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Higher education is important.  

From having a flourishing career to leading a happier life, a good higher education boosts your overall quality of life. In fact, in America itself, 84 percent of its people claims that a college education is crucial to thrive in life. Moreover, those who did not go to college wished they did (66 percent) and about 62 percent of Americans believe that higher education would have given them a better standard of living.

In order to attend a local or overseas college, you can either apply directly to the institution, or go through an education consultant and study abroad agency. 

Eduloco, Your Trusted Education Consultant & Study Abroad Agency

Eduloco is a Malaysian-based study abroad agency that seeks to provide a hassle-free higher education enrolment experience to students.

Our website portal is established by like-minded people keen to inform students and parents about the significance of higher education and how studying abroad can contribute to professional development. Thus, we offer an extensive variety of courses and scholarships for you to choose from.

Office of Eduloco, a study abroad agency.
The office of Eduloco in Malaysia.

We aim to personalize every student’s consultation experience with us.

As an agency dedicated to assisting students with admission into higher education institutions, we choose to maintain integrity, fairness, and honesty in providing professional counselling based on our extensive knowledge of the education system in different countries.

Working environment of a study abroad agency, Eduloco.
The cozy and comfortable work environment of Eduloco's office encourage the team's productivity.

We believe that higher education should be available to our students, regardless of their identity and background. With a list of local and international universities that we partner with, we can recommend the ideal school and destination to our students based on their budget, preferences, personality, and lifestyle to ensure a wholesome higher education experience.  

We’re A Transparent & Honest Study Abroad Agency

We also take pride in counselling and helping students to apply to their desired schools.

With that in mind, we always provide honest recommendations to our students, including the pros and cons of studying in a specific school. We also understand that providing unbiased opinions will help students make the best decision for their future. Hence, our counsellors devote their time and effort to research about each university’s entry requirements in order to provide high-quality advice for you.

Eduloco’s passion lies in guiding students to realize their dream for a quality higher education. Hence, our counselling and application services are for free!

Your fees are processed directly by the university without any additional charges. We will guide you through each step; from selecting a school, contacting the university, submitting your application, to even looking for accommodation. By signing up through Eduloco, you can get accommodation and tuition fees rebate, a free sim card, and if you’re lucky, a free flight to your study abroad destination!

We Can Save You Plenty Of Time 

If you have experienced applying directly to a university, you’ll notice that it takes more than a week to receive a reply. The volume of applications is high as there are many more students like you applying directly to your favourite university. Some schools take up to three weeks to reply, and that in itself may not guarantee your eligibility! You still have to go through a lengthy waiting period which can take up to a month. 

A study abroad agency saves time on the application process.
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Eduloco ensures that your application gets across to your chosen university in time. You just need to drop us an email and we will reach out to you in less than 8 hours. Our friendly and approachable consultants can assist you in choosing the right course as well as helping in the application and enrolment process. Besides, applying through us may even get your admission approved in a week!  

As a study abroad agency, we are also aware of the time-consuming process of the Visa application.

To make things easier for you, we can help you with your Visa application and your enrolment to an overseas university. You just have to provide us with the complete documents and we’ll do the job for you! 

We Strive To Help Students Pursue Their Dreams 

Every student deserves a chance to pursue their higher education goals. Competition may be tight when it comes to getting accepted into your dream university, but that doesn’t mean you should give up!

We’ll help you pursue your ambition by looking for other solutions. Often, there are other options that are more suited to the level of your qualifications. You just need a push in the right direction to find them!

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Get Exclusive Scholarships Through Us 

Getting into your desired university is only half the battle.

Scholarship applications can get tricky and stressful, as students may be required to achieve high grades to qualify for a scholarship.  

In Eduloco, we offer scholarships exclusively to students who apply through us. Having come across many students who dream of studying abroad, but lack the funds to do so, we’ve contacted several overseas universities that are willing to offer scholarships to students that are interested to study in their institution abroad. 

How To Contact Us? 

You can either schedule a phone call with us (+60 11-2069 9087), or drop us an enquiry email. Our enthusiastic counsellors will get in touch with you real soon! If you’ve made up your mind, you can also apply to us now…right here! 



Wong Hui Fen, Bachelor of Hospitality Management 

I knew what I wanted to study, but I couldn’t choose a particular university. There were too many choices! My Form 6 senior recommended Eduloco to me, and I figured that I have nothing to lose.. since their services are free. I sent them an email and I actually got a reply in an hour! The counsellor was very friendly too. I’m very thankful that she was careful with my budget while recommending a university for me. I give Eduloco 5/5 for their excellent service! 

Iqbal Imrani, Bachelor of Communication (Marketing Communication) 

I want to study abroad to take the challenge of living in a foreign country alone. I chose Malaysia because it is more affordable than European countries, and it is closer to my home country, Indonesia. Eduloco really helped me a lot especially in applying and looking for accommodation for me. I studied at HELP University and I am very happy to have so many local friends here.  

Nathan Tan, Bachelor of Arts in English Language 

Eduloco helped me clear my doubts about getting an overseas degree locally. I wasn’t sure about the qualifications of an overseas degree if I fully studied for it in Malaysia, but an Eduloco counsellor assured me that I will still receive a high-quality certificate from the UK. Besides, it’s much cheaper if I complete my studies entirely in Malaysia. Now, I have a UK degree with a much affordable price! 

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