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Introduction to Event Management

Feel the thrill of conducting unrehearsed live events through event management!  

In this dynamic sector, it is vital to provide a smooth flow for each event. Planning and executing large-scale events like concerts, conferences, sports events, and fashion shows require long working hours and perseverance. 

Many things need to be considered when delivering a successful event: venues, sponsors, vendors, logistics, decorations, budget, permits, safety and security, and the list goes on. As part of the event management team, it is your responsibility to monitor administrative details of events which includes liaising with the staff, media crew and VIP representatives. 

Event management is not an easy feat, but the turnaround of an event can be rewarding and it adds value to your experience and skills development. 

If you are up for a challenge, read on to discover fields of event management that you can choose from. 

Fields of Event Management

There are eight fields of Event Management that you can choose from as your major. You can pick from these specializations: 

Festivals and Concerts 

Who doesn’t love meeting the hottest celebs? Here’s your chance to work with local and international artists by managing star-studded events like festivals and concerts. In these events, the size of concert halls and stadiums is vital. Thousands of fans will storm into the venue, so keep in mind the location size and logistics is important when it comes to managing festivals and concerts. 

Fashion Events 

Time to let your creativity shine! You may be required to coordinate decorations to the theme of the fashion show. Fashion events can also be very expensive, thus professionals in this field must have a clear objective and good budget management skills in each project. 

Charity Events 

Contribute your blood and sweat to a good cause by raising funds through charity events. You will liaise with a nonprofit organization to create events and raise awareness for their cause. When there are charity events involving VIPs with tight schedules, time management and organizing skills are important to ensure that there are no hiccups along the way. As nonprofit organizations can only afford smaller budgets, it is your responsibility to think of cost-effective ways to deliver their event. 


Weddings can be meticulous when it comes to venue selection, catering, seating, decorations, and coordination. It is beneficial if you establish a good relationship with wedding studios and video production houses to make it easier to strike a good deal for your clients. You will be a part of the most beautiful day for the bride and groom, so everything must be taken into consideration to ensure an unforgettable wedding for everyone involved.  


It is both exciting and pressuring to conduct exhibitions. You will have opportunities to coordinate huge events like Comic Con and Comic Fiesta! In huge events, there are safety and security issues to be considered. You must always be prepared to brainstorm and come up with immediate actions to deal with a crisis. 

Sports Events 

Olympics, badminton tournaments, football matches. They all have one thing in common: sponsors. From T-shirts to beverages, supplies and sponsors contribute a lot to sports events. You should be in good terms with a few trustworthy sponsors and suppliers to ease the negotiation of contracts and costs. 

Roadshows and Conferences 

When there are TED talks, car roadshows and education conventions, you will deal with speakers, VIPs and notable organizations that have a packed schedule. You should be able to multitask and coordinate timelines, schedules and activities with the different teams involved in the event. 

Product Launches 

Popular event locations are usually tough to get by. In a product launch, companies prefer places with large crowds to encourage engagement with the public. The event management team must be quick to finalize bookings, caterers and special guests. Decorations and display spaces are also vital to showcase product highlights. 

What are the skills needed?

Time Management 

You are punctual and organised. You are able to manage your time wisely despite a tight schedule while keeping your cool. 

Forward Thinking 

Ideas and plannings come easy to you. You are skilled at interpreting and transforming ideas into reality while keeping all factors into consideration. 

Interpersonal Skills 

You can’t just say ‘No’ when you are rejecting your client’s idea. Treat them professionally when you reject an idea and always suggest solutions. You should always maintain a good relationship with your clients.

How long will I study this program?

The study duration could vary from one institute to another. However, as a general estimate, we have compiled a general estimate of the duration according to the study levels and qualifications. 

  • Foundation/Diploma: 1 – 2 Years 
  • Degree: 3 Years 
  • Master’s: 1 – 2 Years 

What are the entry requirements for this qualification?

  • STPM: Minimum 2 Cs (with a Pass in History & Bahasa Malaysia) 
  • A-Levels: Minimum 2 passes in relevant subjects 
  • SAM: ATAR score of at least 50% 
  • CPU: Minimum average of 50% 
  • UEC: 5 Bs 

What are the job opportunities?

  • Conference Planner
  • Exhibition Coordinator
  • Event Operations Manager
  • Hotel Catering Sales Manager
  • Festival Coordinator
  • Tourism Promotion Manager
  • Tournament Director

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