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Introduction to Fitness

When people hear of fitness, they automatically think it is about losing weight. However, fitness is more than that. It’s about balancing your diet, having the discipline to follow through, and focusing on an end-goal.

In today’s world, sports and fitness are an extremely lucrative businesses. Fitness professionals help society to stay healthy and fit. They are also become inspirations for people who are just starting an active lifestyle. Fitness professionals guide people to use the right technique, diet and mindset in order to reach the outcome that they are aiming to have. It is also common for them to become mentors of clients who are in need of assistance with their goals and objectives. 

Students who take this course aspire to become coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapies. Whether you are an athlete who desires to be competitively active, advising clients and helping them with their active goals, or just wanting to understand the fundamentals of fitness, this program will hep you discover just that. 

What does Fitness cover?

The main branches that fall under Fitness are:

  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Training
  • Health Coaching
  • Medical Exercises

Why should you study Fitness?

Determination: In fitness, you will learn that the only way to reach your goals is to stay determined and not let others distract you. You have to have the focus to fulfil the expectations and do the hard work to see results. 

Passion: Keeping fit requires consistency and effort. Therefore, you need to stay passionate about your goals in order to not get off track. You have to enjoy what you do and see it as a challenge to improve.

Commitment: You have to stay committed to be able to show up every day. For you to train others and clients, you need it to start with yourself. How can you train and consult others when you can’t do it to yourself? Therefore, you need to be aware that being committed to this course and career is going to need a strong mindset.

What are the career prospects?

Aside from personal training, fitness jobs are popular in the field of healthcare as well. Fitness professionals can explore these career options:

Exercise Physiologist: Exercise physiologists develop fitness programs to improve cardiovascular function and body flexibility to help patients recover from chronic diseases. 

Fitness Trainer: Fitness trainers lead others in an exercise routine to work improving stamina, strength training, and stretching. They often plan their own classes according to the client’s schedule.

Athletic Trainer: These trainers work with professional athletes to prevent and treat muscle or bone injuries. They also create rehabilitation programs for injured athletes on the road to recovery. 

Massage Therapist: Massage therapists treat clients by using massage to manipulate the muscles and tissues in the body. They help relieve pain, heal injuries, improve circulation, relax the body, and help in the overall being of the client. 

Physical Therapist: These therapists rehabilitate patients suffering from chronic illness, diseases, or injuries. They assess the patient’s needs and develop a plan of exercise and movement training to improve their mobility. 

How much do Fitness professionals make?

A fitness professional’s salary range may vary depending on where he or she is working and who the clients are. However, the average salary is around RM 2,000 to RM 3,000 per month. On the other hand, trainers who high profile clients get compensated higher. This is not because of the level of fitness they know but it is usually because of the level their popularity and career.

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