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Introduction to Tourism Management

If you are a globe-trotter, Tourism Management is just for you! Explore the world of tourism through this course as you learn to manage industry-related fields ranging from food to recreation. The flexibility and diversity of Tourism Management opens plenty of doors for you to learn and have fun along the way. 

Progress into the industry and be rewarded with great career opportunities in the most exotic locations within the country as well as out of Malaysia. Through internship programs, you will also be able to gain new friends from different cultural backgrounds. Subjects like History, Culture and Heritage, and Tourism Geography help you greatly in understanding and respecting the cultures and traditions of other countries. 

As you dive deeper into the Tourism Management field, you will also expand your job prospects by mastering tips and tricks of other components crucial to the industry, namely business management, finance, marketing, and communication.  

Let the adventure begin! 

Fields of Tourism Management

There are five fields of Tourism Management that you can choose from as your major. You can pick from these specializations: 

Accommodation Management 

Hotels, resorts, bed-and-breakfasts, homestays, guest houses, and many other accommodations fall under this category. As one of the main elements in Tourism Management, it is beneficial for you to learn how to effectively and efficiently manage lodging enterprises. You are highly encouraged to have your internship at resorts and hotels to train your leadership and management skills. 

Tour and Travel Management 
To excel in tour and travel management, you must equip yourself with leadership and people skills as well as adequate knowledge in travel locations and group activities.  One of the best ways to enhance your abilities is by tour guiding, where you get to meet people face-to-face and guide them towards an unforgettable travel experience. 

Meetings and Event Management 
In this field, you will be responsible to manage large-scale events, like weddings, festivals, concerts, conventions, and many more. You must be skilled in dealing with logistics, staff, last-minute changes, and monitoring the overall event. Time and resources are paramount in this fast-paced field, so it is best for you to be detail-oriented and organized. 

Food and Beverage Management 
This mouth-watering field allows you to experience the challenges of the food and beverage (F&B) industry and the wonders that come with it. Learn to operate in restaurants, hotels, and resorts as part of the F&B team while gaining business skills as you manage budgets, orders, planning, and inventory. If you prefer a hands-on occupation in this section, you can also train in culinary arts to be the next Gordon Ramsay! 

Relaxation Industry 

Besides thrill seekers, there are also tourists looking for a relaxing retreat through invigorating activities that they don’t usually get in the city. Nothing beats healthy scrumptious food, massage and spa after a long day. 

What are the skills needed?

Adventure Seeker 

You enjoy the thrill of adventure and will say ‘Yes’ to any opportunity to travel. The tourism industry offers great job opportunities around the globe for people filled with wanderlust passion like you.  

People Skills 

People around you love listening to your adventures as much as you enjoy sharing them. You just need to brush up your communication and customer service skills to ensure that your clients are satisfied with their experience. 


Equip yourself with vast knowledge of the hottest travel spots, cultures, and fun activities of different countries. Your clients are travelling to have a good time and you play a huge role to ensure that they do. 

How long will I study this program?

The study duration could vary from one institute to another. However, as a general estimate, we have compiled a general estimate of the duration according to the study levels and qualifications. 

  • Foundation/Diploma: 1-3 Years 
  • Bachelor’s Degree: 3-5 Years 
  • Master’s Degree:  1-2 Years 

What are the entry requirements for this qualification?

  • STPM: Minimum 2 Cs (with a Pass in History & Bahasa Malaysia) 
  • A-Levels: Minimum 2 passes in relevant subjects 
  • SAM: ATAR score of at least 60% 
  • CPU: Minimum average of 50%  
  • UEC: 5 Bs 

What are the job opportunities?

  • Tour Guide 
  • Resort Manager 
  • Property Manager 
  • Event Organizer 
  • Cruise Ship Chef 

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