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KUALA LUMPUR, 22.11.2021 – Higher education is quickly transforming to keep up with the technological changes of today’s world. Advancements such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and EdTech are adapting features such as virtual reality and adaptive learning in school syllabus to improve education systems in countries worldwide.

Artificial intelligence utilizes algorithms that work by collecting, analyzing, and organizing large amounts of information. The main objective of AI in higher education lies in speeding up routine process, improving the efficiency of administrative tasks, and providing assisted intelligence to make data-backed decisions.

Such features can be utilized to customize the learning experience of each student. For example, AI-learning software can identify what a student does not understand in the lesson and build a personalized learning schedule for the student to fill in their knowledge gaps. This way, the content is tailored to meet the student’s needs, thus increasing their efficiency of learning.

Such advancements have already been taking place with several companies and institutions that utilize AI to test customized learning software for students. Carnegie Learning, an education provider company, is already developing digital platforms and intelligent instruction to give students a personalized learning experience from pre-kindergarten to college level.

AI provides immense benefits not only for students, but for educators as well. Long hours spent on grading tests and homework can be optimized by AI systems. Teachers no longer need to spent days on assignment grading and homework assessments. Instead, they can spend more time on meaningful interactions with their students.

With the ability of AI to automate administrative tasks towards a more efficient, faster process, it also has the potential to create a more efficient enrolment and admission process overall.

Similarly, Big Data also functions in a way that breaks down large amounts of data to smaller chunks to make it easier to process. The data can be analyzed to track enrolment numbers, identify trends in the recruitment process and gauge how enrolments may fare compared to the previous semester. This is particularly helpful for agencies, as they can base their decisions and marketing strategy with a solid plan.

As a recruitment agency, eduloco has recognized the unlimited potential that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data holds. Born in the era of the pandemic, the startup was forced to adapt to an online version of consulting students, while remaining transparent and providing top-tier services for visa applications and enrolments.

Using the intelligence of AI and big data, eduloco will implement the features of EdTech into a single mobile app. The app will profile students into different categories of study, allowing them to instantly access courses and universities that match their criteria. The student can also upload their documents onto the server, allowing counsellors to directly suggest institutions based on the student’s credentials.

Counsellors no longer need to wait hours for a reply, and can instead directly access the student’s profile. In turn, students have access to a unified platform that enables them to apply to various universities or view multiple overseas programs at once.

Hence, the entire application process is streamlined to save time and money while successfully maximizing student enrolment.

It is no surprise that the future of higher education is shaped by the potential of EdTech. As students will need to work in a future where AI will be implemented in the syllabus, it’s important that our educational institutions expose students to the technology early on.

In order to face the challenges of the education industry head on, recruitment agencies have to start adapting to the era of EdTech and strategize solutions for it. The more we learn about the potential of Big Data and AI, the better prepared we are to use it.

Tee May

Tee May

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