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Everything You Need To Know About Study Abroad In Malaysia

why Study in Malaysia?

Study Abroad in Malaysia and you will discover it is a culturally diverse and modernized country in Asia. The quality of higher education in the country is rapidly growing whilst being monitored by the Ministry of Higher Education.

As a study abroad destination for international degrees, a major part of this is that several Malaysian universities are partnered with international universities, such as Monash University and the University of Nottingham. Both are among the Top 100 universities in the world!

Malaysia gives students access to these universities at a lower cost. For example, you can now pursue an international MBBS in Malaysia without having to travel to UK

Employment While Study In Malaysia

Students are eligible working for 20 hours a week which is a balanced set up for students who want to get an extra income and focus on their university assignments at the same time.

Gaining work experience while studying is a great way to showcase your skills. Multi tasking university projects and part time jobs are what employers look for. They seek for hard working individuals who can handle anything.

Employment After Study In Malaysia

Malaysia as one of the study abroad destination, is Asia's international education hub. It is where students across the globe aspire to have their affordable higher education.

International graduates in Malaysia can get a post-study visa, students just need to secure a job that will sponsor their work permit and they can easily get an employment pass.


Cool Tips For Study Abroad Malaysia


International University Partners

Study abroad Malaysia universities are associated with hundreds of universities in Australia, Canada, US and Europe. This means their degrees are recognized worldwide, making it one of the few countries in Asia that has international partnerships with top universities.

Students can opt for an affordable degree that is internationally recognized at the same time!


Most Affordable

Compared to the other countries, Malaysia is the cheapest and most affordable country that offers quality higher education.

If you are a student who desires a UK, Australia or American education, then study in Malaysia could be the destination for you! Malaysia has branch campuses from UK, Australia, and Canada such as University of Nottingham, Southampton University, and many more.

So you can have the same quality of education in Malaysia as if you were in the UK or other western countries for a cheaper cost!


shorter degrees

Malaysian universities offer fast paced programs that gives students an advantage and a kick start on their professional careers earlier than their peers.

For example, an MBBS in Malaysia takes 4-5 years to complete. Compared to the UK, it takes up to 6 years. By studying MBBS in Malaysia, you get to graduate earlier and gain practical training experience for your career!


Tropical Holidays Around the Corner

Asia's study abroad destination is close to hundreds of islands in Asia. These beautiful islands are dream travel destinations of many tourists. As a student in Malaysia, these islands are very close and a one or two boats or few hours away from it.


Make Friends!

Though Malay is the main language in Malaysia, English is still used by everyone. Therefore, you won't have a hard time fitting in plus, it is the most diverse Asian country in 2021!

Study Abroad Malaysia Checklist: A guide to your preparations to study abroad

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