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Spain Student Visa Guidelines

are you planning to study in Spain?

here is everything you need to know about securing a Spain student visa!


1. The Long-Term Student Visa in Spain is for students taking courses that last for more than 6 months.

2. It is best to apply for the Student Visa one month before the departure date.

3. Students must purchase travel medical insurance from an authorized provider in Spain.

4. Students with a Long-Term Study Visa are allowed to work while studying.

Long-Term Student Visa

A Student Visa in Spain allows you to take/extend your studies to obtain an official degree; participate in research/training activities; join exchange programs; volunteer as a student; and carry out non-work placements.

The Long-Term Student Visa is suitable for students who are taking courses that are longer than 6 months, such as undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs. If your course only lasts up to 180 days (3-6 months), you are encouraged to apply for the Short-Term Student Visa instead.

International students who have received their Long-Term Student Visa are required to apply for a student residence card within a month after arrival.

To be eligible:

  • You must be enrolled at an accredited educational institution in Spain, or
  • You must be admitted at an officially recognized research/training center in Spain, or
  • You have a signed agreement with a center where you will be volunteering.


If you are a citizen of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, or the European Union member countries, you may not need a Student Visa. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

What You Need


Letter of acceptance from a higher education provider in Spain


2 completed Student Visa application forms


2 Biometric Photos (Contact [email protected] for more information)


A valid passport


Copies of your passport pages that contain your information


Flight reservation that contains your name, dates, and the location of your arrival and departure


Medical insurance


Financial proof to show that you are able to fund your living, accommodation, and study costs


Certificate of no criminal conviction

When To Apply

Application Process


Medical Insurance

Extended Stay

Duration of Stay

Biometric Data

Your Arrival

Working While Studying