Studying in Malaysia: Myths and Fun Facts

You might have heard of Malaysia as the hidden gem of Asia.

Besides its rich history and culture, Malaysia is also the top destination for international students to pursue their tertiary education. However, the country is not receiving the recognition it deserves due to misconceptions about the country and its people. 

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As a fellow Malaysian, let me debunk the myths for you. Make sure to stay until the end to find out the temptations of studying in Malaysia!

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Malaysia is a boring place

Contrary to this misconception, the country reflects a mixture of tradition and modernization. You can easily find beautiful mosques, Buddhist and Hindu temples, and even churches among the skyscrapers of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. Besides, Malaysia is a food and festivals haven for those who enjoy learning about different cultures and traditions through scrumptious meals and unforgettable celebrations, leaving plenty of new experiences waiting to be discovered!

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The people here are arrogant

Wrong! Malaysians are friendly and welcoming to anyone who visits the country. This negative belief may have stemmed from the stereotype that certain races tend to behave in a certain way. You only need to interact with them once to learn that it is not the case at all!

Malaysia is known for its diverse ethnics ranging from Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazandusun, Iban, and many more. Regardless of their race, the locals are proud of their culture and are willing to share interesting facts that you can’t even find online!

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“You’re poor if you apply for a study loan.”

Says who? Getting a loan for your studies does not reflect your financial status at all.  A study loan is important in the long run to students who wish to pursue their studies, but lack the funds to do so. 

Financial assistance also reduces your parents’ financial burden while you go on to achieve your degree and in turn, a good career! You can seek help from your school counsellor to help you apply for a loan. Most students start paying back the loan once they have graduated and started working. Here’s the best part: You may be exempted from the repayment if you do well in your studies!

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A ‘good’ university equals a good degree

Some students might see schools with sky-high fees as ‘good’ places to get a degree. However, there is no good or bad when it comes to the school of your choice. There are plenty of private and public universities in Malaysia that offer affordable and high-quality programs. Moreover, your effort and attitude toward your studies and future career matter more than the exquisiteness of the school you’re attending.

Now that we’ve cleared the air about common misconceptions of studying in Malaysia, here are some fun facts that you shouldn’t miss out on!

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A tropical paradise

Malaysia is a wanderlust for avid travellers. As one of the lowest populated countries in Asia, we have plenty of nature reserves, rainforests, highlands, and beaches for you to explore during semester breaks. If you’re from a four-season country, this is your chance to experience summer all-year round! Malaysia is home to more than 800 islands with many of them still uninhabited.

Studying in Malaysia means you get to visit beaches with breathtaking views. However, beware of the monsoon season that occurs roughly between October to March; the thunderstorms here can be quite wild! 

Students of different nationalities studying in Malaysia. Image source: Herald Malaysia Online
Malaysians speak many languages
Most Malaysians can speak at least three languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, and their mother tongue. International students find it easier to adapt into the Malaysian environment because English is widely used here.
Studying in Malaysia also opens plenty of opportunities for you to learn new languages and dialects from your local friends. Are you curious about why Malaysian like to use ‘lah in their conversations? When you study in Malaysia, you will pick up the lingo and start using it yourself which can be fun and impressive to the locals.
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Affordable tertiary education with top quality courses

There are more than 100 recognized universities in Malaysia that offer affordable programs and accommodation fees. The average cost of an undergraduate program is about RM 40,000 to RM 50,000. Many Malaysian universities also offer international degrees at a reasonable cost. The quality of Malaysian universities is improving each year and some of them are even recognized by the QS World University Ranking 

With the information above, we hope that you will consider Malaysia as your study destination. You can find out more about the courses offered by Malaysian schools from our website:  

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