Overseas Education: Must-have Documents for A Successful Application

Students are traveling across nations and continents just for an overseas education.

5 million international students were recorded in 2014. Furthermore, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) predicted that the population of international students will reach 8 million by 2025!

World globe with overseas education locations. Image source: Pexels

Additionally, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and Germany are top study abroad destinations among half of the international student population.

Even though the pandemic has slowed down the study abroad traffic, the situation is gradually recovering. Overseas education is blooming once again, and remains a plan worth investing among students and parents.

But why exactly is overseas education so intriguing that students are leaving the comforts of their home country to an unfamiliar land?

Here’s what you should know: it is more than just exploring new places. There are plenty of long-term advantages that can only be obtained through an overseas education.

Top Benefits Of Overseas Education

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  • High employment rate
    Countries like Australia, Canada, and Switzerland prefer hiring foreign talents to build a diverse workforce. Your ability to speak several languages can also be a huge bonus if you’re planning to work overseas after graduation. Many companies are seeking bilingual speakers. Since economies in French-speaking countries are pretty huge, you have an added advantage if you speak the language!
  • High salary
    Do you know that you can earn more income if you study abroad? An overseas education opens doors to higher-paying jobs. If you’re originally from a country with a high living cost and low salary, working overseas after you graduate is a sure way to earn more income.
  • Quick and easy migration
    If you plan to migrate to your host country once you graduate, your overseas education makes it easier for you to settle down. Canada in particular gives out Permanent Residence permits to applicants after they have worked in the country for 1 year.
  • Better quality of life
    Many study abroad destinations are chosen by students due to their safety, diversity, and better quality of life compared to their home country. For example, Switzerland has a very low crime rate (0.59 per 100,000 population as of 2018), and Canada has three cities that are in the Top 50 of best student cities to live in. Work overseas and live stress-free? Count me in!
  • Expand your network
    One of the best rewards of an overseas education is that you get to meet new people. These people can be your professors, international friends and even colleagues who can be of great help when it comes to your career growth.

Leadership skills gained from an overseas education. Image source: Pexels

  • Pick up life skills
    Besides brushing up on your language skills, you’re automatically picking up useful skills that will contribute to your career: communication, leadership, teamwork, and independence are great traits to develop when you’re studying abroad. Plus, international students are usually more confident in job interviews, which gives a good first impression!

Now that you’re convinced, check out these important documents that you must include when you apply to study abroad. Keep in mind that these requirements may vary depending on the institution and country you’re applying to, but you can use this as a generic guide to get you started.

Must-haves Before Applying For An Overseas Education 

Checklist for overseas education. Image source: Eduloco

1) Offer Letter / I20 Form (USA)

  • Application form from the university.
  • Language test scores, such as IETLS, GRE, TOEFL, SAT, or PTE.
  • Transcripts and certificates (from high school to your latest education qualification).

2) Personal Statement / Essay

Also known as a Statement of Purpose, many universities use them to gauge your analytical abilities, interests, critical thinking skills, and aspirations. You should include your education and career goals, along with your purpose of choosing the particular program and university.

But don’t worry, we gotchu covered. Here’s a guide to help you write a personal statement that actually works!

3) Reference Letter / Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

This letter is written by someone else, usually your teacher or employer, to assess your qualities and capabilities. The university may call them to confirm certain facts, so make sure to include their contact details!

4) CV / Resume (if applicable)

5) Work Experience Documents (if applicable)

6) Visa Application Documents

  • Passport
  • Receipt of payment
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Score reports (IELTS/TOEFL/GMAT/GRE)
  • Sponsor letter (if applicable)
  • Family registration form (if applicable)
  • Scholarship letter (if applicable)

The visa requirements and details vary for each country. We’ve also prepared a step-by-step guide to apply for Student Visas for these countries:

7) Documents needed on arrival

Once you get your Student Visa sorted, you’re pretty much set for an overseas education! Just remember to bring these when you travel to your study abroad destination.

  • Passport
  • Health insurance card
  • International vaccination and immunization records
  • Driver’s license (if applicable)

Choosing a destination to study abroad can be fun, but don’t get carried away – you might make careless mistakes, like missing out certain documents. Yikes!

So, why don’t you have a peace of mind by letting us do the ‘hard labor’ for you? 😉

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