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Ditching your dream of studying abroad because the thought of paying a huge amount of money terrifies you and you do not wish to burden your parents financially?

Terrify not, my friend. It’s a pretty common myth among students who want to get a scholarship to study abroad that you have to fork out every penny you have in order to get a better education. Well, that’s not the case if you know how to get study abroad scholarships. Life would be much simpler if you do.

Not exactly, actually. You still have to do your part in making those dreams come true by saving some money, shop a little less or opt for second hand clothing, limit your Starbucks intake and focus on the university intake instead. It would be nice to have that dress on the sales rack but it would be nicer if you could get study abroad scholarships. The experience, diverse group of people, the exceptional learning quality and the insight you will gain while studying abroad is so much more valuable than the Zara dress you have in your shopping cart. To add more good news, all the benefits of studying abroad you get to enjoy are just one click away.

Nothing is easy in life and that goes for getting overseas scholarships too. You have to put in a little effort into filling out that scholarships form. It’s really easy and hassle-free. The not so easy part is you finding time to actually do it but we are here to help. Here are 10 tips you can follow to get your study abroad scholarships without having to waste your precious time doing everyday.

1) First things first, get help and ask a bunch 

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If you are clueless about how to get an oversea scholarship, do not hesitate to ask around for help from your local universities.You may reach out to your financial aid office, study abroad office, academic advisors or your professors. They might have known of any available scholarships for you to apply or grants that you never heard of before.

Most of the time we choose to email and call the institute to get information but sometimes they take too long to respond. Instead, you can just walk into the office to get information immediately. By putting in the effort to look for ways to get scholarships to study abroad, people would be impressed with your persistency and will try their best to assist you.

2) Do some research

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It is very important to do research in anything we do, that includes getting a scholarship to study abroad. There are multiple types of scholarships offered out there you will just have to find the one that is aligned with your needs. You can also refer to study abroad websites like Eduloco or resources such as NAFSA that compiles a list of scholarships available that you can explore. Despite not being extensive, the list can help guide you to find a studying abroad scholarship that suits your preference. For example:

  • Location-specific Scholarships to study abroad

Scholarships like this are made for students who are looking to study in a certain country or in a specific city. There are scholarships for those who wish to study in India. The scholarships you might discover are provided by the university, the government of the particular country you wanted to study abroad in,as well as the government of your home country to foster international relations with the said country by sending student over to the country

  • Program-specific Scholarships to study abroad

Some students want to study abroad through a particular program. For that, this scholarship is offered to them. However, only qualified students through that programme are allowed to get the scholarships. It could be provided by a study abroad agency or a particular program made by the universities.

  • Subject-specific Scholarship to study abroad

Scholarships are also offered to those who are looking to study a specific subject. For example, financial aid is given to those who want to pursue English Language studies in a particular country.

  • Student-specific Scholarship to study abroad

Student-specific scholarships are usually given to students themselves based on their race, religion or gender. There is more demand for diversity in certain colleges abroad. Hence, more scholarships are given out to include people from all kinds of backgrounds.

  • University-provides Scholarship to study abroad

There’s a lot of universities that offer scholarships based on their merit such as their academic performance at school, involvement in school activities, leadership roles, ACT and/or SAT scores. Students looking to get overseas scholarships should go the extra mile. Instead of focusing on scholarships available locally, students should explore other universities including international ones! Plenty of universities are offering scholarships to encourage more students to study abroad in a particular country to develop a more diverse community.

  • Organisation-provided Scholarship to study abroad

Students are encouraged to look for scholarships from non-profit organisations that provide scholarships to those who match their criteria.

  • Government-funded Scholarship to study abroad

There are a number of government-funded services available as well for those looking to study abroad. We have a lot of bright students who want to study abroad and some of them are underprivileged. The government is looking to fund those students so they can get a better education.

3) Reach out to the scholarship funder  

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What better way to get to the information of the scholarship you are applying for in detail than to contact the funder of the scholarship immediately? Aside from getting recent requirements for the oversea scholarships, this will ensure that you will be receiving the accurate information needed to save you from unnecessary delay. By showing your interest and dedication in pursuing the scholarships, the funder will be convinced and willingly guide you so you can study in your dream country.

4) Update that resume!

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After grouping a list of overseas scholarships that you plan to apply for, you should then focus on actually working towards being awarded the scholarship and that is by polishing your resume. It’s important for you to list out all the achievements and awards that you have received throughout your time on campus and write in a very succinct manner.

In your application, make sure to include your cover letter as well. They are a crucial part of your application as they can serve as a supporting document that can help you get the scholarship you are applying for. A good cover letter that focuses on your contribution as a student, the things you’ve learned and how you wish to apply that knowledge into your life and studies would definitely make the funder consider your application more.

Different countries require different cover letters. If you are applying for an international scholarship, be sure to look up the structure of their resumes and cover letter. Try writing it in the language of the country you wish to study, if you are feeling confident. Your cover letter will stand out among others.

5) Get your references together

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Before applying for a study abroad scholarship, make sure to update your reference. Most applications require you to have a reference. In this case, it could be your professor, teacher or the person in charge of projects you have worked on previously, professionally or academically. Always ask your professor far ahead of their time, whether it’s asking them to be a reference or writing you a recommendation letter, so they can prepare properly.

Furthermore, when it comes to reference, it’s best to choose people you have worked closely with so they are confident enough to recommend you to the university and solidify your scholarship application.

Aside from connecting with people who would actually be ecstatic to recommend you because they believe in your potential, you should also connect with people that are relevant to the scholarship abroad you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for an English Literature scholarship, reach out to your English professor who taught you last semester. If you’re applying for a business scholarship, seek out the professor that taught you accounting in college. They might be busy with their work and would have no time to respond. Nevertheless, you should always keep in mind to be respectful towards your professor because they took the time out of their hectic schedule to help you.

6) Jot the important dates on your the calendar

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It can be very difficult to keep track of the deadlines and application requirements when you are applying to multiple scholarships as well as your study abroad program. By making a reminder on your study abroad scholarship calendar specifically, you will save a lot of time from the hassle and trouble of missing your dates even if it’s only one application. Being organised with your study abroad applications date is very vital to ensure that you will be on the right track to study abroad.

7) Keep on applying and never settle for any less

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Applying to multiple overseas scholarships can be very tiring especially when juggling between daily tasks and studies. But the hustle is worth it. All the effort you put into applying for the scholarship will become fruitful once you are able to study abroad.

To ensure your application rate success, you need to customize every study abroad scholarship that you have applied for. Avoid copy and pasting from application to another. People who provide you with the scholarship will know that you had thoroughly researched the institution by customizing your application and will increase the chance for you to get the scholarship to study abroad.

8) Take your time seriously and do not rush things 

Take applying for scholarship seriously at the same time try to not rush things Source: Pexel

You might feel satisfied with the first application for a scholarship abroad. You did your best to fill in the required information and get things right to increase your chance of getting the scholarship. However, if you are applying to a number of study abroad scholarships, it’s best to make use of every second you have to get the information on the application correctly. This is to make sure that you don’t rush the process of filling in the application after the first one.

9) Get desirable grades 

Work towards getting desirable grades to ensure you studying abroad scholarship is aproved Source: Pexel

To get study abroad scholarships, you don’t always need an excellent grade but getting it may be your best bet to get any kind of study abroad scholarship. This is to show the provider and convince them that you take your studies seriously when you are abroad. Studying abroad is not just about the travelling experience, it is also about how you would gain knowledge and manage your life abroad.

10) Passion speaks louder than words 

Passion is a very important drive for students to study abroad Source: Pexel

For most overseas scholarships, a personal statement is required. To further convince the provider about your study abroad, it is important to put in a little extra effort and write a personal statement with passion. You need be to show that you are enthusiastic about studying abroad to the provider. Applying for scholarships isn’t always a pleasant experience, sometimes it could be one of the most tedious experiences for most students but consider the experience you will get and the many amazing people that will meet and exchange ideas with once you get the scholarship to study abroad. The hustle you went through would absolutely be worthwhile.

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