Students Studying Abroad Get More Job Opportunities

Studying abroad gives you a better job outlook.

Many people will say that you need to have good interview skills, showcase a diverse portfolio, or have strong connections who can recommend you for a role. While these things are important, they’re forgetting the most important thing…experience.  

To get experience, you first need a job. But to get a job, employers demand experience. What a paradox!  

At first, I thought I was trapped in this cycle as well. Somehow, I managed to find my way out of it and thought I’d share it with others who were in the same situation. Hopefully, you’ll be able to overcome it the way I did. 

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Challenges Of A Job Application

Last year, I was pursuing my studies with a Diploma in Mass Communication in a local college.  

As a student majoring in Journalism, I dreamed of working in news or media company, like Vox or New York Times. However, the field was highly competitive and many graduates were competing for the same position.  

I realized that I had to do something to stand out, so I tried looking for internship opportunities. However, many companies were cutting costs and preferred to hire interns that were willing to put up with lower pay. I refused to give up and continued sending out as many applications as possible.  

3 months later, I still couldn’t nail a job. I was forced to consider my current options; a) pick any job that came along, and endure it until I found a better opportunity. b) continue this cycle of applying and getting rejected. c) consult an education counsellor. 

I went with C.  

I didn’t want to waste any more time. Even if I did find a job, chances are I wouldn’t stay in it for long. I didn’t want to waste my hard-earned diploma drudging through a job I didn’t even enjoy. 

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Gain International Experience By Studying Abroad
I told the counsellor about my problems and how I didn’t know if it was possible to pursue a career path I had dreamed of since my teenage years. I was worried that all the effort I put into my college years would be for nothing. Before, I truly believed that anything was possible as long as I put hard work and determination into it. Now, I wasn’t sure anymore.  She listened to all of this patiently. Then she asked if I had thought about studying abroad.  “If opportunities are limited here, look somewhere else,” she said. “I can show you a few degree courses that are in line with the career path you want.”  She continued to tell me that the process of learning never truly ends. Studying abroad would provide me with new educational opportunities, which I could use to complement my studies. This would give me an edge over others when applying for jobs.   “Employers are always on the lookout for graduates with international experience and a love for learning.”  I took her advice. I went to study abroad in Malaysia, and 3 years later, here I am.  
Studying Abroad Boosts Career Progression
have successfully completed my Bachelor’s in Mass Communication with a major in Journalism in Taylor’s University. I made sure I did my research on the university partnerships to ensure I could get an internship that were one of my top choices.   One of them was Bernama TV, a news channel in Malaysia. Interning here opened many other doors to expand on my journalist career. As a communication graduate, I was receiving offers from Vulcan Post and SAYS, both which were top news portals that specialized in creating bite-sized information for millennials and young adults. There, I met other writers and built a network of passionate content creatorsI even had a chance to cover local events. It was immensely rewarding to be doing work I enjoyed! 
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Now, I won’t have any issues finding work no matter where I go. The world is my canvas. I’m thinking of heading to Australia next! 

If you’re looking for work experience that will take you outside your comfort zone, I definitely recommend studying abroad! The knowledge and perspective you gain really provides that kickoff you need to jumpstart your career.  

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