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Introduction to Public Relations

Does Public Relations call out to you?

In Malaysia, Public Relations (PR) plays a vital role in establishing a strong relationship between two parties by executing strategic communication plans. If public speaking and networking comes easy to you, plus staying updated with the latest news and trends, you’ll enjoy working in PR.

Public Relations is an exciting industry with high media exposure. There will be plenty of events and meetings where you will get to meet and conduct interviews with the media. If you’re lucky, you might land an interview with local public figures as well!

You’ll be constantly learning throughout your career because the strategies and methods of crisis management differ for each project. PR offers an exciting career path for those who enjoy the adrenaline rush of a fast-paced industry.

Fields of Public Relations

There are six fields of Public Relations (PR) that you can choose from as your major. You can pick from these specializations:

Corporate Communications

It is advantageous to have strong networking and persuasion skills in corporate communications. In this field, companies rely on PR to engage with the community to enhance their reputation. As large corporates usually receive a lot of pressure regarding their ethics, charity involvement and environmental responsibility, it is the responsibility of a PR officer to suggest a plan that can improve the company’s image in the eyes of the community.

Nonprofit Public Relations

The public relations department is often approached by nonprofit organizations for sponsorship opportunities in lieu with their community service initiative. The PR companies assist these organizations to increase awareness and educate the public about their ongoing donations and volunteer work through traditional and online methods, such as magazines, newsletters, and crowdfunding links. These would then help generate more donations and volunteers as their messages appear on more platforms.

Crisis Management

In a sticky situation, things can quickly spin out of hand. In Public Relations, Crisis Management is important to help a company recover from minor and major issues. Faulty products, oil spills and corporate investigations can ruin a company’s reputation if the problems are not dealt with quickly. The crisis management team must have knowledgeable and quick thinkers to respond with the media in a way that does not place the company’s reputation at risk.

Social Media

TikTok can be fun to use for many youngsters but poses a nuisance to other people. For PR companies, however, TikTok and other social media platforms are a blank canvas for campaigns. It is also a cost-effective way to get brand messages across. All you need to do is to post a content on a social media page and the public does the rest of the sharing for you, for free!

Media Relations 

As the name implies, this field is everything media-related. From press conferences to interviews, the main goal is to provide positive coverage for a brand. A compelling story is necessary to convince the crowd to pay attention to what you are selling. This is where witty taglines, quality content and impactful press releases come in handy.


An effective PR strategy is vital to ensure a successful campaign. Many brands seek the help of PR agencies because Public Relations is a very effective tool to communicate to the public. Venture into marketing as you utilise your PR skills to raise brand awareness for a company’s products and services.

What are the skills needed?


Have a knack in persuading your peers? Put that skill to good use in Public Relations and have all eyes on you as you deliver messages that will impact a large audience. Being persuasive is to be convincing and confident, so make sure you have those too!

Good Presentation Skills

While persuading and convincing others can be intimidating at first, the result can be rewarding if your presentation is delivered well. The first thing you have to do is grab your audience’s attention. Remember to include the right content and materials in your presentation to showcase the best side of your clients!


A lot can go on in a single project. A messy plan is the last thing you need. To work in Public Relations, you must have good organizational skills by planning effectively while having a clear insight into your project.

How long will I study this program?

The study duration could vary from one institute to another. However, as a general estimate, we have compiled a general estimate of the duration according to the study levels and qualifications.

  • Foundation/Diploma: 1 – 2.5 Years
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 3 Years
  • Master’s: 1 – 2 Years

What are the entry requirements for this qualification?

  • STPM: CGPA 2.00 in three 3 subjects or equivalent
  • A-Levels: 2 principal passes or equivalent
  • SAM: Tertiary Entrance Rank of 70, Grade B in 2 of the relevant subjects
  • CPU: Average of 70% in 6 of the relevant subjects
  • UEC: Grade B in at least five (5) subjects

What are the job opportunities?

  • Content Creator
  • PR Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Publicist
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Copywriter
  • Artist Manager
  • Account Manager

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