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Planning to study MBBS courses abroad?

Student studying medical courses abroad. 

If that’s the case, you’re probably looking for a scholarship. To apply for a scholarship for MBBS abroad, you’ll need to know the overall tuition fees and living costs of your study destination, so that you can pick the right scholarship to fund your education.

First of all, we’ll take you through the scholarship application process. Here are the questions we’ll be answering throughout:

  • What is a scholarship?
  • Who can apply for a scholarship?
  • How can you apply for a scholarship?
  • How to find study abroad scholarships?
  • What types of scholarships are out there?

For more information on scholarships for MBBS courses abroad, you can consult our MBBS abroad consultants on the type of scholarships and grants available for you.

What Is A Scholarship?

A quick google search defines it as a financial aid or payment granted by the government to support a student’s education. This financial support can also be awarded to students in the form of a reward or achievement based on the student’s academic achievements.

Student celebrating getting a scholarship for MBBS abroad.

Depending on the type of scholarship offered, some scholarships can be more flexible, allowing all students to apply, regardless of their academic background or financial situation.

Difference Between Scholarships & Grants

A scholarship and payment grant are similar – in the sense that both of them provide financial aid. The differences are that grants are usually need-based for students in dire situations or cannot afford the cost of the studies. Contrary to that, most scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic and athletic abilities.

Differences Between Scholarships & Student Loans

Student loans are a form of financial aid that is required to be paid back over time, usually with an interest rate. This means the loans can be either a blessing or a curse to the student; with 43.4 million borrowers for student loans. Here’s a fun fact – the average federal student loan debt balance is $37,113 as of March 2022.

But don’t worry – this is what our study MBBS abroad consultants are here for. They’ll help you choose a scholarship that matches your finances and can provide suitable financial aid for your MBBS courses abroad.

Who Can Apply for Scholarships for MBBS Courses Abroad?

Student applying for a scholarship MBBS courses abroad.

Technically, any student who meets the application requirements of the scholarship can apply. Some scholarships may target different students or different countries, so it’s best to do thorough research beforehand. Our study MBBS abroad consultants can help you with figuring out the best scholarship to take for your medical courses abroad. Better be informed than stay lost and confused!

Some of the things you need to check for scholarship eligibility are the application deadlines, and whether it is open to local students, international students, or both. Our MBBS abroad consultants will do all the heavy lifting and paperwork for you – so you can relax!

Here are some of the common and necessary documents for a scholarship application:

  • registration or application form
  • letter of motivation or personal essay
  • letter of recommendation
  • letter of acceptance from an academic institution
  • proof of low income, official financial statements
  • proof of extraordinary academic or athletic achievement

How Can You Apply For A Medical Courses Abroad Scholarship?

Once our MBBS abroad consultants have nailed a suitable scholarship for you to study abroad, you can start applying for it. Here’s how a short breakdown of how the process will look like:

1) Register for the scholarship. You will be guided to an online application form to be filled with all your personal details.

2) Check your email to ensure you’ve received the confirmation email.

3) Each application will require a personal statement about why you want to apply for this scholarship. When writing, remember to be unique and original. Most importantly, be honest.

4) Provide solid proof of your academic achievements, part time jobs, athletic awards or artistic endeavors. You can also add some references that will vouch for you. Employers, teachers, and mentors can be direct references if the university wishes to contact someone. Don’t forget to translate the documents to English!

5) Get someone to proofread the documents before submitting it. Or ask our talented study MBBS abroad consultants – they’re professionals!

6) Wait for the good news! If you’re selected, you’ll immediately be informed by our study mbbs abroad consultants within 1 to 2 weeks.

*Important tip: Mark your calendar with the application deadlines and submission dates. Especially if you are applying for multiple scholarships, it can be hard to keep track of all the different deadlines. You can make life much easier for yourself by clearly marking the date of each scholarship and medical courses abroad application deadline on the calendar.

How To Find Scholarship For MBBS Abroad?

There are several websites online that offer plenty of scholarships to choose from. You can find various scholarships for Switzerland, UK, US, and Malaysia at our own website here. If none of them fit you, contact our MBBS abroad consultants for help!

Here are some additional resources that you can look for more scholarships:

You can also view official information about scholarships for these countries below:

To Study In The United Kingdom 

Student studying in the UK.

  • University of Edinburgh – If you’re interested in distance learning or prefer to study part-time, the University of Edinburgh offers an online course in MSc in Internal Medicine. It can take over a duration of 3 years.
  • University of Cambridge Graduate Course in Medicine Bursary – The University of Cambridge offers financial aid to study at the EU for medical students.
  • Imperial College London Faculty of Medicine – The Imperial College London offers a range of scholarships to study in the UK for an MBBS or BSc in Medicine.
  • King’s College London Global Health & Social Medicine – The King’s College London offers one bursary award for students to apply for a degree in Global Health & Social Medicine. It’s open to all nationalities, so international students are free to apply!
  • UCLan MBBS ScholarshipsThe University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) offers UK scholarships for students from the North West of England who are interested in studying for an MBBS degree.
  • QMUL John Abernethy Barts Scholarship for Medicine – The Queen Mary University of London offers needs-based scholarships for students who wish to study a medical or dental course. The relevant courses are MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) and BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery).
  •  NHS Student Bursaries – NHS is one of the most prominent funding bodies in the UK. For medical students, they offer a large number of grants to these students every year for medical programs. However, these bursaries are only available to students who reside in England.
  • TEG Postgraduate Training Fellowship in Medical Statistics for African Students – This scholarship is funded by the UK Medical Research Council, and it allows a student from sub-Sharan Africa to study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine with a MSc in Medical Statistics.

To Study In Europe

Student studying in Europe. 

  • Carl Duisberg Scholarships – They offer medical scholarships for students who are currently taking their clinical training or internship in their respected medical fields. Eligible candidates include international students who wish to study in Germany or German students to want to pursue their studies abroad.  
  • AMC Amsterdam Merit Scholarships – These medical school scholarships are for non-EU/EEA students who are studying at Master’s level in a Faculty of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam, located in the Netherlands.  
  • Novo Nordisk Foundation Research Scholarships & Grants – This group provides research-based scholarships for students who are specializing in the field of clinical or biomedical research and are looking for funding to conduct independent research in Denmark.  
  • The Karolinska Institute Global Master’s Scholarships – Offers scholarships for international students interested to study a Master’s at the institute in Sweden.

To Study In Australia or New Zealand 

Student studying in Australia. 

  • University of Wollongong Scholarships – Apply for a bunch of medical school scholarships to study Medicine in the Faculty of Science, Medicine & Health at the University of Wollongong in Australia.  
  • University of Auckland John Hamel McGregor Award in Medical Science – Offering medical scholarships for both local and international students to pursue a Bachelor of Medical Science or a Postgraduate Research Degree at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  
  • University of Melbourne Baillieu Research Scholarship – Offering scholarships to medical students to study at the University of Melbourne, Australia, at graduate level. These are open to all Australian students, however, priority is given to the Australian descendants of soldiers who took part in World War 1.  
  • AFPHM John Snow Scholarship – Medical scholarships offered by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians and awarded to students who are applying to study at accredited medical schools in Australia and New Zealand. 

To Study In Malaysia

Student studying in Malaysia

  • AIMST University Scholarship – Offers up to 100% tuition fee waive for students to pursue their Foundation and Degree studies in Medicine at AIMST University. 
  • UTAR Scholarships for Top Achievers – Offers up to 15% tuition fee waive for outstanding students to pursue Medicine at UTAR. The entry requirements are a Minimum of 4As for A-Level / STPM or 5As for Australian Matriculation.  
  • SEGI Ace Scholarship – Offers a RM500 rebate to students for every distinction received in their studies.  
  • Monash MBBS Bursary – Offers up to RM10,000 per year for Medical students. An interview is required to determine the student’s eligibility.  

To Study In US 

 Student studying in US

  • The HYMS MSc Scholarships – The Hull York Medical School is offering 3 scholarships in MSc for international students to apply for in the year 2022. Their program, MSc in Clinical Anatomy is a world-class program which provides advanced clinical training in applied human anatomy.
  • VCU SOM Medical Education Symposium – VCU School of Medicine offers an innovative scholarship for students to join a growing community of medical scholars passionate in promoting positive changes in the medical industry. It is open every April annually.
  • AUC Medical School – The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine (AUC) invites all students to apply for the scholarship, regardless of where there are in the enrolment process. They offer multiple awards and accept applications during July and November.
  • The Medical Assistant Schools Edu First Scholarship – The Medical Assistant Schools is offering this $1,500 scholarship to one outstanding student. It is available for students who are currently enrolled OR will be enrolling next semester.
  • University of Minnesota Medical School Scholarship – The university offers several scholarships and grants that are designed to provide support to students who need financial aid. These can include financial needs, academic achievements, athletic interests, or non-resident status. Deadlines are open from March 1st annually.

Meanwhile, check out our own database of study abroad scholarships! –

And here’s some of the best universities to pursue MBBS courses abroad –

What Type of Scholarships Are There?

  • Government-funded Scholarships – There are a number of financial aid scholarships provided for the government to help students study or work abroad.
  • University Study Abroad Scholarships/Grants – Many universities provide scholarships and grants to merit students looking to study abroad. The grants provided differ based on the institution offering and depends on the program of choice.
  • Subject-specific Grants – Many specific scholarships are awarded to students who plan to pursue a specific area of study abroad, such as English Language Course.
  • Program-specific Grants – These scholarships are often awarded to students who decide to study abroad through a particular program. This can be granted through an independent course provider or through a particular program offered by a university.
  • Location-specific Grants – These scholarships are granted to encourage students to study abroad in a particular destination or country. You will find these scholarships offered by the university, government of the study destination, or from an exchange program.
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