The Best College Outfit: What To Wear On Your First Day To Class

What should you wear on your first day of class? 

The question of what to wear on the first day of college is a huge reason why we put so much effort into looking good. Going through dozens of outfits and trying to find the perfect balance of cute and charming is no easy task!  

You want to make a good first impression, so what better way to achieve that than looking your absolute best?  

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of college outfit ideas for both men and women to start their first day of college on the right foot! 

College Outfits For Women


1) Crop Top & Skinny Jeans 

You can never go wrong with a crop top paired with blue skinny jeans.

College outfit for girls

When in doubt, always go for a classic silhouette that shows off your curves. If you’re not comfortable with revealing too much skin, pair your cute crop top with high-waisted jeans. They give an illusion of longer, slimmer legs, so more power to you! Pro tip—if it makes you feel good, even better! 

Throw on a necklace or accessorize with a few minimalist bracelets for a feminine touch. You can also put on a statement belt to stand out. If you have a pair of combat boots, they’re the perfect item to spice up this college outfit! 

2) Floral Dress

Want to look fashionable with comfort? 

A simple, floral dress will do the trick to give you the best of both worlds!

Best college outfit for girls

Classrooms can get really chilly when the AC is on full blast the whole day. Bring along a denim jacket to keep yourself warmIf you’re up for a twist, add some edge to your look by pairing your outfit with black boots. Eyes will be on you, I’m telling ya!

3) 90’s Vibes

Jump on the 90’s bandwagon and layer up every piece you own. You can throw on a camisole, loose cardigan, and some retro jeans to complete this look.  

One of the most popular 90’s fashion trends was their grungy, street style. Flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and bomber jackets were a big deal back then.

90's college outfit for girls

If you’re feeling more of a casual vibe, grab an oversized sweater and a pair of mom jeans. Nothing screams ‘90’s grunge’ more than this!   

4) Blazer and Jeans 

In a hurry? 

Here’s a quick tip – throw on a blazer with a matching pair of dark jeans to go with, and voila! You’ll look instantly ready for your next class.

College outfit for girl power

A dark blazer and casual jeans are the perfect match for a smart casual look. If you really want to stand out, throw on a pair of high-heeled boots. Not only will you make heads turn, but you’ll look great doing it! 

5) Monochromatic Set 

If you were up late partying—er, I mean up late studying, save yourself some time and opt for a matching outfit. A monochromatic look is easy to style and makes you look well-put together no matter how late you stayed up last night.

If all else fails, go with black! It’s an easy color to match with and makes you look on fleek every single time.

College Outfits For Men


1) Flannel & Jeans  

One can never go wrong with flannel. A flannel shirt always looks good with a white tee and pair of black jeans.  

Flannel shirt for men college outfit

The best part about flannel is that it’s extremely easy to match. You can wear it as an outerwearlayer it with a hoodie on cold days, or tuck it into your jeans with a belt. If you want to give off an easygoing vibe without looking like you’re trying too hard, flannel is for you! 


2) HipHop 4 Life   

Each season, we see the baggy T-shirt trend making a comeback. This time is no different, with striped tees and ripped jeans rising in popularity.  

Hip Hop College Outfit for men

The best part about this street style is that you can put baggy clothes together and still look great. If you have an oversized tee in your closet, you can match it with cargo pants and a beanie.  

Comfortable and easy to style, you can also accessorize with a gold chain for a dash of edginess. Perfect for the tough guy that loves to keep things low maintenance yet stylish!  

3) The Modern Chap 

For the guy who believes first impressions are everything, we got you! 

You’ll be sweeping through the campus in style with khaki shorts, a short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of Vans sneakers.  

Casual college outfit for men

This is a universal look that many men fall back to when their laundry basket is full and they ain’t got no time to go shopping. Casual and chic, this college outfit will remain a top favorite for many seasons to come!  

4) The Classy Dude 

Stay classy in class with a casual blazer that you can drape over a white shirt. Extra points if your hair is well-groomed! 

Stylish college outfit for men

A pair of cuffed jeans will add a gentleman’s touch to your overall look. Finish the outfit with a pair of clean, white sneakers and you’ll be making headlines as the most stylish freshman yet! 

That’s the best college outfits we’ve got for you so far! 

Now, you’ve got everything you need to breeze through your first day of class fashionably.  

Feel free to mix and match these styles as you please. When picking a good outfit, keep in mind that the first person you should dress for is yourself. Making a good first impression is of course important, but if you don’t feel confident doing it, it will just feel forced.  

Keep your head high and strut your stuff with confidence! 

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Tee May

Tee May

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