Top 8 Craziest TikTok Challenges That Gave Trauma For Life

TikTok has long since been associated with viral Internet challenges. Want to jump on the hottest viral challenge trending online? TikTok’s the place for you.

It’s given birth to some of the best challenges of the century, bringing smiles and joy to viewers all over the world. There’s nothing better than creating something that makes people smile, right? Even better if it goes viral on TikTok!

Yes, it’s all fun and games – that is, until someone breaks a neck or rips out their teeth.

Don’t believe us? Well, read on to see the top 8 craziest TikTok challenges of the year, from embarrassingly ridiculous to plain horrifying.

1) DIY Vampire Fangs

Halloween is the time to dress up and party, but these TikTok users took it a tad too far when they superglued fake vampire fangs to their teeth. This Halloween trend went viral the past year when the hashtag #VampireFangs amassed 9 million views, spurring people to hop on the bandwagon and fasten fake fangs on their teeth.

The viral challenge, which started off as a Halloween inspiration, ended up depicting several people struggling to remove the faux fangs from their teeth. Some even resorted to wire clippers and a three-hour long, painful visit to the cosmetician!

crazy tiktok users gluing vampire fangs to their teeth 

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I’m all for the spirit of Halloween, but if you’re using nail glue to stick fake fangs on your teeth without a surefire way to remove them safely, then you’ve not only got a costume emergency – you’ve got a dental crisis!

Several TikTokers learned this the hard way when they spent hours trying to remove the faux fangs and resigned themselves to the local dentist – who, unsurprisingly, advised against the challenge and cited that nail glue was poisonous and, in all cases, shouldn’t be applied to your teeth.

2) Frozen Honey Challenge

How much honey is too sweet?

You’re about to find out with the #FrozenHoneyChallenge, which has TikTok users filling a bottle with honey and freezing it overnight. Then, they eat it.

One user posted a video of her downing the frozen honey in one go and said that she felt sick immediately after, stating that she wouldn’t do it again.

For a hashtag that garnered a whopping 600 million views, users reported some not-so-sweet side effects – one that has them running to the bathroom and expelling their insides out with diarrhea.

3) Pee Your Pants Challenge 

Maybe it was the boredom of lockdown..or maybe humanity has gone insane, but one TikTok user found a new way to gross everyone out when he started the #peeyourpantschallenge.

How this took off as a viral challenge, I have no idea, but 19-year old comedian Liam Meyer did not anticipate it either when he announced the prank and proceeded to heed nature’s call on camera. He stated that it was just to make fun of Internet challenges and was surprised that it actually went viral, adding that “people on the Internet will do anything as long as you call it a challenge and add a hashtag”.

Whether he meant it or not, the damage has been done – the video spawned several hundred urine-imitators proudly recording themselves peeing on camera with 70,000 likes and 2 million views.

If there’s anything to be learned from this, it’s that people will do the craziest TikTok things for entertainment – even if it means embarrassing themselves.

4) Corn Cob Challenge 

What’s a better way to eat corn?

TikTok: Sticking a corncob on a drill and eating it as it rotates.

Crazy, right?

But if there was a celebrity bold enough to attempt this crazy TikTok challenge, it’s Jason Derulo.

The singer tried to eat a corncob attached to a power drill as a way to accelerate the corn-eating process – only to have his front tooth chipped off.

 Jason Derulo corn cob challenge 


He wasn’t the only one. Another man in China lost his front teeth when he attempted the challenge, and a woman had a chunk of her hair ripped out after it got caught in the drill.

5) The Cereal Challenge 

At first mention, the ‘Cereal Challenge’ sounds innocent enough. You lay back with your mouth open as a friend pours milk and cereal into your mouth and attempts to eat from it. Gross, but not life-threatening. Most of them end up spitting it out anyway, as demonstrated by popular YouTube star Bretman Rock.

crazy tiktok cereal challenge 


Then someone of course takes it a step further and decides to involve their pets as well. Humans can do it, why not dogs? Not because it is incredibly gross and unhygienic when your dog licks the insides of your mouth after cleaning their butt, but hey, to each their own.

Jokes aside, it can also become a problem for the ‘human bowl’ if they inhale the milk inside their lungs and choke to death.

6) Face Wax Challenge 

Full facial waxing has been a sort of beauty trend of late, but TikTokers turned it into a challenge by dripping wax all over the person’s face, covering their lips, eyes, and nose, before tearing it off in one huge rip.

Sounds painful? Yeah, I bet it is.

crazy tiktok face wax challenge 


Beauty procedures have their sacrifices, but this challenge was downright painful to watch. Not only is it damaging the skin, but the wax hardens your airways and can make it difficult to breathe. If one isn’t careful enough, the danger of suffocation is real.

7) The Coronavirus Challenge 

You’d think people would be smart enough to be extra sanitary during a pandemic. Apparently that’s not the case for Ava Louise, a 22-year-old social media influencer who went viral for all the wrong reasons when she licked an airplane toilet seat and dubbed it ‘the coronavirus challenge’.

She got more than she bargained for – viral fame and enraged netizens. People were slamming her on Twitter for her insensitivity towards the deadly virus, especially for those who were infected.

craziest tiktok challenge licking toilet seat 


I wish I could say no one was dumb enough to imitate her actions. Sadly, another social media influencer Larz took up the challenge, licking the toilet seat in a public loo. He wasn’t as lucky as Louise, though. A few days later, he posted a tweet stating he was infected with COVID-19 and even uploaded videos and photos as evidence.

I guess it goes without saying to not lick public toilet seats and make fun of coronavirus that has taken more than 4 million lives to date. That is, unless you want the wrath of the Internet upon you.

8) The Blackout Challenge 

For all the craziest TikTok challenges of the year, this takes the cake.

The Blackout Challenge is also known as ‘the fainting game’, where users were challenged to choke themselves until they pass out. Whether they regained consciousness or not, that was up to lady luck. A 10-year-old girl found herself short on it when she tied a belt around her neck and died from asphyxiation.

It’s obviously a very dangerous game and should be banned. TikTok users are encouraged to report anyone who is seen participating in this challenge.

After witnessing the craziest TikTok challenges ever to exist, would you still try them?

If they didn’t promote bodily harm and questionable decisions, maybe. But if you’re itching for a way to go viral on TikTok, there’s a safer way to do so. Check it out here!

Tee May

Tee May

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