Study in Malaysia: How To Get Your Student Visa Approved

Malaysia is one of the top countries for higher education studies, having ranked 12th as an education hub for international students worldwide. 

With this influx of students, the visa application process has been rather slow, having opening up recently after months of closure due to the lockdown.  

However, to not dampen the spirits of enthusiastic students who aspire to study in Malaysia, we’ve come up with a simple guide on how you can get your student visa processed and approved.  

Apply For A Student Pass

In order to study in Malaysia, the first thing you need is a valid Student Pass. You can apply for one directly under your preferred institution or apply online at Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS). 

If you are applying through an institution, do get your offer letter first as it is an important part of your student visa application. If you’re looking for recommendations on what universities or colleges you can apply to in Malaysia, check out our list here.  

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Prepare These Documents

Here are the following documents you will need for your application: 

  • 1 passport-sized photograph: The photograph should have a WHITE background with a size of 35mm x 45mm. You can view the complete details of the photo requirements here 
  • Copy of your passport: Scan all the pages of your passport containing Visa information. The profile page is the most important. It’s the page that shows your face, name, date of birth, and country of origin. The recommended passport validity is 12 months longer than the duration of study.  
  • Offer Letter: Select a program from your preferred institution and get an offer letter from them. If you need help on how to apply to universities, you can check out our article here 
  • Health Declaration Form: If you are applying through your institution, the form will be provided by them. If you are applying online, you’ll have to upload the scanned copy of the form. Download it here 
  • Academic Certificates & Transcripts: You’ll need to provide academic records of your previous studies. Some universities/colleges have different entry requirements, so they’ll need your academic information to determine if you meet them. 

Apply For A Visa Approval Letter

Compile all the documents and submit them to the university or agent you are applying through. It takes about 14 days to fully process the documents. Do keep a soft copy and printed copy of your Visa Approval Letter with you for safekeeping. 

Note: There is a visa application fee which you will need to bear. It varies for different universities, so check with your institution the amount you have to pay before submitting your documents.  

Wait For Your Letter Of Approval

Once the application has been successfully processed, your institution will send you a Letter of Approval confirming your Student Pass. This letter will act as a temporary Student Pass that allows you to enter the country as a student. 

You will also be required to sign a Personal Bond document after your arrival in Malaysia, as it is an indication you will comply with the laws and regulations of the country.  

Inform Your Host

Start booking your flight to Malaysia and be sure to inform your institution of the details, such as your flight number, date and time of arrival, and the airport you will be arriving at.  

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Upon your arrival, a representative from the university will be waiting for you at the Malaysian immigration checkpoint to help you with the process. You will then be issued a Student Visa as a form of endorsement on your passport for six months.  


Note: It is recommended to submit your documents ahead of time, as you will not be allowed to enter Malaysia without a Letter of Approval.  

Wait For Your Student Pass Sticker

Once you’ve arrived and registered as a student, your institution will submit your passport to the Immigration Department so you can get a full Student Pass. This may take 4 to 6 weeks. When you get your passport back, there will be a Student Pass sticker inside that you need to renew yearly.  

Once you’ve completed all these steps, you’re now officially enrolled and ready to begin your studies in Malaysia!  

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