No Degree? Learn To Earn Without One

You don’t need a degree to earn money. 

We can all agree that money is essential. It pays for our basic needs and helps us achieve our goals and dreams. Sufficient money leads to financial security and freedom that allow us to attain our desired goals in life: travel the world, buy a car or a house, invest in property, and fund retirement plans.  

However, money doesn’t last forever.  

Before you achieve your life goals, you should first contribute to a steady income. 

You can still earn money without a degree.
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A steady income helps us to pay off debts and adapt to the rising costs of living. Many working adults are trying to earn an extra income on top of their full-time job. This includes starting their own business or turning their hobbies into a side hustle, with many of the jobs unrelated to their majors. With the right skills and plan, you can start a career to make a living or take on an extra job to top up your current income. 

You Don’t Need A Specific Degree To Start An Online Business

Turn your hobby into a means of earning income. With e-commerce on the rise, you can jump on the bandwagon and create appealing products to sell to the general public. 

Before your start making and selling your products online, it is best to lay out a proper plan. A strategic business plan not only estimates your budget, it helps you start with a strong foundation as you set a realistic goal and action plan. Find out the factors you need to consider before starting a business here. 

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While running a business in what you enjoy doing is joyful and therapeutic, your main focus is to create things that people want to buy. This encourages your business to flourish by having your customers purchase and recommend your products to others. Some handmade products that consumers are willing to pay include woodcraft, jewelry, painting, scented candles, and baked goods.

Have A Degree In A Different Course? Try Freelance Writing

Fortunately, you don’t need a specific degree to be a content writer. Some companies seek writers specialized in a certain field, such as entrepreneurship, technology, fashion, tourism, and oil and gas. If you have a strong understanding of a certain industry from your past working experience and you’re confident with your written English, you can offer your services as a freelance writer. Try looking for opportunities in freelancing websites such as UpworkFreelancer, and Fiverr. 

Freelance writing requires you to work independently. Your strong writing skills should be backed with your ability to cope with deadlines. As an amateur freelance writer, you may start by offering some of these services to potential clients: editing, proofreading, social media marketing, ghostwriting, copywriting, and blog management.

No degree needed in content writing.
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Freelancers are typically paid per project or assignment. On your first gig, you want assurance that you will be paid. First, send a pitch to companies looking for a freelance writer. In your pitch, include your portfolio, rates, and availability. Your potential clients may want to negotiate the rates before they hire youIt is best to be clear with the client about the type of content they want and your charges for it, to avoid any misunderstandings down the road. You will receive a letter of agreement with details of the project and payment to be signed by both parties. Then, write and submit your first piece so your client can provide feedback. If everything goes smoothly, submit your invoice and wait to be paid!

Rent Your Belongings 

Share your belongings with a price. Students taking photography, film, and design courses are required to use cameras and laptops for their assignments. However, some of them may not afford to buy a new one. If you have a functioning camera or an extra laptop, you can rent them to students in need.  

Rent out some of your clothes if you don’t mind sharing them. Winter jackets and evening gowns are expensive and there are people who prefer renting them instead of getting new ones for limited use. If you have the following in your wardrobe, offer your renting services to your friends and relatives planning a winter holiday or attending a glamorous Gala night. 

To begin, you can either use your personal social media account or create a new one for the sole purpose of renting out your belongings. We recommend posting photos of your items with short and informative details. They help your customers better understand the items that you’re renting out.

Sell Pre-loved Clothing 

Selling second-hand clothes helps you clear up space in your room while you earn. Thrift-shopping or thrifting is the latest craze among fashion enthusiasts who seek a unique fashion style while being environmentally conscious. Buying second-hand clothes reduces demands for new retail clothes which decreases the environmental impact such as pollution and textile wastage. 

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The slip dress hanging in your closet may feel outdated to you, but vintage lovers would grab it the moment you let it go. We advise selling clothes that are still in mint condition, as no one would want to pay for visibly old or damaged clothing!  

It is best to be realistic when you set the selling price to convince others to buy your clothes. To sell quickly, try pricing your second-hand clothes up to 50 percent off their original price. It is also common for interested buyers to negotiate for a lower price. Agreeing to the negotiation is a good way to build loyal customers, but make sure you’re not in a win-lose situation where you lose more than you sell. 

Video Game Testing 

Your love for video games can help you earn some cash. Employers seek detail-oriented gamers to participate in the beta testing, which is the final step of testing a game before its official release. Your salary may differ according to the scale of the project and your experience, but a full-time beta tester can earn an average salary of up to $73,000 a year.  

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Video game testers play a game repeatedly to determine its fun factor, playability, and the quality of the visual effects. They also look for glitches, programming issues, and game malfunctions and report the errors to the development team. Although a university degree is not compulsory for entry-level positions, it is advisable for you to have some technical experience to help in quality assurance testing. 

The game industry has its highs and lows depending on the game development rates. To secure a spot as a beta tester, we suggest paying attention to game and console release schedules and gaming events from Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Sony, Ubisoft, Blendo Games, and Mobius Digital.

Earn What You Want Without A Degree 

Not many young adults are willing to go back to college to explore a new career. Plus, it is possible to earn money without a specific degree. Start with something you enjoy doing and work your way up by determining your niche. It also helps if you focus on honing valuable skills for your new career to kickoff.  

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