Top 6 Universities To Study Computer Science in Malaysia

So you want to study Computer Science in Malaysia?

First, answer me this: have you watched the Matrix movie franchise?

If you are an enthusiast for computer science, you must have watched the movie a number of times for one reason: the franchise is one of the most popular computer science movies in the film industry, having changed the world’s perspective on computer science.

The field of computer science revolves around the advancement of technology. Image source: Pexels

What is computer science?

In simple terms, computer science is all about how computers work through the theoretical and mathematical viewpoint. This field requires computer scientists to have a strong understanding of programming in order to devise software and systems. You will come across major areas of computer science in Malaysia such as software programming, hardware development, data analysis, and algorithm function.

If you love Maths and have good logical skills, you’re on the right page.

More industries are replacing traditional jobs with automation, leading to a need for more computer scientists to design software and systems as well as program robots and machines to facilitate the process of automation.

Top Malaysian universities for computer science you shouldn’t miss:

Study computer science at INTI International Subang College.

Image source: INTI Facebook

INTI International University & Colleges

The school collaborates with IBM and Dell to provide students with an industry-related curriculum. This ensures that you are ready for employment once you graduate with a Computer Science certificate. The state-of-the-art academic facilities provide you with quality materials for assignments and research. You’ll also be amazed by the latest programs and tools in its sophisticated IT laboratories!

Location: Penang, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan

Courses: Cloud Computing, Mobile Computing, Computer Science, Business Analytics, Network and Security, Software Engineering

Study computer science at APU Malaysia. Image source: APU Facebook

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU)

A premier digital tech university in Malaysia, APU is recognized for partnering with renowned industry leaders. Graduates are often high in demand by local and international companies. Besides, the top-notch IT laboratories and all-around-campus Wi-Fi connection ensure that students have access to the tools and information they need anytime.

Location: Kuala Lumpur

Course: Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, Intelligent Systems, Software Engineering

Study computer science at Segi University. Image source: SEGI University Website

SEGI University & Colleges

With campuses spread across East and West Malaysia, SEGI offers a variety of Computer Science courses that appeal to students with different interests in the field. Moreover, the school has already adapted to online learning with E-Library and Panopto Lectures. These online tools allow students to access past research journals, reports, and even recorded lectures for a fulfilling journey of learning.

Location: Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Sarawak

Course: Computing, Computer Studies, Computer Science, Cyber Security

Study computer science at University of Nottingham. Image source: Free Malaysia Today

University of Nottingham Malaysia

In this Covid-19 pandemic, many students plan to pursue their tertiary education online. This university offers you the option to do so! Accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS), students receive quality academic and practical knowledge from lecturers who have years of experience in the industry.

Location: Selangor

Course: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering

Study computer science at Sunway College. Image source: Sunway College Facebook

Sunway College

The Computer Science course in Sunway offers students major skills to excel in this ever-growing industry. The modules are also designed to help students develop their personal strengths which increase their chances of employment. Plus, the university doesn’t hold back from upgrading its facilities to ensure that students receive a wholesome learning experience.

Location: Selangor

Course: Computer Science

Study computer science at MSU. Image source: MSU Facebook

Management and Science University (MSU)

The curriculum structure of this school is designed to keep you updated with the latest trends in Computer Science in Malaysia. Experienced lecturers and industry experts will guide you through both theoretical and practical lessons. Subjects included are also tuned to equip students with sufficient skills and knowledge that would help them succeed in their careers as computer scientists.

Location: Shah Alam

Course: Computer Science, Computer Forensic

Be the future the world needs

The need for automation means that manpower is losing its importance in several industries, especially production and manufacturing. Although this may be worrisome to some, more job opportunities will rise for computer scientists. Pursuing the path of Computer Science in Malaysia ensures that you have a chance to make a difference in the future of these industries.

Image source: Pexels

Perks of studying in Malaysia

If you’re planning to study overseas, why not choose Malaysia? This country has everything you need for a meaningful university student experience. The locals are multi-lingual, friendly and welcoming, so you’ll have friends on campus in no time! You can also spend your semester breaks by travelling to unique tourist destinations all around Malaysia with your friends. Besides, Malaysian universities offer affordable top-quality education so you don’t have to worry about financial burdens while enjoying the beauty of this tropical country.

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