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Introduction to Agriculture Science

Do you have a deep interest in plants and enjoy gardening? Do you naturally have a green thumb and prefer spending your time with plants more than people? Most importantly, are you passionate about creating an environmentally sustainable future for the people and climate?

Agricultural science is the study of the science and management of biological systems to produce ethical and sustainable food sources. The food you eat for your breakfast, lunch and dinner is all harvested from agriculture. These practices use technology to increase the quality in soil cultivation, crop harvest, animal and plant production for human consumption.  As food will always be in demand, it is one of the biggest businesses on the planet.

If you have a desire to create a healthy future for the planet and people, then this course could be for you.

Fields of Agriculture Science

There are 4 main areas in agriculture, which are:

Livestock Production: Involves the breeding and rearing of livestock such as cattle, pigs, chicken, duck, fish, and other animals.

Crop Production: Includes the breeding of crops such as vegetables, tea, sugarcane, fruits, and flowers.

Agricultural Economics: Deals with the utilization of scarce resources that involves maximizing output and minimizing costs.

Agricultural Engineering: Deals with the use and maintenance of farming tools, structure and equipment.

What will you study?

This program will teach you about the principles and practices of farming while exploring options to sustainable solutions. Students will be exposed to modern farming technology, plant protection techniques, soil and water conservation, and how to turn crops into food. 

  • Sustainable Farming
  • Introductory Agriculture
  • Soil Science
  • Plant Biology
  • Plant Biochemistry
  • Plantation Crop
  • Farm Planning & Management
  • Agricultural Marketing

Why should you study Agriculture Science?

Nature Exploration
Studying this course will broaden your knowledge about the various plants in nature. You can explore the world with a new perspective on sustenance, soil conditions, and plant growth. 

New Technology

Agriculture has expanded with its use of cutting-edge technology in food production such as moisture sensors, GPS technology, aerial imagery, and more. As an agriculture professional, you will have the opportunity to utilize them. 

Practical Fieldwork

Agriculture is a field that does not require you to sit at a desk from 9 – 5. You will be making visits to the land to check on the soil and investigate the conditions often, so if you love being outdoors, look no further!


What entry requirements are needed for this course?

STPM: Minimum 2 full passes in the relevant subjects

A-Levels : Minimum 2 passes in the relevant subjects

AUSMAT/SACE: Tertiary Entrance Rank of 70 and Grade B in 2 of the relevant subjects

CPU: Minimum average of 70% for 6 relevant subjects.

What are the career prospects?

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