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Introduction to Cabin Crew

Wondering how to become a cabin crew or flight attendant for a commercial or private airline? Well, you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will introduce to you how you can become part of the cabin crew.

To begin with, you first need to take a tourism degree. A Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management allows you to major in a Flight Attendant course. This program will equip students with the knowledge about the procedures, competencies, and values of the operations in the airline industry as a cabin crew. 

The cabin crew are essential to help an airline operate safely and carry out their daily flight services. They enforce safety procedures and brief passengers about the emergency routes, first aid, leisure and entertainment available, and assist with immigration. They also reassure passengers and attend to their demands during the flight. 

What will you be studying?

The course equips you to be ready for the recruitment process, training and to prepare you for an actual in-flight experience. One of the foundations of the course will be mainly focused on customer service. Since the cabin crew course goes under tourism, it is essential to know how to handle customers.

  • Aviation Safety & Security
  • Safety Demonstrations
  • Airport Operations
  • Psychology of Flight
  • Hazards in Aviation
  • Social & Grooming Tactics
  • Passenger & Customer Handling
  • Crew Resource Management

Why should you become a Cabin Crew?

Travelling: As a cabin crew member, you get to visit different cities and countries. This will widen your horizon and let you learn about different cultures. Being able to travel all the time will also enhance your people skills, since you will be meeting new people everywhere you go.

Connections: Traveling to many destinations can be very useful especially if you are trying to build connections. Having a wide range of access to connections in the whole tourism industry is fortunate for a cabin crew. In case they want to move to a different airline or career, they can then benefit from the connections they made from different parts of the world.

Language: Traveling to different countries gives you the opportunity to learn not just about culture but also languages. Learning a different language will not only boost your memory and brain power, but enhance your multitasking abilities, which is very much needed in this field!

What are the Job Opportunities?

If you choose to take up a cabin crew course you can choose to work in either a commercial or private airline. Other career prospects extend to the tourism sector as well, which includes:

  • Tourism Officer
  • Air Hostess
  • Customer Service Agent
  • Event Planner
  • Hotel Executive
  • Travel Writer
  • Airline Agent
  • Travel Agent
  • Flight Attendant

How much does a flight attendant make?

The basis of this information is from Singapore Airlines.

Salary range:  A flight attendant’s average monthly salary range is from 2,730 SGD to 8,040 SGD per month.

Median Salary: The median salary starts from 5,000 SGD, which means that 50% of people earn less and the others earn more. For a flight attendant to earn the top 50% of the salary range, they need to have long years of experience being a cabin crew. 

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