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Looking for a scholarship? Eduloco is the right place! We give guaranteed exclusive scholarships to students who aspire to study abroad. The scholarships offered are only available from us, register  for free to claim scholarships!

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Looking for a scholarship abroad? We have what you need! Eduloco is the right place! We give exclusive study abroad scholarships to students who aspire to study abroad. These are only available at Eduloco, so register now to claim a free overseas scholarship!

Guaranteed Overseas Scholarships

Get scholarships to study abroad! We have a variety of scholarships abroad in the following countries: Malaysia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. We’ll be adding more soon, so be sure to check back every now and then!

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university of Chester, UK

Start your higher education in one of the best cities in the United Kingdom. Earn a world class degree in three years.



master's Degree -limkokwing University, Malaysia

Study in Malaysia with Asia’s most recognized degrees. Specialising in 50+ courses.

50% Scholarship

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business & Hotel Management School, Switzerland

Graduate and become a hotel manager at luxurious hotels to top destinations in the world.


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INTI University, Malaysia

With 20+ partnerships with western universities worldwide, INTI offers the best double degrees not just in Malaysia but in Asia.


MBBS - SEGi University

Pursue medicine with an exclusive guaranteed scholarship at SEGi university in Kuala Lumpur!

20% Scholarship


bBA - Cyberjaya University

The University of Cyberjaya i giving away 55% Scholarship for all students who apply to the BBA program through Eduloco.

55% Scholarship

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Less Financial Debt

By the time students graduate from college, they carry huge loans with them. Applying for a scholarship abroad helps you to save money and pursue your career goals. Don’t give up on your dreams!

Improved Performance

For many students, the stress of working and studying does not allow them to fully focus on their studies. With study abroad scholarships, you will be able to improve your grades, gain new skills, and engage in opportunities for professional development.

Career Advantage

An overseas scholarship is a pretty big deal on your resume. Get a scholarship to study abroad and you will be able to stand out and leave a good impression on future employers.

Who Are We - Eduloco

Eduloco is a student education platform that aims to help students succeed and grab the best opportunities they deserve. We believe in equal education and that students should have access to guaranteed scholarships. 

In addition, Eduloco does the whole application for students, liase with universities and assist them get accepted.