Is Studying Abroad Worth It During The Pandemic?

KUALA LUMPUR, 28.5.2021 – Students are struggling to proceed with their study abroad plans during the Covid-19 pandemic, with many of them questioning its worth.

According to a survey regarding the impact of Covid-19 on study abroad conducted by in October 2020, 39% out of 2,700 prospective students plan to postpone their studies in response to the pandemic.

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However, the benefits of studying abroad remain advantageous in spite of the pandemic.

Students gain a unique experience while studying overseas. It broadens their mind as they learn to live independently. This helps them to be aware of their own responsibilities and the impact of their actions, which contributes to a mature mindset.

Students will also develop better intercultural communication skills that enable them to flourish in a culturally diverse environment.

A study was conducted by Dr. Tracy Rundstrom Williams from Texas Christian University to determine the impact of studying abroad on students’ intercultural communication.

“The results showed that as predicted, the students who studied abroad generally showed a greater increase in intercultural communication skills than the students who did not study abroad, and students who chose to study abroad had a higher level of intercultural communication skills at the beginning and at the end of the semester than students who did not choose to study abroad.”

Additionally, the experience serves as an investment to one’s career. Besides self-discovery, students gain knowledge and skills that are useful in the workplace. For instance, they learn a new language while expanding their international network.

Through volunteer work, internships, and part-time jobs, their experience abroad adds up to an impressive resume that employers look for.

While the cost of studying abroad may be higher compared to local universities, scholarships and financial aid for international students are now largely accessible.

The closure of international borders was implemented to control the spread of the virus. Throughout 2020, the pandemic had forced students to decline offers from overseas universities and opt for local universities instead.

In Malaysia, the number of students studying abroad had decreased from more than 73,000 in 2019 to only 39,882 in 2020.

However, students are encouraged to proceed with their study abroad plans in 2021 as borders are reopening to international students. Furthermore, the increasing availability of the Covid-19 vaccination means that students will soon be able to travel abroad for their studies.

Universities are also implementing strict SOPs to control the spread of the virus, such as implementing social distancing measures around campus and ensuring that all students check in their attendance when attending classes.

Hence, students can be assured that they can still pursue their studies abroad.

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