Why It’s Best For Your Child To Study Abroad Amidst Covid-19

Sending your child to study abroad amidst Covid-19 may seem like a risky thing to do.

But what if I say you’re wrong?

What if..it is the best decision instead?

Student who study abroad amidst Covid-19. Image source: Unsplash

“Will my child be safe?”

“What if he gets infected with Covid-19 too?”

“What if a lockdown happens again and she can’t come back?”

As parents, it is normal to worry about how your children will cope in university, especially during a pandemic.

However, that should not stop your child from getting the study abroad experience they deserve.

There are plenty of opportunities that your child will gain if they study abroad amidst Covid-19.

Don’t believe me? Here are 9 reasons why you should.

This Is The Best Time To Apply – And Get Accepted 

Universities worldwide are now reopening their doors to international students. Hence, the volume of enrollments will be less competitive compared to applying the following year.

If you wait it out, your child might lose their chance of getting accepted immediately due to the long waiting list!

Global Vaccination Rates Are Gradually Speeding Up

According to Our World in Data, popular study abroad destinations such as the US, UK, Canada, and Europe already have half of their population fully-vaccinated: United States (54.61%), United Kingdom (65.59%), Canada (70.33%), Europe (51.74%), and the European Union (62.22%).

Guy getting his vaccination to study abroad amidst Covid-19. Image source: Unsplash

Moreover, universities in the US are making it mandatory for students to be vaccinated first to reduce the rate of infectivity.

So, there is no reason to be worried!

Experiencing A Different Educational System Boosts Their Overall Performance 

Experiencing a foreign academic system exposes your child to new ways of problem solving.

The curriculum in the US, UK, and Canada encourages students to be vocal about their ideas and opinions. This will build their confidence as they step out of their comfort zone.

They will also learn to understand and accept the differences among people, which is a vital element to the new generation’s growth as global citizens. Besides, the more they learn, the better prepared they will be in facing the challenges of their careers and adult life.

Your Child Will Look At Human Issues At A Global Scale 

Some of you may shudder at the thought of sending your child to study abroad amidst Covid-19.

But let me assure you: There is no better way to quench their thirst for knowledge than to let them experience a new country and culture.

With the opportunity to witness an entirely new way of life, your child will develop a better appreciation of different cultures and traditions that they can use to forge new connections and opportunities.

They will also expand their worldview as they gradually develop cross-cultural awareness by mingling with peers of different nationalities.

An Experience Like No Other

Your child will thank you for years to come.

Besides letting them experience a different academic system, you are giving your child a lifelong experience that rarely comes by.

Two guys sitting on top of a travel van. Image source: Pexels

They get to experience the complete opposite of their home country. From museums, natural wonders, landmarks, and customs, there is so much about another country that your child can discover.

If your child is an avid globe trotter, send them to study in Europe. This way, they can also visit neighboring countries, such as France, Rome, the UK, and many more!

It Gives Them Better Career Opportunities

Sending your child to study abroad amidst Covid-19 is a long-term investment for their future.

The job market is competitive. Studying abroad is an experience that employers find valuable because it means that the person they are hiring fits in a diversified workforce.

The new perspective, language skills, and confidence they built by studying overseas will also make your child a desirable candidate among employers.

Being There Physically Feels Different From Online Classes 

Your child will crave for real-life experiences in a foreign campus.

Sure, your child can get an overseas degree without actually studying abroad, like online classes.

However, imagine the enriched student life that your child will lose. They should be out in the world experiencing the joys of studying abroad, not face a laptop screen in 8am Zoom classes.

Your Child Will Come Back Mature & Independent 

Your child is stronger than you think. It is vital that you let them reach their full potential by allowing them to study abroad amidst Covid-19.

One of the best things of studying abroad is how it brings out your child’s independent nature.

Their first semester abroad may not be easy – adapting to their new surroundings, making new friends, and learning to rely on themselves – these will be part of their journey towards independence and maturity.

By the time they graduate, they will be the ones you can rely on instead!

Your Child Will Pick Up Useful Skills 

Developing life skills is important for your child’s personal growth.

By sending them to study abroad amidst Covid-19, they can learn independence, adaptability, and other skills that will come in handy in their personal and professional life.

For example, they can build their leadership skills when working on a class project with their international peers. Their internship abroad will also expand their horizons as they learn to communicate with foreign colleagues and clients, making them much more capable in the workforce.

Studying abroad also gives them the opportunity to sharpen their writing, public speaking, and negotiation skills – all which are vital in an effective communication. Living abroad also means honing their self-reliance and resilience, which are traits that employers look for!

If you’re a parent reading this, I hope you will consider sending your child to study abroad amidst Covid-19. (And if you’re that child trying to convince your parents to let you study abroad, show them this article!)

I was a student once.

Witnessing my friends return from their study abroad as highly capable and confident individuals made me wish I had gone too! Hence, I’m sure that your child who dreams of studying abroad will benefit from this – there’s no downside of it, really.

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Jocelyn Cheng

Jocelyn Cheng

Jocelyn Cheng (JC) is an INFP writer seeking to spread inspiration and spark connections through her words. Her dedication to writing has gifted her with an ability to write for multiple platforms (e.g., website, social media, newspaper, magazine, etc) in different fields, namely Education, Travel, and Lifestyle. JC personalizes her works by adding a touch of her own experience into the mix whenever she can to relate to her readers. A self-proclaimed poet and currently a freelance writer, she's working on an untitled poetry book at home while juggling between writing for Eduloco, dancing, and keeping her only plant alive.

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