Study in Switzerland: Secrets Of An Affordable Living

Are you looking for a good study-life balance overseas?

Quality education overseas is more accessible now than ever. However, maintaining a wholesome international student experience while getting a quality education is rare.

What if I told you that you could get the best of both worlds? The solution is simple: Study in Switzerland!

Before you let your hopes down due to the presumed extravagant cost of living in Switzerland, let me assure you that is not the case. With careful planning, precise timing, and some cost-saving hacks, Switzerland is not an impossible dream, I promise!

I was in Switzerland for three years and they were the best time of my student life. I came from a middle-class family but managed to afford studying there, with a little secret. Before I let you in on the juicy bits, here’s why Switzerland should be your study abroad destination.

Study In Switzerland, The Heart Of Continental Europe

Coming from personal experience, Switzerland looked exactly like what the travel shows depicted. Surrounded by picturesque mountains that were dusted in snow and dotted with quaint houses made of timber and stone, I could never get enough of its beauty. My choice to study in Switzerland was worth it after all.

Study in Switzerland and be blessed with the amazing alpine view Image source: Pexels

I experienced the perfect balance of study and leisure in Switzerland.

Renowned to be a hot tourism spot for students and travellers, I grasped any chance I had to visit the Swiss landmarks. I saw castles that stood tall despite the passing of time, and rustic villages with locals that embodied the authentic alpine lifestyle.

The Swiss summertime offered equally astonishing views as winter, with turquoise lakes and hiking trails that could excite any adventurous soul.

Why Study In Switzerland?

Rich with culture, breathtaking nature, good quality of higher education, and a multi-lingual community, Switzerland is the top choice for international students. In fact, they total up to 21% of the overall student count.

Based on my research before my study in Switzerland, Swiss universities were generally more affordable compared to its European counterparts. The universities here are financially supported by the government, so tuition fees are much more reasonable.

Depending on your major, a Swiss public university may charge between CHF 500 to CHF 2,000 per semester. Private institutions, however, will charge at a higher rate especially for international students. Many of these schools offer scholarships to international students, so keep an eye out for those!

I Felt At Home Almost Immediately

Study in Switzerland and catch a glimpse of its beautiful buildings Image source: Pexels

Switzerland is one of the happiest countries in the world.

Let me tell you why. There was a perfect work/study-life balance and the clean environment was simply terrific! The violent and petty crime rates were extremely low, which sealed my decision to study in Switzerland.

Besides, the locals are just so welcoming and warm to international students and travellers. I personally made a few connections with the locals there, and we’re still close friends after I left Switzerland!

My Secret To Affordable Living

Of course, you’re not just there to obtain an overseas degree. One of the perks of studying abroad is to experience life in a foreign country. Switzerland has so many activities that you can experience without having to burst your budget.

The Bern medieval tower is not to miss when you study in Switzerland Image source: Pexels

Based on my personal experience, my annual expenditure was about CHF 18,000 to CHF 28,000. As I’ve travelled to other European countries on year-ends, I worked as a freelance writer to fund my travel plans. I was able to live comfortably while enjoying student perks at retail outlets, restaurants, and accommodation.

The question is: How to spend wisely while getting to experience life in Switzerland?

Look For Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Off-campus accommodation may be pricey if you study in Switzerland with a limited budget. If you’re assigned to a dorm within your university’s campus, go for it! It is much cheaper and convenient to live within the school compounds, and you’re also experiencing living with your peers which can be fun and eye-opening.

When you’re travelling around Switzerland, try to look for homestays, youth hostels, and backpacker hostels. They typically offer shared rooms with single beds for travellers. If you’re lucky, the rooms may come with complimentary breakfast!

Participate In Cheap & Free Activities

Fancy the arts?

There are complimentary museums and galleries in the city that showcase legendary artworks by Van Gogh and Giacometti for free. You may find affordable or free nature-related activities too! From bear sightings to hiking the impressive Swiss hills, you’ll see the beauty of Switzerland with little to no spending.

Your campus will most likely organize its own intellectual and recreational activities too. It is a good chance for you to meet more friends and have a cross-culture experience. There will be choirs, dance classes, sports activities, and many more. Most of these activities are free, so sign up with your buddies and have fun!

Enjoy Hearty Meals While On A Budget

Swiss cuisine is on another level!

I still think of the savoury cheese fondue to this day; you can never get this taste anywhere else in the world. Their tarts, chocolates, and other sweet snacks will also bless your taste buds!

However, it is best to keep these luxuries to a minimum to avoid overspending your budget. I got my weekly chocolate supply from local supermarkets and saved eating out for weekends and special occasions, which saved me a lot of money!

Public Transportation Saves Money & Time

Two red trams at the tram station Image source: Pexels

Besides its affordability, public transportation in Switzerland is super punctual! With a variety of transportation modes, such as trains, trams, buses, boats, and cable cars, the public transport system is linked to other parts of the country. You can have random road trips whenever you want!

You can even get around town and campus by renting a bicycle. It is an environmental-friendly way to travel short-distance, not to mention affordable. You can even enjoy the scenic view on the way!

With scholarships widely available and plenty of ways to save money during your studies in Switzerland, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not only will you obtain a prestigious degree, but you will gain valuable life skills from your experience abroad!

If you wish to study in Switzerland, Eduloco can help with your application! Just ring them up (+60 11-2069 9087) or send your email to [email protected], and they will provide you all the information you need.

I wish you best of Switzerland!

Jocelyn Cheng

Jocelyn Cheng

Jocelyn Cheng (JC) is an INFP writer seeking to spread inspiration and spark connections through her words. Her dedication to writing has gifted her with an ability to write for multiple platforms (e.g., website, social media, newspaper, magazine, etc) in different fields, namely Education, Travel, and Healthcare. JC personalizes her works by adding a touch of her own experience into the mix whenever she can to relate to her readers. A self-proclaimed poet and currently a freelance writer, she's working on an untitled poetry book at home while juggling between writing for Eduloco, dancing, and keeping her only plant alive.

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