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Introduction to Beauty

The beauty and wellness profession is expanding to cover dynamic and diverse changes. People are looking to the beauty industry to cultivate a physical image to present an appealing side of themselves through social media and in real life. Thus, the industry focuses on making people feel good by providing aesthetic services to enhance physical characteristics, such as facials, manicures, make-up, lash and brow treatments, body massages and more.

The beauty industry is ideal for anyone who wants a fun and flexible lifestyle. It is a highly competitive industry, but seeks staff that not only possess practical skills to put their knowledge into action, but understands the commercial aspect of the profession as well.

Do you take pride in making yourself look good? Do you enjoy making improvements to people’s appearances? Do people come and ask you for make-up or styling tips? Can you whip up a unique style of your own? 

If you enjoy being creative and making people feel good about themselves, then a career in Beauty could be the right job for you!

Fields of Beauty

Beauty therapists provide a wide range of aesthetic services customized to meet a client’s needs. These range from hair removal, aromatherapy, cosmetology, spa therapy, and more. Beauty graduates can choose to specialize in one of the following fields.

  • Spa and Massage
  • Cosmetology
  • Hairstyling
  • Salon Operations
  • Manicure & Pedicure


What will you study?

In a beauty course, you will learn about hair styling, make-up applications, beauty trends and techniques, and gain an understanding of various beauty products. Here are some of the common concepts you will learn in beauty:

  • Introduction to the Beauty Industry
  • Basic Hair Cutting, Design & Artistry
  • Facials Massage & Skincare
  • Beauty Aesthetics
  • Nail Treatment
  • Hair Coloring Techniques
  • Professional Grooming
  • Client Care & Communication

Why should you study Beauty

  1. Freedom of creativity

If you’re a creative person by nature, then working in the beauty industry will allow you to unleash that creativity in full force! In the morning, you may be working on a spa treatment and in the afternoon, you could be restyling a client’s make-up or coming up with a new nail art design. Clients are always looking for new designs and trends to follow. If you create one of your own, they’ll be back for more!

  1. Flexible working hours

A great thing about working in the beauty industry is the ability to work flexible hours and plan your working schedule around personal commitments. As a beauty therapist, you may have to work on weekends to cater to customers, but you’ll have the weekdays off.

  1. Potential to become your own boss

For many, the goal to be your own boss could be a dream come true in the beauty industry. Working as a beauty consultant gives you the freedom to be your own boss through setting up your own client network and expanding your business. Additionally, you can also provide hairstyling and make-up services through the comfort of your home—which saves costs on rental and transportation!

What are the job opportunities?

A degree in Beauty will provide you with a strong foundation for a variety of careers such as:

  • Beauty Consultant
  • Beauty PR Specialist
  • Salon Owner
  • Image Consultant
  • Nail Technician
  • Make-up Artist
  • Eyelash Technician
  • Laser Hair Removal Technician

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