Study Abroad Back On Track As Global Vaccination Rate Increases

KUALA LUMPUR, 28.9.2021 – The rise of the global vaccination rate gives hope to higher education institutions worldwide that are eager to resume their operations and open their gates to international students.

The public feels more confident, comfortable, and safe to travel around as nearly half of the world population is already vaccinated with their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

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Popular study abroad destinations have shown a positive response towards the vaccination plan as more than half of these countries’ population are fully vaccinated: United States (54.61%), United Kingdom (65.59%), Canada (70.33%), Europe (51.74%), and the European Union (62.22%).

Meanwhile, only 2.2% of people in low-income countries are yet to receive one dose of the vaccine, according to Our World In Data.

In response to the speedy global vaccination rate, universities worldwide are preparing for in-person classes again in hopes for giving students an enriched learning experience.

Most colleges in the United States are already preparing students and staff for on-campus learning in the Fall term. More than 80% of the institutions announced that students who are returning for in-person classes must be vaccinated first.

Universities in the United Kingdom are also adopting a hybrid approach to teaching: most classes will be taught in-person with some elements remaining online.

Students who apply now may have a better chance of getting accepted quickly compared to those who wait until the next year.

Delaying their intake could lead to increased traffic and volume of applications – students might get shortlisted instead of getting accepted right away.

Moreover, European countries are planning to move towards ending the mandatory use of face masks with Covid-19 cases dropping throughout the European continent.

Face masks are no longer compulsory outdoors in France and Belgium, except for crowded areas and in public transportations.

Austria had also lifted the mandatory use of face masks indoors and outdoors beginning from July 1. Spain and Germany are also planning to end the face masks rule, although a final decision has not been confirmed.

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