Personality Type

What do you want for your career?

Do you want to study a course that fits with your ambition, or pursue something that will make lots of money?


You can earn a five-figure salary, but feel unhappy with the work conditions. You can have a skill set that people envy, but feel miserable when you can’t socialize well with others. You can climb up the corporate ladder, but hate the burden that comes with it.

To choose the right career, you must first choose a  major that suits your personality. The key to making the right choice is understanding yourself.

Why is personality important?

Learning about yourself is more than just about knowing your preferences. As you dive deep into your personality, you will be able to work on your weaknesses to become a better version of yourself. Besides, you’ll be able to grab the right opportunities for your studies and career. Here’s why your personality counts:

Study a course related to your passion. Image source: Pexels

1. You know your strengths and weaknesses well

Studying a course that fits your skills and interests matters more than an expensive qualification as it requires strong motivation and passion. Understanding your personality will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses, leading you to choosing the right major.

You’ll be able to focus on self-improvement by equipping yourself with the necessary skills to excel in the course that you like. Students who understand their limits well are able to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

Study a course that will lead you to make the right friends. Image source: Pexels

2. You fit in well with like-minded people

Individuals with similar interests and personality types tend to connect well. In university, it is important to establish a strong relationship with your peers. By knowing your personality well, you can study a course that you’re most comfortable with, as well as meet like-minded people who can bond well with you.

If you’re naturally introverted and prefer working alone or in small groups, you should pursue a college degree that fits into that criteria. You will meet people who understand and respect your need for space when you want to work independently. If you’re extroverted, you would want to study a course that allows you to be openly expressive and to have the same type of people to join in the fun.

Study a course that brings you greater job fulfilment. Image source: Pexels

4. Higher job satisfaction

A happy worker is a valued worker. Your career choice affects your productivity at work as well as the chemistry with your colleagues. Thus, you should look for companies that have similar values to ensure that you feel comfortable at work.

If you’re working in the right place with tasks that fit your skills and personality, you will feel a higher commitment to your role. This will motivate you to perform better which in turn boosts your confidence at work. Your employer will also appreciate your efforts and positive attitude at work, giving you a long-term high job satisfaction!

5. Study a course that matches your personality

University students that study the right course tend to bring greater success into their lives.

Your personality plays a huge role in many aspects of your education and career, such as gaining better grades, pursuing your degree with consistent motivation, and feeling satisfied with your job. According to John L. Holland, an American psychologist, there are six main types of personalities that can help students determine an ideal education pathway:

1) Artistic

Repetitive routines are mundane to artistic individuals. They perform well in music, theatre, writing, dance, drawing, and other elements in the arts. They are often independent workers with great original ideas.

Suggested course:

2) Conventional

A conventional person strictly follows plans and tasks. They work well in an organized environment and are good with machines, numbers, statistics, and record-keeping.

Suggested course:

3) Enterprising

You usually find managers, leaders, and salespeople with this trait. They are energetic opportunists who often seek a greater change to their current environment.

Suggested course:

4) Investigative

Although persuasion is not their greatest strength, they are terrific at mathematics and science. They enjoy working on intellectual tasks that involve research and analysis.

Suggested course:

5) Realistic

Unlike artistic people who love coming up with ideas in their minds, realistic individuals prefer to work on things that they can see and touch, such as machines, animals, and even plants.

Suggested course:

6) Social

Social people gain satisfaction from solving community problems and connecting with others. They prefer working directly with people rather than using tools and machines.

Suggested course:

It is perfectly normal for you to have a mix of personalities with a dominant trait. Whichever combination you are, once you know what interests you most and where your passion lies, you will find a course that best suits your personality.

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