2022: A Memorable Year For You to Innovate As A College Student

Innovate As A College Student

Two years of living in a pandemic have robbed us of the opportunity to thrive in the things we used to do and enjoy. Events and activities like weddings, yoga classes and social outings were postponed. Even if we did meet and socialize, the tight SOP’s required us to distance ourselves constantly and wear masks at all times, which was honestly pretty tiring.

Despite that, some of us were still determined to innovate as a college student due to enter university. This is the same energy we wish to bring for you into 2022! How, you ask?

You’ve come to the right place!

1) Make A List Of Goals 

Innovate as a college student by making a list of goals. Image source: Pexels

Life is more memorable when it is purpose-driven.

Creating a list of goals to achieve daily, weekly or even monthly, can help you to feel more driven and focused.

Even the smallest things such as doing your laundry consistently each day can help in finding purpose. The key is to develop your self-improvement and keep the goals simple, but attainable.

This way, you won’t be overwhelmed by it and procrastination can be avoided. So go get those fancy journals with lockets, and start jotting down your goals!

2) Innovate & Learn New Skills 

Innovate yourself as a college student by learning new skills. Image source: Pexels

Knowledge is limitless, especially when everything is at the tips of our fingers.

As an innovative college student, you want to make full use of the speedy and constant internet access to learn useful skills to benefit you in the long run.

Learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare and Masterclass provide abundant classes for those looking to gain knowledge on specific topics. Furthermore, YouTube is also a resourceful place for you to learn new skills for free.

From the basics of cooking and baking to complicated lessons on algebra and philosophy, you will acquire skills that will help you innovate as a college student and appeal to potential employers.

3) Center Yourself

Innovate yourself by learning balance. Image source: Pexels

When we talk about centering yourself, it has to do with being balanced.  

Think of it like Yin and Yang. In everything we do, it’s best not to do too much or too less lest you burn out quickly. That is easier said than done, because you’ll never know what life might throw at you.  

Sometimes, life can be full of challenges that make you feel lost and defeated before you even start. Nevertheless, if you find yourself exerting a lot of energy on one particular task and feel drained, sit back and take a deep breath.  

Being in tune with your emotions will aid in leading a balanced life. Here’s a tip – acknowledge your emotions, instead of ignoring them. This will help you innovate as a college student by delegating your energy wisely in daily life.

4) Make Yourself A Priority

Innovate and prioritize yourself. Image source: Pexels

Often, we put our best interest in others before ourselves.  

We seek to help and look after our friends and families because it gives us fulfillment, but little do we know that true fulfilment starts when we make ourselves a priority. For example, A friend might ask you out to dinner and you would have a hard time saying “No” even if you didn’t even feel like it.  

Afterall, as Rupaul from RuPaul’s Drag Race would say, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you’re gonna love somebody else?”.  

So, before you treat someone else to spa day, remind yourself to get one for yourself first. Don’t be afraid to say “No” to things you’re not comfortable with. People may call that selfish, but we call it self-care! 

5) Gain A New Perspective By Studying Abroad

Innovate and gain a new perspective in life by studying abroad. Image source: Pexels

Another thing you can do to innovate as a college student is by taking your studies to the next level.

Studying abroad will offer you a new and open-minded perspective. Plus, immersing yourself in a foreign country will push you to get out of your comfort zone.

Aside from learning new languages, you’ll also get to experience their culture which will challenge you to be more understanding towards the differences in each other’s country. For example, making eye contact is much more prevalent in theirs than ours.

In short, studying in another country can push us to be the best version of ourselves. If you wish to be that person, Eduloco can make that happen. We’re giving away a free consultation as well as top scholarships to study abroad. Good news is, it’s free!

Eduloco will guide you to choose a good course and university for you while considering your budget and personal interests. We treat every student as a priority, hence why we are offering a free consultation – to get to know your needs, interests, and educational goals so you can get the best out of studying abroad!

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Fitrisya is a writer who seek to be purposeful in everything she does. A social creature, she may appear aloof at times but is actually thinking about why things are the way they are. As much as she likes to hang out with her friends, she appreciates moments of solitude where she indulges in independent movies, Youtube videos, long naps and anything aesthetically pleasing. Absurdity in the times of normalcy keeps her going. Why does the chicken cross the road? No idea. Maybe not everything needs to have a purpose.

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