How Eduloco Is Accelerating The Study Abroad Process For Gen Z Students

KUALA LUMPUR, 13.10.2021 – Eduloco, a top student recruitment startup in Malaysia has doubled down on their efforts to help students study abroad amidst the pandemic.

A recent survey by Zoom Abroad have shown that students are still keen to study abroad, with 71% agreeing that the pandemic was the main reason for the delay in their higher education. 54% stated that they wanted to gain global experience and pursue overseas opportunities for better career prospects.

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Meanwhile, 16% believed that a globally recognized degree could provide good value to their resume and 11% stated that they were going abroad to gain international exposure and grow personally and professionally.

However, the pandemic has complicated those goals.

One of the challenges that students face today are delays in the application process, whose offices are now flooded with numerous documents and files after months of inactivity during the lockdown. Now, more than ever, students are in need of assistance to handle university applications and acquaint themselves with the study abroad process once again.

“Eduloco strives to reduce the hassle of traditional enrollment methods by providing virtual assistance that students can apply for from the comfort of home,” Thalia Bondoc, co-founder of Eduloco explained.

“As a student recruitment startup with a background in digital marketing, we are well aware of the issues that plague Gen Z and their higher education. In fact, we’ve been actively recruiting students since the beginning of the pandemic and have successfully consulted 20,000 students to date.”

This has provided the agency with the experience and aptitude required to assist students to study abroad to the best of their ability. As the only student recruitment startup in Asia with a background in digital marketing, Eduloco is well acquainted with the trends and culture that dominate the interests of Gen Z.

This can be seen from their digital campaigns that emphasize a fully automated study abroad process. Instead of enduring long queues and the hassle of reapplying after a rejection, students simply need to submit their documents on an online platform and sit back as their paperwork is processed. The ease of a virtual application allows the counsellors to apply to several universities at once on the students’ behalf, effectively accelerating the process.

With their expertise in digital media and online marketing, Eduloco has grown to amass over 5,000 followers on their official Instagram account. Combined with their active presence on social media and quick grasp of trends, Eduloco remains the top student recruitment agency that is equipped to help students with their university applications amidst COVID-19.

From its founding in October 2020, the startup grew from zero partners to having a well-established portfolio of more than 2,000 universities from 29 countries. Since then, the team has grown to 10 members that are passionate about making a positive impact on the young generation’s educational goals.

Regardless of race, gender, or financial background, Eduloco aims to provide an all-in-one platform that accommodates to every student’s needs and accelerate the study abroad process to help them achieve their goals.

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