Virtual Study Abroad Now A Reality For A Global Education

KUALA LUMPUR, 4.10.2021 – It is now possible to have a virtual study abroad program to compensate the inability to travel overseas faced by international students. This is due to the advancement of distance learning tools and education programs by universities to cope with the new normal caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Students in a virtual study abroad program. Image source: Unsplash

In a virtual study abroad program, students will fully experience a global education and international opportunities online. Some courses may even include an in-person trip at the end of the semester.

Online classes will be held by professors and instructors of the particular institution, and students may even get to ‘travel’ to various locations, such as field trips to landmarks of the host country. virtually

The Language Studies (French) Department at Duke University, North Carolina shows a good example of how the program works. Students will undergo virtual internships in France, and they will take two Zoom classes that enrich the overall internship experience by focusing on work culture, art, culture, and the history of immigration.

The end-of-semester evaluations reflected positive overall feedback – high engagement rate, improved linguistic gains, and an increase of interest in French studies.

Deborah Reisinger, Associate Professor of the Practice of French believed that this move will benefit the future of global education by providing flexibility, affordability, and sustainability, to name a few.

While students may not be able to physically immerse themselves in a different country, the virtual study abroad program promises an eye-opening experience. From learning a new language, discovering a new culture, and networking with international peers, the program offers students a lifelong opportunity – at a fraction of the cost.

This means that more students will have access to a global education without worrying about accommodation and travel expenses.

The virtual study abroad program also offers working students the flexibility to balance their school and work schedule while networking internationally.

This new way of learning is expected to make people see higher education abroad in a new light.

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