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Mass Communication & Media

Mass Communication is a medium that delivers information to a massive pool of people through various media channels. From breaking news, celebrity updates, commercials, knowledge, and entertainment, information is relayed to many people as possible via newspapers, websites, magazines, advertisements and online channels.

In today’s world of technological developments, everyone relies on Mass Communication to stay informed on current happenings around the globe. When you read the news online, watch a YouTube video, or listen to a radio podcast, you’re bring exposed to the different forms of Mass Communication!

Do you like watching funny sitcoms and dream of creating your own? Do you harbor a passion for writing and have a notorious reputation as ‘Grammar Police’ among your circle of friends? Are you a social animal and simply love communicating and connecting with as many people as possible?

Mass Communication may be the right course for you!

What are the specialisation in Mass Communication & Media?​


Journalism is a field that specializes in informing the general public about news, events, and current happenings. The job of a journalist is to write, assess, and present news in a factual and accurate manner in the form of newspapers, websites, and magazines.


Advertising specializes in creative communication to promote and sell a product, service, or idea to a target audience. This takes place in the form of printed ads, poster ads, billboards, television and radio commercials.


Broadcasting specializes in delivering audio or video content to a broad audience through electronic medium such as radio, film and television. Recently, the emergence of new media has expanded this medium to include social media and other online channels.

Public Relations

Public Relations involves the communication of a company or organization between the general public. It also strives to build mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and public through diplomatic communication methods.


Marketing utilizes strategic marketing efforts to communicate the value of a company’s products or services to targeted customers in order to build a lasting relationship and maximize profits.

What are the skills needed in this field?

  1. Communication

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is a skill one should possess to excel in this field. Aside from written assignments, you’ll need a strong command of language to persuade customers or write an effective video script to deliver a clear message. As a professional in the world of communication, you’ll be responsible for crafting messages to different target audiences. 

  1. Writing

Having the skill to write engaging news and content is essential to capturing the interest of a target audience. You have to be able to write well in order to inform your audiences and persuade them to take desired action.

  1. Critical Thinking

In the media industry, it is common for unpredictable events to occur or decisions to be made at the last minute. Thus, you will need to adapt and think critically on how to communicate with the masses with these changes at your door.


What are the subjects that will be taught in this program?

A Mass Communication degree involves a variety of courses that will provide you with base knowledge in advertising, broadcasting, journalism, public relations, and different types of mass media. This will give you a strong foundation in media literacy while allowing you to pick an area of specialization.

  • Introduction to Mass Communication
  • Critical & Creative Thinking
  • Theories of Communication
  • Media Studies


  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Reporting, Writing & Editing
  • Print Journalism
  • Writing for Media



  • Introduction to Advertising
  • Advertising Practices
  • Basics of Design & Graphics


  • Television Journalism & Production
  • Basics of Camera, Light & Sound
  • Radio Journalism & Production
  • History of Print & Broadcasting

Public Relations

  • Public Relations Consultancy
  • Media Law & Ethics
  • Crisis Management
  • Event Management


  • Brand Management
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Principles & Methods



What are the top recruiters for Mass Communication & Media?​

Hindustan Times

Times Group

The Pioneer

India Today Group

The Hindu


Indian Express

All India Radio

India TV

Zee Network

Network 18




Star India

Sahara One Media & Entertainment Limited

Balaji Telefilms Limited

Wizcraft Entertainment

Percept Limited

DNA Entertainment Networks

Cox & Kings

Cineyug Entertainments

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